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1 Greg Christie, inventor of "slide to unlock" leaving Apple after ...
In what is a major shakeup to Apple s iOS team, Greg Christie, the man credited to having invented the slide-to-unlock feature, is set to ...
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2 Apple Designer Reveals How The iPhone's Slide-to-Unlock ...
While testifying at the Apple-Samsung patent trial, Apple's human-interface head Greg Christie reveals how Apple created the slide-to-unlock feature on the ...
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3 Slide to Unlock? Patented! - 9to5Mac
Slide-to-unlock was a feature Steve Jobs specifically highlighted during the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007. To unlock the phone, I ...
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4 Apple didn't invent "slide to unlock" -
Apple didn't invent "slide to unlock" ... Apple management are waking up this morning facing an existential crisis, after discovering that Steve ...
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5 Apple Awarded Second Patent Disclosing iPhone's "Slide-to ...
In addressing the primary difference between the Neonode's slide to unlock feature and the invention claimed by Apple, the Dutch court reportedly referred to ...
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6 Apple granted 'slide to unlock' patent for touchscreen devices
Back in December 2005, more than a year before the first iPhone was announced, Apple had filed for a patent for their revolutionary 'slide ...
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7 Apple secures patent on iPhone's slide-to-unlock feature
Apple has been awarded a design patent for the slide-to-unlock feature used in iOS since 2007, which has been the subject of several legal ...
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8 'Slide to Unlock' Engineer Greg Christie to Depart Apple After ...
'Slide to Unlock' Engineer Greg Christie to Depart Apple After Fallout with Jony Ive [Updated]. Wednesday April 9, 2014 1:22 pm PDT by Juli Clover. jony_ive ...
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9 Apple's European slide-to-unlock patent declared invalid in ...
› ... › validity
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10 Can you provide an example of slide to unlock before the ...
Yes, the Neonode has "slide to unlock", but Apple's patent is for a very specific set of claims; items which the Neonode didn't implement. With Apple's patent, ...
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11 What everyone should know about Apple slide-to-unlock ...
On December 23, 2005—Merry Christmas!—Apple filed the patent application which led to the issuance of the '721 slide-to-unlock patent referenced ...
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12 iPhone's "slide to unlock" creator Greg Christie to leave Apple
› news › iphones-slide-unloc...
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13 Slide to unlock - Urban Dictionary
A method to pass the lock screen and get into the operating system to use it. Users are required to slide their finger on a predefined position on the lock ...
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14 German Court Rules Apple Didn't Invent “Slide to Unlock”
More specifically, Neonode invented the basic principle of slide to unlock two years before the iPhone's launch. However, their implementation only involved ...
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15 Apple's "Slide to Unlock" Patent Stirs Up a Hornet's Nest in ...
Patently Apple was first to break the news about Apple's granted patent for their "Slide to Unlock" patent this past Tuesday.
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16 Apple uses 'slide to unlock' patent in lawsuit against Galaxy ...
In October 2011, Apple won a patent detailing the method of sliding an onscreen mark to unlock the iOS operating system on a mobile device.
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17 'Slide to Unlock' Missing From iPhone in iOS 10
One of the most important gestures Apple invented was "slide to unlock." For the past nine years, since the very first iPhone, iPhone users ...
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18 Slide to unlock is not Apple's patent - DecryptedTech
If you thought that Apple invented the slide-to-unlock move that unlocks the display of cell phones and portable devices, you're not alone.
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19 Apple's slide-to-unlock Utility Patent - electroSome
In three court hearings, slide-to-unlock invention was discussed. The first was in December where Apple raised slide-to-unlock patent lawsuit against ...
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20 Lock screen - Wikipedia
A lock screen is a computer user interface element used by various operating systems. ... in particular a 1991 touchscreen slider developed by Catherine Plaisant.
