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1 Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos - Inman
Please excuse any typos.” This is the default signature line for way too many people answering email from their phones. Why? Often this little ...
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2 Grammar Girl - Interesting post about those "please excuse...
Interesting post about those "please excuse any typos" e-mail disclaimers. Do you think they give people a pass, or not?...
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3 Please Excuse Any Grammatical Errors Sent from My Mobile ...
We all make mistakes, so please excuse any grammatical errors sent from my mobile device. Learn to reinforce fundamental behaviors of ...
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4 The One Mobile Email Signature Every Man Should Have
"Please forgive any tpyos." "Sent from my tiny pocket computer." "Sent from my smartphone—please excuse the brevity and grammatical errors.
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5 Sent from phone, please excuse any typo's -'. ​Should I point ...
My client's email signature reads: "- Sent from phone, please excuse any typo's -". ​Should I point out to him that this, in fact, is a typo?
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6 The Worst Email Habits and Annoyances You Should Avoid ...
At the very least, though, it's worthwhile to know that some people may be annoyed ... Please excuse the brevity, spelling and punctuation.
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7 “Excuse my typo” signature lines, a collection - Jodi Schneider
Touched, not typed · Sent from my $DEVICENAME · Consider any misspellings my gift to you · Typed with thumbs · Sent with mobile solution · Sent from ...
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8 Professional Mobile Signature For Business Email [Examples]
Typos do happen more on mobile devices. ... I received an email recently with the signature, "Sent from my android please excuse any typos.
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9 Mobile-Device Email Signatures: More Than ... - The Atlantic
Please excuse any tpyos as it was sent from my iphone ... sent from a magical device that lives in my pocket. please excuse typos.
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10 Please Excuse Any Typos - Plotlines | Writing | PR | Storytelling
Far be it from me to claim any kind of typo immunity. ... "Please excuse typos! ... Or OK for a motorist to declare: "Please forgive any ...
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11 Please excuse typos, this was written on my mobile - Medium
It's hurts me to watch. Through the iPhone he was inventing a future he wouldn't live to see but limped through the most basic aspect of any computer; data ...
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12 How to Avoid Using Poor Mobile Email Signatures - Exclaimer
2. Don't use “Please excuse any typos” as an actual excuse ... Imagine if someone sent you an email with a signature saying “Sent from my PC. Excuse any typos.” ...
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13 Still Apologizing for Brevity? Experts Say Cut It Out |
"Please excuse the brevity and/or typos, as this message was sent from ... giving way to fixed fee and outcome-based models at every turn.
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14 Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos. - Pinterest
Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos – and 5 other text bombs you. inmannews. Inman - Real Estate News. 10k followers. More information.
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15 Turn off your mobile email signature and embrace the brief ...
It came into being as a way to excuse the brevity and occasional typos of messages sent from mobile devices. A respondent wasn't being rude ...
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16 Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos – and 5 other ...
Please excuse any typos. Really? OMG. Text messaging is now a common channel for communication. For many, it started becoming more ...
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17 Those are the breaks: Excuse any typos please | Network World
Excuse any typos from me over the next few weeks: Just got a splint put on my broken right pinky (distal phalanx to be more precise) and I ...
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18 "Sent from an iPhone" Leave it to show you are working on ...
I have "Sent from my phone, please excuse any typos" at the end of a brief signature.
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19 “Please excuse any typos—emails sent poolside” cc - Instagram
7972 Likes, 20 Comments - Taylor-Dean (@__taylordean) on Instagram: ““Please excuse any typos—emails sent poolside” cc: @bradenbacher”
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20 automatic "sent from iphone message" - Apple Community
It is like the "sent from a mobile device so excuse the typos" on the ... so please ignore any typo's' That makes perfect sense in fact.
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21 Please excuse the typos - Dalhousie Gazette
Please excuse the typos ... recently came across a blog post by marketing copywriter Amber James on typo apologies sent from mobile devices.
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22 Email Signature Etiquette: Examples of Good and Bad
And making your signature cute by adding “please ignore any typos”?“There's no excuse for typos. You should read it and reread it before ...
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23 From: slinkco Date -
(please excuse any typos}. Begin forwarded message: From: slinkco . Date: January 10, 2022 at 12:20:25 PM CST.
