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1 Fog Creek Compensation - Joel on Software
The Fog Creek Professional Ladder determines your base salary. It is recalculated every August, and new base salaries go into effect September ...
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2 I tried Joel's salary scale method, and the results were...
Joel Spolsky recently published an article about the public salary scale system at Fog Creek Software. At it happens, I've been following Joel ...
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3 Fog Creek Professional Ladder by Joel Spolsky — Translated by ...
The Fog Creek Professional Ladder determines your base salary. It is recalculated every August, and new base salaries go into effect September 1st (you'll ...
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4 Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise - Inc. Magazine
By Joel Spolsky@spolsky. Why I Never Let Employees ... I wanted Fog Creek to have a salary scale that was as objective as possible.
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5 Joel Spolsky on Equity for Startups - gists · GitHub
Preferably 4 or 5 years. Nobody earns their shares until they've stayed with the company for a year. A good vesting schedule is 25% in the first year, 2% ...
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6 How much should developers pay? / Sudo Null IT News, stackexchange, joel spolsky, money, ... The top salary limit for C # developers around the world can range from $ 30,000 ...
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7 Highest paying jobs at Stack Overflow - Ladders
For expert network information on Stack Overflow compensation and careers, use Ladders $100K + ... It was created in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky.
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8 Secret Salaries | Bulldozer00's Blog
Joel Spolsky. I wanted Fog Creek to have a salary scale that was as objective as possible. A manager would have absolutely no leeway when it ...
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9 How much should you pay developers? - Stack Overflow Blog
Joel Spolsky Co-founder & Former Chairman of the Board ... We don't have a range of possible salaries for every level, we have a single ...
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10 Spolsky: Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise - Reddit
I remember one job where everyone pretty much knew what the pay scale was for ... I've read too much of Joel Spolsky's fluff over the years, and I've ...
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11 Engineering Ladder - Chartbeat Engineering Blog
For comparison, here is Rent the Runway's ladder and Joel Spolsky's ladder for Fog Creek. I hadn't seen Camille's or Joel's prior to doing ours, ...
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12 The best discussion I've ever seen on performance reviews ...
Joel Spolsky is awesome. As a manager for many years, ... It really didn't make much difference on salary increases. The range was generally tiny, ...
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13 Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise
by Joel Spolsky. Friday, February 13, 2009. The Fog Creek Professional Ladder determines your base salary. It is.
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14 | A collection of open source and public ...
Kickstarter: Engineering & Data Compensation Framework ... The legendary Joel Spolsky shared this ladder all the way back in 2009, to support his company ...
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15 Joel Spolksy - Founders at Work
Interview: Joel Spolsky, Co-Founder, Fog Creek Software ... There was a fairly long period of time where I went without salary because I had my own savings.
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16 The Management Team - Guest Post From Joel Spolsky - AVC
This is dangerous because you don't notice that it's not going to scale. And when the company grows from 3 to 30, top-down management doesn't ...
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17 Management & Technical Career Growth Tracks - chainding
The salary range within any particular rank is wide since salary is ... by Joel Spolsky · Fog Creek Professional Ladder by Joel Spolsky ...
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18 The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code (by Joel Spolsky)
Do you make daily builds? Do you have a bug database? Do you fix bugs before writing new code? Do you have an up-to-date schedule? Do you have ...
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19 Solved 352 PART 4 Compensating Human Resources Case
Joel Spolsky set out to create a pay engineering" who needs close supervision. ... projects Hned on this job structure, Spolsky created a chart e 3.
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20 Exactly what to say when recruiters ask you to name the first ...
There are a lot of resources out there that talk about salary negotiation but ... Joel Spolsky, the creator of Trello and Stack Overflow, ...
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21 Programmer Nesting Rituals -
I just read that the average Silicon Valley tech salary is over ... If you're scoring kind of low on the “desirable workplace” scale, ...
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22 This tech startup uses a simple formula to decide how much ...
Buffer's two co-founders said they relied in part on Joel Spolsky's perspective, honed at Fog Creek Software, which uses a salary ladder, ...
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23 Pay People a Fair Salary Using a Transparent Salary Formula
Spolsky, Joel. “Fog Creek Compensation” Joel on Software, 30 August 2000. Web.