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21 why apple removed slide to unlock - YouTube
Mar 27, 2022
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22 The history of the gesture "Slide to Unlock" - Apple world news
We all know the gesture to unlock the screen “Slide to Unlock” on the iPhone, but few know the story of its creation. The book “Apple Unsung ...
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23 Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
11A-11F illustrate the GUI display of a device at various points in the performance of an unlock action gesture, according to some embodiments of the invention.
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24 Apple asks judge to declare "Slide to unlock" patents invalid
HTC was sued by Apple and fought back with a successful defense, claiming the idea of "Slide to unlock" was too simple and obvious to receive a ...
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25 Slide To Unlock Patented By Apple Despite Prior Art
As if you needed any more proof that there is something wrong with the U.S. Patent system, Apple has been awarded a patent for using Slide ...
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26 Federal Circuit: Apple's Slide-to-Unlock Patent is Invalid
Invalidity: Samsung had argued that the slide-to-unlock and ... must be considered in evaluating the obviousness of a claimed invention.
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27 Slide to unlock: 28 iPhone tips and tricks to make your life easier
Situation: Samsung created a flutter on the internet with the Galaxy S4's eye tracking prowess. In reality, it was more of a head movement tracking feature.
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28 Apple Granted Patent for 'Slide to Unlock' Gesture
Scott Forstall, Senior VP of iOS, is credited with its invention among several other Apple engineers. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact ...
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29 Neonode provided key prior art against Apple's slide-to-unlock ...
In a nutshell, the problem plaguing Apple's slide-to-unlock patent was that Apple itself had not invented slide to unlock per se, ...
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30 Slide on the App Store - Apple
Download Slide ▻ and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ... It's crazy that sliding to unlock hasn't even been an iPhone feature in years.
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31 Why did Apple get rid of slide to unlock? - Quora
Last year Apple made more profit than Microsoft, and Google, and Facebook, and EBay and Yahoo. Combined. Not only does Apple have 70% of all mobile phone ...
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32 Apple's iOS 10 says goodbye to "slide-to-unlock" feature
Jun 15, 2016 —
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33 Apple´s “Slide to unlock”-patent finally invalidated as being ...
Apple´s well-known and internationally litigated “Slide-to-unlock” patent – being part of the original iphone patents – has been invalidated ...
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34 RIP Slide to unlock (2007-2016) : r/apple - Reddit
In iOS 10, if you try to slide to unlock, you'll instead slide ... made widgets swipe right and camera swipe up.. and kept swipe to unlock.
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35 After 15 Years, Apple Is Finally Adding an Iconic Feature to the ...
One of those was the "slide to unlock" feature, where a user simply dragged their finger across the screen to access their iPhone's home ...
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36 Unlock iPhone via accessibility button press rather than "Slide ...
I upgraded the iPhone to iOS 12.4.8. Now, when I press the Home button on the lock screen, the Passcode entry screen comes up.
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37 An Original iPhone Designer Embarks on Life After Apple - VICE
His swipe-to-unlock design, which he worked on with Chaudhri, for example, was a response to figuring out how to solve accidental phone calls, ...
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38 Slide to Unlock: Apple-Samsung, Alice, and the Need for ...
that invention would further the constitutional goal of promoting progress.”). 49 Bilski, 561 U.S. at 611–12. 7. McKinley: Slide to Unlock: Apple-Samsung, ...
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39 Slide to unlock Animations - Lottiefiles
Slide to unlock Animations designed for Web and Mobile. Download Lottie, MP4 and GIF animation. ... Made with ❤️ from Malaysia.
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40 'Slide to unlock' inventor recounts original iPhone development
'Slide to unlock' inventor recounts original iPhone development ... Apple and Samsung are set to begin a new patent infringement case next Monday, ...
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41 How to Enable the “Slide to Unlock” on iPad & iPhone using ...
The iOS lets you to either enable or disable the Slide to Unlock ... Removing it made the group of liking followers to look for an option.