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24 Please excuse my typos... - YouLookFab Forum
I literally cringe when I go back and read some of my posts with typos. For someone who was nicknamed "human dictionary" in high school, this is especially ...
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25 attachment_1.pdf -
Please excuse any typos or poor grammar, I am rushing this in before the deadline. REGARDING THE INCREASE TO MINIMUM INVESTMENT AMOUNTS FROM $500,000 TO ...
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26 Signatures on emails sent from Smartphones (IPhones ... - Blog
Please forgive the brevity and any misspellings.” I take the reference to the type of phone that I have, because it's NOT an iPhone.. Charles ...
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27 Sue Ryan Sent from my iPhone please excuse any typos ...
Sent from my iPhone please excuse any typos. Begin forwarded message: From: kathleen child .
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28 How To Make Your Email Signature Mobile-Friendly
Nobody cares any more that your email has been sent from a mobile device ... “Sent from my iPhone please excuse brevity and typos” – sure, ...
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29 Ramesh Srivats on Twitter: ""Sent from my iPhone. Please ...
Please excuse any typos" is the digital equivalent of "A/C Car. No hand signal." 6:56 AM · May 21, 2013 ·Twitter Web Client.
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30 Sent from a mobile device. Please excuse brevity and typos.
Please excuse brevity and typos. Begin forwarded message: From: Brett Baker. Date: August 2, 2021 at 11:53:33 AM PDT.
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31 An email signature file is your chance to be creative
Every one of those emails has ended with a flush-left block of boilerplate that ... a Bible verse or a plea to “Please excuse any typos.”.
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32 How Successful People Write Emails To Get What They Want ...
Please Excuse Typos · Spell Check and proofread your email for common typing errors and spelling mistakes. · Don't say 'Please ignore/excuse Typos' as it only ...
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33 Building a Black community for green jobseekers
Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. Yesh Pavlik Slenk: Y'all, I've got news. The “Great Expansion” of green jobs is really here!
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34 Funnier Ways to Say "Sent From My Smartphone"
Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers has an email signature on her phone that reads, “Excuse any typos – darn autocomplete!”.
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35 Tweets that Will Make you Update your Email Signature
Thankfully, some have been smarter than me and have been doing this already. ... new email signature about to say "Please excuse any typos.
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36 #please excuse any errors and typos on Tumblr
See a recent post on Tumblr from @space-ace-ravenclaw-demigod about please excuse any errors and typos. Discover more posts about please excuse any errors ...
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37 Six Email Signature Mistakes that Might Send the Wrong ...
How to leave a better impression with every correspondence ... Your signature is at the end of every message you send. ... Please excuse any typos.
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38 Reader Signatures - Google Drive
from my smartphone so please forgive any dumb mistakes. ... sent from a magical device that lives in my pocket. please excuse typos.
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39 10 Email Signature Examples + Best Signature Generators
Please excuse any tpyos as it was sent from my iPhone. Sent from my iPhone. Forgive the brevity, the typos and the lack of nuance.
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40 Dynamically include operator signature in emails. - Discussion
Sent from my iPhone, please excuse any typos. Expand Post. UpvoteUpvotedRemove Upvote Reply. rodrigo barcat (Customer). 2 years ago.
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41 News - Ferrara Law, P.C.
Please excuse any typos while we finalize the most up to date information and formatting of the new site. read more. Contact Ferrara ...
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42 please excuse any typos | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs
Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #please excuse any typos with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumpik.
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It's now commonplace to read, "Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors sent from my mobile ... "Pardon random autocorrects and fat finger typos.
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44 Should you always include 'Sent from my iPhone' [Android ...
While conducting some research recently, I discovered a question in a web forum ... And while we forgive typos in a text, we're less lenient with emails.
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45 Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos. - POPSUGAR
› photo-gallery › image › C...
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46 Sent from my mobile device - Nitin and Shweta
Excuse any typos – darn auto complete ... Sent from mobile; pls excuse typos ... Sent from a mobile phone – please excuse the brevity of the message.
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47 Unique Doll | Please excuse any typos; my keyboard is haunte…
Please excuse any typos; my keyboard is haunted. Harajuku Palette. – Dolly Pale Brows (skin) Palette. – Dolly Highlighter Overlay Palette.
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48 13 free email signature templates for Gmail (and how to install ...
Short and simple gets the job done, but there are also some ... The same goes for "sent from mobile, please excuse any typos" disclaimers.