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24 Communicating Salary in Job Postings - Lou Franco
People will make a judgement about your salary scale based on what ... really old post from Joel Spolsky about Fog Creek's compensation and ...
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25 Compensation: Formulas or Bands? - Elias Torres
Determining compensation for Engineers. ... Joel Spolsky, for instance, pays linearly in years of experience. But how does a reward program ...
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26 How do I know how much to ask for in salary? [closed]
Your negotiating position is extremely weak. You will get paid something near the bottom of the range. But if you have TWO job offers, and you'd ...
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27 Becoming a better developer (it's not just writing more programs)
a software engineer title ladder · Joel Spolsky on compensation and titles. Want a weekly digest of this blog? Subscribe.
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28 Why programmers are not paid in proportion to their productivity
But salaries usually fall within a fairly small range in any company. ... Joel Spolsky gave a couple answers to this question in his most ...
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29 Are 10-11 Hour Programming Days Feasible? - Slashdot
He read something from Joel Spolsky that said the best way to get new ... None of the employees have ownership/stock and all are salary.
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30 Buffer's Equity Formula And Full Individual Breakdown
Last year, Buffer shared all of our salaries and the formulas behind ... Joel Spolsky: Joel's guidance with his concept of layers that he ...
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31 The Joel Test | HR Glossary - Omnes Group
Do new candidates write code during their interview? Do you do hallway usability testing? Pros and cons of The Joel Test. Having in mind that Joel Spolsky came ...
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32 Managed Services Salaries and Raises: Treat Everyone the ...
Written by Joe Panettieri 1; April 13, 2009. At Fog Creek Software, ... I've been hearing more and more buzz about this type of pay scale formula.
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33 Big companies v. startups - Dan Luu
Joel Spolsky says that by joining a big company, you'll end up playing foosball and ... offer will have a total comp (salary + bonus + equity) of $130k/yr.
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34 Management & Technical Career Growth Tracks -
The ranks could simply be used as “salary bands” and the levels of ... Sales by Joel Spolsky · Fog Creek Professional Ladder by Joel Spolsky ...
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35 Technical Articles--All |
These companies are willing to pay high salary and provide attractive ... Joel Spolsky gave a couple answers to this question in his most recent podcast.
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Joel Spolsky began his legendary web log,, in March 2000, in order to offer insights for improving the world of programming.
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37 How much does Google pay a new grad software engineer?
What is the salary range when joining Google (Mountain View) as a Software ... I read this on Joel Spolsky's blog book "Joel on Software" and liked what he ...
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38 Salary package - Hiring Guide
You might want to check this intro to ESOP, watch a class about Employee Equity, read Sam Altman's or Joel Spolsky's thoughts on ESOP or check Buffer's ...
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39 salary scale - Translation into German - examples English
Our CEO Joel Spolsky once wrote that when he started Fog Creek Software, he wanted to strike a balance between a formulaic salary scale and looser salary ...
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40 perpetual novice – years of experience vs skill - Scott Selikoff
You should check out Joel Spolsky's Ladder for determining salary:
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41 “Joel on Software” Quotes - (Fortunes Cookies) Shlomi Fish's ...
Quotations from or relating to the site Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky (see the wikipedia ... the ones who would be willing to pay you the most money.
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42 Engineering Ladders Linklist - squeakyvessel
Honorary mention for the infamous ladder by Joel Spolsky which dates ... ways to arrive at compensation levels than “years of experience”.
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43 Radical Transparency in Devana
Secrecy over pay is a major control lever for employers, but luckily things are changing in the right direction. Joel Spolsky wrote about professional ladder 14 ...
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44 We couldn't get enough: Stack Overflow, Round 2
Both Joel and the team over at Stack Overflow have put together the ... testing where we found that showing salary range increases the click ...
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45 Joel on Software: And on Diverse and Occasionally Related ...
The Best Software Writing I: Selected and Introduced by Joel Spolsky ... Essays range from technical to humorous, but are always tangible.
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46 Video From Business Of Software 2009: Building Great ...
... conference organized be Neil Davidson (of Red Gate) and Joel Spolsky (of Fog Creek). ... You can't pay your way into a speaking spot.
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47 CS 6 (2).txt - Year Pay Law firms including Cravath, Swaine...
