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1 Union Vs. Non-Union Projects - Everything You Should Know
Typically, bigger productions are nearly all union productions. Actors typically prefer union acting jobs because they offer higher pay than non ...
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2 What's the difference between Union and Non-Union?
The difference between Union and non-Union are that an actor who is non-union may NOT work on a Union job. Conversely, a Union member MAY ...
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3 What's the difference between an union and a non ... - Quora
With Union the union has standards you must comply with from breaks to bathrooms. Non union there is no union to ensure enforcement of work standards but you ...
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4 Union VS Non-Union Actors (What is SAG-AFTRA? + How to ...
Makayla Lysiak
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5 Union vs. Non-Union Commercial Jobs - Casting Frontier
The union establishes rates, guarantees fair wages, and ensures actors are paid on time. · Union actors maintain greater control over their brand ...
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6 5 Risks of Acting in Non-Union Commercials - Backstage
Union productions are required to provide certain protections for the safety of actors, including having insurance, restrictions on time spent ...
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7 Union vs. Non-Union - - The voiceover guide
Unions tend to be very competitive environments and if you join a professional union from the get-go, you may end up in a talent pool where you ...
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8 Navigating Union vs. Non-Union Projects - NY 411
The primary difference between union and non-union projects is budget. Union projects typically outline the pay and protections for actors and crew in their ...
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9 Union vs Non-Union - Green Room Tax Service
Every serious actor who has worked in the industry has heard of union work and non-union work. Although most actors strive to become a member of Actors' ...
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10 Union vs non-union voice acting | Voice over Guide - Voice123
Sometimes, voice actors come from different industries, like on-camera acting. In these cases, you might already be a member of SAG-AFTRA. Otherwise, you'll ...
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11 Union or Non-Union Voice Casting: How To Choose. - SelectVO
When you hear someone is a “union” actor, or it's a “union” job, the union is SAG-AFTRA. The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of ...
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12 SAG/AFTRA vs. Non-Union, explained - Casting Depot
SAG/AFTRA calls themselves the most distinguished entertainment and media union in the world. They represent approximately 160,000 actors, dancers, DJs, ...
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13 Non-Union Voice Talent | Voice Over Casting & Recording
Simply put, non-union voice talent represent themselves. Any and all money they make as voice actors goes directly in their pocket. However, such actors don't ...
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14 Non-Union Talent Payroll - The TEAM Companies
Although there may not be union requirements or P&H contributions governing the employment of non-union talent, staying on top of the labor laws and ...
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15 Union or Non-Union: The Most Important Thing You Need to ...
This couldn't be any further from the truth. If I was casting a film today and you were THE BEST actor for the job, you would be the one who is ...
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16 Union Films vs. Non-Union Films: Know What You're Getting Into
If a union actor auditions for a non-union film, he can still be cast. SAG actors are not supposed to work in non-union projects, yet many do anyway. The ...
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17 Union VS Non-Union Voice Over -
With a higher wage, all unionized voice actors are expected to pay union dues which can cost up to a few hundred dollars per year. Dues are 1.5- ...
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18 What's the difference between union and non union? - Reddit
Above is a lot of pro-union points. Some cons to unions as the above mentioned is that you lose some of the ability to choose what roles you can ...
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19 How To Get Into An Actors Union? - 2 Be An Actor
What Is The Difference Between Union And Non-union Actors? ... If you are a Union actor, you cannot work non-union jobs. The ONLY way a Union actor is seen ...
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20 Union vs. Non-Union - Acting Magazine
In fact, according to a recent survey, a union member can earn as much as 10 times the amount of non-union actors. This means that a non-union actor would have ...
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21 Salary of Non Equity Actors - Work -
Labor unions represent the interests of the worker. In the theater industry, actors are the workers and the Actor's Equity Association is the union.
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22 Voice Over Rates - Non Union - The Voiceover Collective
The union is SAG-AFTRA. The Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and they have been around separately since the ...
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23 When Should You Join The Actors Unions
Once an AEA actor, you're limited to performing in shows that offer Equity contracts. You can audition for a non-Equity theatre, but if you are offered a role ...
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24 Get the Facts | SAG-AFTRA
Working non-union is taking a step backward in your career and sacrificing your image as a professional – casting directors don't think of actors who work non- ...