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49 The Ethics of Email Signatures in Mobile Devices
... their signature lines such as “typed using tiny keys so please excuse any typos. ... Second, some clients may consider it off-putting or even arrogant, ...
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50 The importance of spelling (and the value of typos) - Dotdigital
Finally, please excuse any misspellings! Regardless of the strategy you undertake for your SEO, it's worth being vigilant for errors of any ...
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51 Excuse me: Do you speak good or well?
“Please excuse any typos.” Do you have that line in place as part of your settings for smartphone replies? You're certainly not alone if you ...
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52 Please Don't Use Comic Sans In Your Company Email.
Motivational quotes; Disclaimers (e.g. “Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos); Advertisements. 3. Embedded Images vs Hosted Images – Embed ...
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53 The 'Sent from my iPhone' Thing - A Learning a Day
Please excuse the brevity, spelling and punctuation.' I use 'Sent from Handheld. Please ignore any typos' myself.
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54 Why do people leave their signature "Sent from my iPhone"?
In any event, I modify my signature to read: "Message sent from a mobile device, please excuse typos and brevity".
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55 Personal brand blog: Send Emails? Then This Is For You...
Sent whilst out and about so please excuse any typos, predictive text mishaps or short replies. I set it up following a workshop I'd run ...
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56 Thanks, Melissa. Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any ...
Please excuse any typos. On Apr 5, 2021, at 7:03 AM, Schwartz, Melissa A wrote: Good morning all,.
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57 Email Etiquette: 27 Rules to Make a Perfect Impression on ...
Here are a few email etiquette tips every professional should follow. ... from my iPhone or “Sent via phone — please forgive any typos”?
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58 What Not to Say in an Email: 5 Things to Avoid - PureWow
1. Just · 2. Actually · 3. I'm sorry · 4. Does that make sense? · 5. Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse any typos.
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59 Linguists International Schools - East Point, GA
Please excuse any typos or inactive links. NOW ENRolling! Enjoy our quality classroom spaces, in house chef and amazing language immersion staff.
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60 Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has a great day!
Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has a great day! ;) Oh , I almost forgot, please excuse any typos that you find on my posts.
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61 Disclaimer - metronuclear
Please excuse any typos. We do not wish to collude with shareholders of publicly-traded companies in any way, or to induce these shareholders to collude ...
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62 Exhibit 276 | DC Council
Please excuse any typos. > » On Jun 8, 2018, at 11:45 AM, Evans, Jack (COUNCIL) wrote: ». » I did. Thank you very much Steve.
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63 Katrina Marín of Avon, CT,%20Katrina-TMY.PDF
... I am asking that you vote no on HB 5044. Thank you! Katrina Marín of Avon, CT. Sent from my iPhone (please excuse any typos/autocorrects).
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64 Sermons - St. Paul's Episcopal Church - Stockbridge, MA
Please note: These texts were created for oral presentation. As such they do not match exactly what was preached. Please excuse any typos, ...
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65 Our Take on the Market - Modera Wealth Management
Please excuse any typos as well as portions noted to be inaudible. Hello! My name is Jennifer Faherty and I am the Chief Client Experience Officer here at ...
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66 Besser schreiben im Business (1): Don't excuse any typos!?
Da hilft auch kein noch so gutgemeintes please excuse any typos! Nächster Artikel in der Serie Besser schreiben, professionell texten (Teil ...
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67 Professional Email Etiquette Rules: Bring Out the Senior ...
First some honest introspection: How professional are the emails that you send? ... please use the typo warning at the end: please excuse any typos due to ...
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68 Affiliates - NAIFA Washington Advisor
Please excuse any typos or missing information. NAIFA Washington Affiliates. This group of dedicated industry professionals provide services or products ...
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69 Excuse Your Typos? No I Won't, Actually - The Content Bureau
Appending the phrase “Excuse typos and brevity” to emails seems to give senders an all-clear to deliver messages that require the skills of ...
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70 The Chicago Manual of Style Online: Search Results
So please excuse any typos. With regard to the apparent inconsistency, I believe it discusses large round numbers and consistency.
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71 The true importance of good spelling - BBC Worklife
While some spelling mistakes are harmless and funny, many aren't. The humble typo not only has the power to ... Please excuse any typos.'.