Rates for the least experienced attorneys typicallyrange from $250 to $350 an hour, ... Joel Spolsky set out to create a pay structure that isobjective.
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pay statement indicates the salary level and range for their ... 40 Joel Spolsky, “Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise,” Inc., Apr. 1, 2009, ...
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49 How to spot great remote jobs: The Joel test for remote work
It was created by Joel Spolsky, co-creator of Stackoverflow. The Joel test works so well because the ... Great remote jobs offer equal pay for equal work.
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50 Trello: How A Proven Founder Launches A Startup
This is how Joel Spolsky launched Trello, an online collaboration tool. ... had the coincidence of being willing to pay for the software and ...
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51 Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky - CK's Tech Blog
Get crash reports from users - automatically! Schedule. A schedule forces you to decide what features you are going to do, and then it forces ...
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52 The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing - Joel on Software
by Joel Spolsky ... At one end of the scale, there are the unwashed masses, lacking even the most basic skills for this job.
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53 Trello: Manage Your Team's Projects From Anywhere
› ...
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54 - Software Training Institute
in salary increases for the devs we worked with ... “It put me years ahead of schedule of where I thought my salary would be.” ... Dragos & Joel Spolsky.
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55 I'm Michael Pryor, Co-founder of Trello. AMA! - Relay
I'm Michael Pryor, co-founder (along with Joel Spolsky) of Trello! ... Even when you go to add a chart in excel, you kind of have to tell it ...
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56 20 Best software developer jobs in Wilmington, NC (Hiring Now!)
See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. ... (Joel Spolsky fans will of course be given special attention.). We are currently looking for ...
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57 Estimation and Scheduling Tips for Beginners - Stout Systems
When we teach estimation to software developers, we quote Joel Spolsky, ... In order to estimate and schedule correctly, you need to break your project down ...
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58 Transcript 013 - FogBugz
Spolsky: if we ever get anyone to listen to our podcast, apparently you can ... Nowadays you go on the website and you pay $10 and its done, ...
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59 Establishing a Pay Structure
pay structure could include the range of pay that a person may earn in the job of ... SOURCES: Joel Spolsky, “Why I Never Let Employees Negotiate a Raise,”.
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60 Has Joel Spolsky Jumped the Shark? - Coding Horror
It's generating a chart right? Who likes charts most? Managers and bean counters - you know - the kind of people that control budgets / pay for ...
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61 The Iceberg Secret Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg - Colin Breck
Joel Spolsky's article The Iceberg Secret, Revealed is, for me, ... that can scale to millions might require an entirely different design.
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62 Lead Software Engineer | MagnaFlow Opportunities
Competitive Salary; Company paid benefits; Flexible Schedule; 401k Matching (Up to 5%); Company sponsored events; Amazing team. Joel Spolsky ...
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63 Customer support: an interview with Joel Spolsky - UXpod
Joel Spolsky runs Fog Creek software, who make FogBugz bug tracking software. ... What about when you scale up, though, is that going to work for someone ...
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64 Four Principles for Compensation Decisions - Eric Sink
A salary chart is "clean" if it could be posted on the wall and most ... Joel Spolsky: "Giving somebody positive reinforcement (such as ...
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65 How to become a recruiter in tech: 7 simple steps - DevSkiller
According to Joel Spolsky, “If you are a recruiter you would be a bad ... salary and is it worth it chart presenting recruiter salary ...
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66 Digital Marketing Manager, EMEA at Stack Exchange
... audience of over 25 million developers and essentially get them all better jobs”– Joel Spolsky, CEO Stack Exchange. ... Salary range £40,000 — 50,000.
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67 The Joel Test Really is Meaningful - David Haney
The Joel Test is a curious and honest thing. It has been around since the year 2000 and was invented by a guy named Joel Spolsky, ...
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68 Developer Evangelist - HASH
... eliminates information failure, led by Joel Spolsky and David Wilkinson. ... Competitive salary and generous equity; At least 30 days of global annual ...
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69 The 6 Factors Developers Look for In Job Opportunities
How does your salary package stack up against the competition? ... aren't just looking for a gig to pay the rent,” says Joel Spolsky, ...
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70 12 powerfull steps to web development greatness - Joel Test ...
Joel Spolsky, founder of stack overflow and Trello, wrote 12 simple rules ... Up-to-date schedule is the trickiest part from our experience.