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25 Actor Unions (The Ultimate Guide)
SAG-AFTRA and AEA are both labor unions that represent the interests of actors working in film, television, theater, radio, and more. These ...
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26 Marketing Voice-over: Usage & Talent Considerations
When hiring voice actors for your commercial you should be familiar with union vs non-union, ... Union vs Non-Union: What's the Difference?
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27 Actors' Unions and What Comes With Joining One - Yellowbrick
SAG-AFTRA works similarly in that you can get cast in a union role and choose to take it or not. The difference with SAG-AFTRA is that ...
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28 Budgeting A Film Crew - Union or Non-Union?
The biggest consideration on most producers' minds is, of course, money. The first biggest distinction that goes into making the choice between ...
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29 Non-union actors on 'Waitress' tour seek union representation
Clearly, the workers in both productions are equally talented and hardworking, doing the exact same job for different audiences. For equal work, ...
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30 When Should Actors Join SAG-AFTRA - My Actor Guide
There are a lot more non-union opportunities / jobs / projects casting at any given time. · Most commercial reps are very happy to work with non- ...
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31 The Complete Guide to the SAG-AFTRA Taft Hartley Form
If you're working with both SAG and non-union actors, then you'll probably have to file a ... Taft Hartleys were allowed for many different sized projects.
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32 Quick Voiceover Tip: Union Vs. Non-Union - Radio Lounge
Non-union means no membership dues and fees, and that equates to less money. Especially today when voice actors have to compete against pay to play sites and ...
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33 Film Unions Explained - A Film Producer's Industry Guide
A union will have fixed pay rate guidance for actors and crew. So if you can't afford to pay people their full wages, you will have to make a non-union film.
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34 Can Non-Union Talent be hired for a Union Production - Voices
“The union wants actors/actresses to join because they benefit from their members fees. Joining does not necessarily penalize the actor/actress, ...
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35 FAQ - SAGindie
Can non-union actors and SAG-AFTRA members work in a production together?
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36 Do Not Work - Actors' Equity Association
Unions work on a foundation of solidarity. Equity's ability to negotiate favorably with employers relies on our members' collective agreement to only work ...
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37 Union vs. Nonunion in Today's World: A Stark Difference - UAW
For those who are union members with a collective bargaining agreement, their voices are heard. The power of union representation allows them to ...
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38 Child Actors and Unions: SAG, AFTRA, SAG-AFTRA, and Equity
There are many other benefits to joining the union. These include higher pay, opportunity for residuals instead of a one-time buyout, access to educational ...
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39 How to go Financial Core with SAG-AFTRA
Basically, you become a dues paying non-member in the eyes of your union and you are entitled to work both union and non-union jobs.
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40 Can I add multiple unions to my project?
While a project can only be listed with one union, individual background roles within a SAG-AFTRA project can be listed as Union, ...
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41 The Difference Between a Union and a non-Union Workplace
Job security: Nonunion employees are typically hired “at will,” meaning they can be fired for no reason. There are exceptions. Employers can't ...
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42 Union vs Non-Union: Which is Best? - Projections, Inc.
Below, we will discuss the differences between a union vs non-union workplace. ... up a significant amount of control over the talent management process.
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43 Union vs. Non-Union in Construction - Hammr
For example, job experience and skill being equal, a non-union worker may make $20 an hour as opposed to a union worker making $25 an hour for ...
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44 Complying with U.S. Labor Relations Laws in Non-Union ...
Nonunion employers that otherwise are accustomed to complying with employment laws and regulations nonetheless may be vulnerable in the area of employee rights ...
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45 Why Union Members Can Audition For Non-Union Work
A proud union member for nearly 30 years, it pains me to hear the misinformation from both union and non-union talent about how both camps ...
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46 Commercial Actor: Non-Union/Non-Franchised Talent Agencies
The Actor's Handbook is a resource for actors in the greater Seattle area. Informative guide for theatre, film, and commercial actors providing audition ...
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47 Screen Actors Guild - Wikipedia
On March 30, 2012, the union leadership announced that the SAG membership voted to merge with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) to ...
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48 5 Important Truths About Non-Union and Union Work in the ...
There are also numerous contracts in each of the unions, ranging from ultra-low-budget to full union scale projects. Pay, safety, and working ...
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49 Film Production Unions | Justia
In the 1930s, actors and other people in the entertainment industry asserted their rights against film studios by forming unions.