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72 Agenda | Bloomberg Technology Summit: Looking Forward ...
Digital transformation has touched every sphere of life. We are all immersed in a world of data. ... Please excuse any typos.
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73 Gauge the Feedback You're Giving & Getting - Radical Candor
I think people go right to thinking that Radical Candor is just. This transcript is mostly generated by a bot. Please excuse any typos.
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74 Hi Amy, Michael and Megan, I again want to follow up on this ...
Megan- please post this entire email exchange to it. . Erin Schwie Langston. {Sent via my phone. Please excuse any typos - thanks.}.
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75 5 Tips on Professional Communication in the Text-Chat Age
is, you may have some insights into the acronymic language that is chat and text message shorthand. ... iPhone; please excuse any typos.
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76 please excuse any errors - Spanish translation - Linguee
Many translated example sentences containing "please excuse any errors" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.
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77 What is the meaning of "please excuse the brevity of my email"?
I'm guessing the email they are talking about is very straight to the point without any additional or unnecessary comments.
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78 How to Manage Money Archives - SeedTime
August 12, 2022 By Bob Lotich, CEPF®. (The following is an abbreviated transcription from a video Linda and I recorded. Please excuse any typos or errors.) ...
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79 emmasblog Author Profile on A&E 48 hours so please excuse any typos. My whole body feels weak... Life is Hard Sometimes… Apr 6, 2015 Life is Hard Sometimes…
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80 Filter or Sort Public Comments
Please reject the partisan maps being pushed by Commissioners Barnett and Kottwitz ... I wanted to get these comments in quickly, please excuse any typos.
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81 Comments - Clouded Judgement 6.3.22 - by Jamin Ball
Every week I'll provide updates on the latest trends in cloud software companies. Follow along to stay up to date! **Please excuse any typos ...
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82 KNEAD CRUSH ROLL - Steven Weinberg Studio
PS - also please excuse any typos, etc. This is very much a beta version of our imagined book. PPS - tried this tonight with my 2.5 year old Amina.
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83 Best Tips to Update Your Mobile Signature Now - Newoldstamp
Most likely, you write some of your business emails from your ... mostly as an excuse for making typos and writing rather brief messages.
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84 Re: Comment Letter for Hollywood Center Project, Case Number
Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, please excuse any typos. On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 6:57 PM -0700, "Mindy Nguyen" → Check Latest Keyword Rankings ←
85 Clearpass Guest Device Sponsor Email | Security
Not sure how to get the sponsor email sent for approval. Sent from my mobile. Please excuse any typos. Thanks,
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86 Votes to abstain | ALA Council
Please excuse any typos. Original Message. Original Message: Sent: 6/26/2022 11:00:00 AM From: Lori Fisher Subject: Votes to abstain
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87 Why a Professional Mobile Signature is Key for Business ...
Even further, there's no need to ask the recipient to “excuse any typos.” Should a typo exist, simply knowing that you are sending from a mobile device is ...
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88 The weirdness of typing errors - Language Log
Please excuse any typos. I am just a brain in a vat and I do not type well. Laura Morland said,. March 14, 2022 @ 12 ...
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89 Customer reviews: Logitech MK550 Wireless Wave Keyboard ...
In advance please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes. I am linking this to my laptop so I can correct some mistakes through that, but the backspace ...
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90 News & Events - Hickory Construction Company
Please excuse any typos or issues as we continue to update the site in the coming ... HCC will be revising some content on this site over the coming weeks.
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91 Members Recognized for ShakeOut Participation - VAISEF
Please excuse any typos or omissions, this list was taken from Brook Road Academy, Richmond, VA HopeTree Family Services
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92 More on "Substantial Support", "Material Support," LOAC, and ...
(I'm having to write quickly, so please excuse any typos in what follows.) Specifically, I'd like to expand on the point that the NDAA's ...
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93 FS: Ball Trainmaster Streamliner | WatchUSeek Watch Forums
PayPal fees and shipping are included. Please PM or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!! Sent from my Mobile. Please excuse any typos.
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94 What if you didn't receive your THIRD stimulus ... - YouTube
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95 New to Brightspace. How do I copy my Instructor Profile from ...
Please excuse any typos. Sent from iPhone. Expand Post. LikeLikedUnlike. Jennifer Wagner (Community Member). 4 months ago.
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