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71 Stack Overflow coding service sold for $1.8 billion - Axios
Stack Overflow, a popular Q&A service for programmers, has been acquired by European investment firm Prosus, co-founder Joel Spolsky ...
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72 An Open Letter to Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood - Clean Coder
However, it will pay back handsomely because your product will be far better, ... I know it's mean of me to say that, but Joel Spolsky is creating a bug ...
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73 The Podcast about Podcasts with Joel Spolsky - Hanselminutes
It's Joel Spolsky this week, the other half of the StackOverflow Podcast, chatting with Scott this week about podcasting.
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74 Career Growth Frameworks in Software Engineering: A Review
Perhaps the most well-known criticism of career ladders is the 'Peter ... The founder of Fog Creek is Joel Spolsky, also behind Stack ...
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75 Prove, Understand, Scale: Stack Overflow's 3 Phases of ...
To define your common goal, and eventually scale your sales team so they sell ... At Stack Overflow in the US, both Jeff and Joel Spolsky, ...
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76 Stack Overflow and the Zeitgeist of Computer Programming
... by well-known programming bloggers Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, ... The following chart shows the number of questions asked per month ...
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77 Are Programmers Spoiled? - Simple Thread
If you haven't yet read this thread on Joel's Software Discussion Group and ... And yep, we make good salaries, but do we really get treated ...
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78 The Holloway Guide to Technical Recruiting and Hiring
Extrinsic motivators include title and compensation, and practical necessities ... Joel Spolsky, chairman and co-founder, Trello, Glitch, Stack Overflow*.
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79 Investing in tools is a no-brainer. Here's how much we're ...
Let's say you're spending £50,000 on a team member's salary for a year. ... Joel Spolsky's Joel Test says something very similar (“9.
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80 Writing better Code | Daniel's programming rants
In Joel Spolsky's blog post “The Joel Test: 12 Steps to better Code”, he describes a test composed ... Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
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81 Effective Job Searching Sites for Careers in Technology
It was launched in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, and it has become of ... The openings on AngelList typical share salary and equity.
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82 5 tips to upskill as a software developer
Joel Spolsky can elaborate on why this is: ... It is important to assign some regular time in your schedule, even if it is just a couple of ...
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83 The Josh Test: A Sorta-Objective Way to Analyze New ...
In August of 2000, software blogging Godfather Joel Spolsky ... ##Compensation: 7 point scale Is your pay comparable with the market rates?
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84 Meet StackOverflow CEO Joel Spolsky - Business Insider
Joel Spolsky: We started with Stack Overflow, a Q&A site for ... at the history of the Internet where buyers used to pay $20 per unique.
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85 Why secret salaries are a baaaaaad idea
Joel Spolsky, the CEO of Fog Creek Software certainly doesn't: ... and will first have appraisals and then later on salary negotiations.
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86 Linkedin twitter facebook - HubSpot
Joel Spolsky's guide to Standing Out & Attracting Top Talent ... range of companies of all sizes, including startups and large corporations.
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87 Bits of Programming Wisdom -- Mark Smotherman
Joel Spolsky is a veteran of Microsoft and founder of his own software company, ... There are a range of linked list implementation choices:.
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88 Ask The Headhunter® - How to Get A Job: Don't write a resume
Software developer Joel Spolsky created several successful software companies including StackOverflow, which gets over 100 million visitors ...
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89 Q&A: How Trello CEO and Lancaster Catholic grad created ...
But after just two years there, Pryor and a partner, Joel Spolsky, ... school that my parents could pay for — all those different things ...
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90 Joel Spolsky on Twitter: "This is organized crime, plain and ...
This is beyond that. It's just extortion on a mass, organized scale, hoping that some % of the victims are dumb enough to pay.
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91 The Iceberg Secret - Philippe AMELINE
By Joel Spolsky ... They're right on schedule. ... get a clause in the contract that they don't have to pay us until 'acceptance by customer ...
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92 What is the single most influential book every programmer ...
... Best Software Writing I by Joel Spolsky; The Practice of Programming by Kernighan and Pike; Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware by ...
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93 Light tech and management.txt - Bruce Watson
4, Smart and Gets Things Done: Joel Spolsky's Concise Guide to Finding the Best ... The essays provide a wide range of contemporary views on modern ...
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