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50 How Extras Got Cut Out of the Hollywood Actors Union Drive
And because union membership was made mandatory after 30 days on sets, producers would hire low-wage non-union extras for short periods of time.
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51 Actors' Equity: Lessons for a Business Union from a Scrappy ...
Because of the growing number of non-Equity shows, the vast majority of acting jobs are non-union jobs, causing even many AEA-eligible ...
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52 Ultimate Guide to Working with Unions: Grieved and Flipped
As a producer, the Screen Actors Guild was also a thorn in my side. ... One example of this is the presence of a non-union worker on a union ...
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53 Joining a Union - The Actor's Checklist
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) · Actors' Equity Association (AEA) · Screen Actors Guild (SAG) · Other essential unions and guilds for ...
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54 What Labor Union Progress Means for HR Leaders
Often, one division of a company might have union workers while another is composed of non-union workers. This may result in different ...
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55 When is the right time to join SAG-AFTRA? - Career ACTivate
If you get hired for a SAG-AFTRA job as a non-union talent you don't have to join unless you've worked 3 union jobs or been hired to be on set for over 30 days ...
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56 5 Risks of Acting in Non-Union Commercials
Let's start off by clearly defining some terms: Commercials produced under union contracts are required to provide actors with clearly laid ...
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57 Industry Standards - CODA - Coalition of Dubbing Actors
–Payment timelines can vary. Union productions have thirty days, as per the contract. Non-union can range upwards of ninety days. It is important for you to ...
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58 Actors in 'Waitress' Tour Seek to Join Labor Union
Employees of a nonunion production are seeking improved compensation and safety protocols, saying a union version of the same musical pays ...
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59 Unions and Game Audio
In some states it is possible to use both union and non union actors such as Texas, ... There are many types of rates that accommodate different scenarios.
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60 How to Cast a Non Union Film - Team Beverly Boy
Many filmmakers wonder if their productions can get into any kind of trouble if they cast union talent for a non-union project. And the short ...
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61 10 Steps to Check Off Before You Join the Union
Joining the union is just one of many milestones that a professional working actor will undertake. But, while the benefits are many, the ...
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62 When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get In the Union
Actors unions (just the same as any other trade union) are a group led by an ... Alright, this is a bit of a different ball game to Equity ...
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63 SAG-AFTRA: Should you hire union? Here's what New York ...
Union casts and crews tend to be more professional. This applies both behind the camera and in front of it. SAG actors and other union members ...
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64 Updating Your SAG-AFTRA Status with Central Casting
Man viewing SAG-AFTRA Updates form on a phone. We know many of our non-union Background Actors are interested in union background work. If you ...
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65 Cast of Waitress Non-Equity National Tour Moves Towards ...
Non-union company members cited the union production's dramatically higher pay—the non-union performers are reportedly being paid a third of ...
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66 Are Voice Actors Undervalued? - Sovas
Once upon a time, being union was enough. Buyers knew the difference between the abilities of union talent and nonunion talent. It was obvious ...
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67 The difference between a SAG voucher and SAG waiver. |
If the box marked Non-Union is checked you are a non-union hire and the voucher is simply a receipt for the job. If the box Taft Hartley is checked you were a ...
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68 Canada's actors' union and ad agencies are locked in ... - CBC
Here is one of the key differences between Canadian television and American ... to be made in Canada using both ACTRA and non-union talent, ...
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69 Differences between a Union and Non-union Workplace
Unions consist of workers from the same field, who collectively demand and bargain to achieve a contract between the union workers and the ...
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70 Non-Equity 'Waitress' Musical Tour Files for Union Recognition
The actors are equally talented and union actors are trained from performance videos from the nonunion show. The shows share props and set ...
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71 What happens if I accept non-union work?
By joining SAG-AFTRA, members also agree to abide by Rule 9, which states that members of one of the affiliated performers' unions (Actors ...
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72 Agent fees? - Google Groups
>to compare it with. A fair agent will take %15 on non union. A really fair agent will take %10, the same as Union.
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73 Unions | Primary Players
Actors Equity (AE, Equity): Union for actors and stage managers. ... Each local serves a different purpose or area and has different.
