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1 Nucleoside triphosphate - Wikipedia
A nucleoside triphosphate is a nucleotide containing a nitrogenous base bound to a 5-carbon sugar (either ribose or deoxyribose), with three phosphate ...
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2 3′-O-modified nucleotides as reversible terminators ... - NCBI
These nucleotide analogues are modified with a reversible chemical moiety capping the 3′-OH group to temporarily terminate the polymerase ...
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3 The Chemistry of the Addition of Substrates of DNA Replication
While each nucleotide added to a growing DNA chain lacks an -OH group at its 2' position, it retains its 3' -OH. This hydroxyl group is used to attack the ...
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4 Nucleotides and the double helix - Life Sciences Cyberbridge
The third principle feature of a nucleotide is the base, which is attached to the 1' carbon of the ribose. Although each nucleotide in DNA contains identical ...
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5 During DNA replication, the 3' - OH of the growing DNA chain ...
During DNA replication, the 3' -OH group on the growing DNA chain attacks the first phosphate of an incoming nucleotide. Before their addition to a DNA ...
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6 Deoxyribonucleoside Triphosphate - dNTPs -
(2) dNTP pool balance, which influences nucleotide selectivity at the insertion step; ... D The Relevance of DNA Precursor Pools to Repair.
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7 Nucleotides -
It is an organic molecule made up of three basic components- a nitrogenous base, phosphate,and pentose sugar. The nucleotides are important for metabolic ...
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8 OH unblocked reversible terminators by molecular tuning of 2 ...
This terminator is based on 5-hydroxymethyl-2′-deoxyuridine triphosphate (HOMedUTP), a hypermodified nucleotide found naturally in the genomes of numerous ...
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9 DNA Structure
This group is important because in a. DNA chain it undergoes a reaction with the. 3' OH group to produce polydeoxynucleotide. The final feature of the molecule ...
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10 Polymerization of Nucleotides (Phosphodiester Bonds)
The 3' hydroxyl group forms a bond to the phosphorus atom of the free nucleotide closest to the 5' oxygen atom. Meanwhile, the bond between the first phosphorus ...
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11 The pKa's of 2'-Hydroxyl Group in Nucleosides and Nucleotides
The 2'-OH group has major structural implications in that it is involved in recognition, processing, and catalytic properties of RNA,1c-e such ...
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12 Enzymatic Cleavage of 3'-Esterified Nucleotides Enables a ...
by SW LinWu · 2020 · Cited by 2 —
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13 5. DNA Replication in Prokaryotes 5/12 - LabXchange
DNA polymerase has two important restrictions: it is able to add nucleotides only in the 5' to 3' direction (a new DNA strand can be only ...
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14 Nucleotides, DNA, and RNA - Knowledge @ AMBOSS,_DNA,_and_RNA/
› knowledge › Nucleotides,_...
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15 5' - 3' direction - The School of Biomedical Sciences Wiki
The phosphate group attached to the 5' end of one nucleotide and the hydroxyl group at the 3' end of another nucleotide have the potential to ...
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16 Method of detecting a nucleotide change in nucleic acids
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Nucleic acid analysis, particularly for DNA, is. becoming important in the diagnosis of infectious as well as ...
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17 Unraveling RNA—The importance of a 2' hydroxyl - IDT
› education › decoded › article
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18 Methods for Labeling Nucleic Acids - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Modified nucleotides can be added to the 3′ recessed-end of RNA when hybridized to a complementary DNA oligonucleotide producing a 5′ overhang. Protein ...
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19 Addition of nucleotide on the 3′OH terminus of 21-mer PNA ...
› figure › Addition-of-nucle...
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20 Phosphodiester bond - Definition and Examples - Biology Online
The 3′- carbon is linked with the 5′- carbon in the DNA and RNA via the phosphodiester bonds and thus they act as the backbone of nucleotides.
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21 The definition to 5' end and 3' end of a DNA strand - YouTube
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22 Why is DNA replication performed in the 5' to 3' direction?
dNTP is a nucleotide which has two additional phosphates attached to its 5' end. In order to join the 3'OH group with the phosphate of the next ...