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74 Voice Over Rates Calculator [FREE] | Full Guide To VO Rates
THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UNION AND NON-UNION VOICE OVER RATES. UNION VOICE OVER RATES. The SAG/AFTRA voice over union is a collection of pro voice talent (and ...
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75 Part 2: Why Would You Make A SAG Signatory Movie Project?
While in the past I have not used SAG actors in my productions, I have come to see that there are a number ... I know a ton of fantastic non-union actors.
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76 Mitchell Talent
... jobs available in the entertainment industry, both union and non-union. We submit actors daily for casting in studio feature films, independent films, ...
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77 Union vs. Non-Union Tours and Equity's Image Problem
Actors' Equity Association is the performers' union that represents ... be able to spot the difference between union and non-union talent ...
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78 What Does Packaging Talent Look Like? - Rolling Stone
Every talent “package” in the film industry is different — union, non-union, front end/back end, points, placement title, and so on.
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79 A Guide to the Unions and Guilds - TIME'S UP Foundation
IATSE is a labor union that represents tens of thousands of workers in film and television. Job categories or “crafts” are represented by different “locals.
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80 Union Representation Frequently Asked Questions
What is a union? A union is an organization which has as one of its purposes to collectively bargain the wages, hours, and conditions of employment of a ...
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81 Non-Union Voice Rates | Kim Handysides Female Voice Over ...
While voice over pay scale is pretty standard across the board for union voice actors, if you're a non-union voice artist, you've probably ...
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82 Union workers get higher pay, if they can join | Reuters
One reason for the widening pay gap is that unionized workers tend to work more hours per week and on a predictable schedule, while non-union ...
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83 ACtors: Pay Your Agents What They're Owed - Alison Haselden
Agency fees are often added to lower paying, almost always non-union jobs as an enticement for the agency to expend effort in submitting their ...
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84 Questions & Actors | Modasphere
ACTORS: I think one of the biggest misconceptions that actors have about the unions is that once you become a SAG member or union member, ...
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85 Unions 101: What You Need to Know About the ... - Dance Spirit
Union membership isn't free (dues are usually a percentage of the money the member makes each year), but it comes with solid benefits. “Unions ...
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86 When to Join an Actor Union? (AEA, SAG-AFTRA, AGVA)
Had he remained non-union for his early to mid-twenties he more than likely would have worked more often. As a non-union talent he was more ...
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87 What You Should Consider as Work Resumes for Child Actors
Difference Between Union and Nonunion Jobs. When your child works under the SAG-AFTRA union guidelines, the production must follow stringent ...
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88 Unions and Associations - Stage Management Resource
Actors Equity Association (AEA) represents and protects theatrical actors and stage managers. A theatrical production will either be a union or nonunion ...
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89 Union Payroll Processing: 3 Things to Know - Paycor
The main difference between payroll processing for union and non-union employees is the union deduction. A predetermined portion of each ...
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90 Union Apprenticeship: What It Is, How to Get One, and ... - Tallo
Benefits of a Union Apprenticeship ... As far as job duties go, there is virtually no difference between union and non-union apprenticeships. The ...
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91 New rules for actors' union spur new questions - Times Union
Professional theaters like the REP rely upon a balance of both union members, often coming from large cities where it's easier to make a living ...
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92 Actors Union and NYPD Visit Droga5's Manhattan Headquarters
... biggest union for performers–and its organizers have chosen to single out Droga5 as an agency that uses non-union actors in its ads.
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93 non-union - Beth Melsky
Every month is a rollercoaster for casting and even worse for agents and actors. There is no consistency in any way for any of us. SAG commercial agent ...
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94 Non-Union Employees Employment Guidelines
For probationary employees promoted or appointed to a different position, their probationary period shall be extended for sixty (60) days. These guidelines are ...
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95 How do I get a job as an Extra? - EntertainmentCareers.Net
You will start out as a non-union extra until you qualify to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild. The difference between being a union, or a non-union ...
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96 Extra Talent Voucher – Non-Union - Media Services
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97 How Much Dancers Earn - Answers4Dancers
Are there differences between 'union' and 'non-union' benefits? ... Actors' Equity is a member of the AFL-CIO and is affiliated with FIA, an international ...
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98 Important Pros and Cons of Joining Actors' Equity Association
For years, there were 3 different ways an actor can be eligible to join AEA. ... Sometimes less opportunities for work equity actors than non-union actors.
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