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23 Below is an example of _ nucleotide showing the 2', 3' and 5 ...
VIDEO ANSWER: We'Re looking at a nucleotide and we can see some carbons, we need to know what groups we would find on the did ... SP 3'0H 3OH and 2'0H d.
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24 Biofundamentals @ UC Boulder- Nucleic Acid Structure
The basic repeating unit of nucleic acids are known as nucleotides. A nucleotide consists of three distinct chemical groups, a 5-carbon sugar (ribose or ...
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25 DNA Damage Recognition and Repair by DNA Ligases
Sequestration of an extrahelical nucleotide by DNA-bound ligase is reminiscent of the “base-flipping” mechanism of target site recognition and catalysis used by ...
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26 RecBCD possesses strong coupling between DNA and nucleotide ...
Helicases play an essential role in the repair mechanisms for DSBs in every living ... H - RecBCD, hp - hpDNA, ss - ssDNA, doh - dohDNA, 5oh - 5ohDNA, 3oh ...
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27 Which of the following enzyme creates a homonucleotide overhang ...
Which of the following enzyme creates a homonucleotide overhang at the 3′-OH end of the DNA? It can also make blunt ends sticky by adding poly AA and poly TT.
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28 Solved What is the significance of the 3'OH in DNA |
During polymerization of DNA incoming nucleotide becomes incorporated into growing chain by forming phosphodiester bond. This bond is formed between free 3' ...
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29 Nucleotide - National Human Genome Research Institute
A nucleotide consists of a sugar molecule (either ribose in RNA or deoxyribose in DNA) attached to a phosphate group and a nitrogen-containing ...
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30 Why DNA replication takes place in 5' to 3' direction not 3' to 5'?
dNTP is the type of nucleotide that contains two additional phosphate groups attached to its 5'end. For joining the 3'OH group with the ...
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31 nucleotide | biochemistry - Britannica
nucleotide, any member of a class of organic compounds in which the molecular structure comprises a nitrogen-containing unit (base) linked ...
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32 average nucleotide identity Latest Research Papers | ScienceGate
Find the latest published documents for average nucleotide identity, ... the major cellular fatty acids were iso-C15 : 0, iso-C17 : 0 3OH, summed feature 3 ...
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33 Chapter 5 - Nucleic Acids Flashcards by Huba Brown
1. Nucleotides combine to form a chain or polymerize in a series of 3' to 5' phosphodiester bonds. The 5' phosphate on one unit esterifies to the 3' OH on the ...
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34 Nucleotide Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
The meaning of NUCLEOTIDE is any of several compounds that consist of a ribose or deoxyribose sugar joined to a purine or pyrimidine base ...
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35 Assignment of provisionally named CDC group NO-1 strains derived ...
Clinical significance and epidemiology of NO-1, an unusual bacterium ... SNVPhyl: a single nucleotide variant phylogenomics pipeline for microbial genomic ...
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36 Nucleotide symbols - HGMD
Nucleotide symbol, Full Name. A, Adenine. C, Cytosine. G, Guanine. T, Thymine. U, Uracil. R, Guanine / Adenine (purine). Y, Cytosine / Thymine (pyrimidine).
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37 Introduction to nucleic acids and nucleotides (video)
› dna-and-rna-structure › i...
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38 Essentials of Medical Biochemistry: With Clinical Cases
DNA polymerases, the enzymes that synthesize new DNA, can only add nucleotides to a 3-OH group and therefore extend a DNA strand in the 5 to 3 direction.
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Nucleosides (bottom) are made of a nitrogenous base, usually either a purine or pyrimidine, and a five-carbon carbohydrate ribose. A nucleotide is simply a ...
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40 Lewin's GENES X - Page 327 - Google Books Result
Frameshifts occur when an extra nucleotide is inserted or omitted. ... This is particularly important for the replication of a homopolymeric stretch—for ...
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41 Genetics: Analysis of Genes and Genomes
In the final step of splicing (Figure 10.17C), the 3OH of the guanylate ... The lariat intron is rapidly degraded into individual nucleotides by nucleases.
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