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42 Case law: Apple's Slide-to-Unlock not patentable in GER
The mobile phone N1 distributed by the Swedish manufacturer Neonode had anticipated almost all features of the Apple invention. However, the BGH ...
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43 Slide to unlock not working on iPad / iPhone - AppleToolBox
Several users have reported that the slide to unlock feature either does not work and is unresponsive, or very slow to respond, ...
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44 7 Easy Methods to Fix iPhone Slide to Unlock Not Working
However, we recommend that you first back up your phone before resetting to avoid data loss. Once you have created a backup, follow these: Open ...
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45 Rectangle surrounds "slide to unlock" & passcode won't work't+work
If updates are made withtout doing a restore, you won't lose any datas. If although the update force a restore on the device you'll lose the ...
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46 How to Enable "Slide to Unlock" in iOS 10 on iPhone and iPad
iGeeksBlog has affiliate and sponsored partnerships. We may earn commissions on purchases made using our links. However, this doesn't affect the ...
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47 Apple comes out on top in 'slide to unlock' patent case
While "slide to unlock" is probably the feature that most smartphone users will be familiar with, the court battle also focused on other patents ...
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48 iOS 10 Tip: Unlock Your iPhone Without Pressing Home Button
The “slide to unlock” prompt, which was the subject of a lengthy patent war with Samsung, has disappeared. The lock screen instead asks ...
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49 Julie E. Bloemeke's Slide to Unlock, Reviewed by Vivian ...
Julie E. Bloemeke's Slide to Unlock is a collection focused on the powers of technology to connect people and to create distance between them.
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50 Apple wins slide-to-unlock, original iPhone design patents
Apple has won the patents for the slide-to-unlock user interface and the design for the initial iPhone, according to a report by CNET.
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51 Fixing “Slide to unlock” in iOS— A Simple Proposal
I made a quick mockup of this and I present it here. The use of a blurred background allow for a much easier text to read and is in line with many ...
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52 Slide To Unlock | The New Yorker
But that keeps changing. “Vertigo.” “Groundhog Day.” Favorite actor. Actress who first made you hard, backward, plus current year. Best ...
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53 slide-to-unlock · GitHub Topics
"Slide to unlock" / "Slide to open" view created with SwiftUI. Supports two slide directions, left and right. swift ios slider slide-to-unlock swiftui.
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54 Slide To Unlock - Dribbble
Slide To Unlock. Inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world's best designers. Want more inspiration?
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55 Apple's 'slide to unlock' patent win could halt Android sales in ...
The court decided that two of the devices made by Motorola Mobility (MMI) using Android software infringe the Apple's patent because they are ...
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56 Apple Loses 'Swipe To Unlock' Patent In German Court
The courts also added that a Swedish company, Neonode, had already developed the swipe to unlock feature before Apple ever introduced the ...
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57 My iPhone X Won't Unlock! Here's The Real Fix.
› iphone-x-wont-unlo...
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58 Why Apple Dropped Slide To Unlock In IOS 10? - Mobilebezz
The first question that came when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone was: how to unlock it? Then, amazingly, he explained and demonstrated a slide ...
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59 Slide To Unlock by Julie E. Bloemeke - Goodreads
Slide To Unlock book. Read 6 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.
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60 This App Turns "Slide To Unlock" Into a Game - TheNextWeb
If you use an iDevice, you're aware of the slide to unlock functionality that Apple brought to the world. Sure, it's a feature that you'll ...
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61 Apple got its verdict back—$120M against Samsung | Page 2
Controversial Apple patents on "slide-to-unlock" and autocorrect are restored. Read the whole story. Upvote. 0 ( ...
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62 Locked Out: Apple Gets Patent for “Slide to Unlock” Feature
For the novelty requirement, the slide to unlock mechanism could be seen as entirely new because before the invention of this technique, ...
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63 What Causes the Slide Unlock Not to Work on an iPhone?
If you can't swipe the Slide to Unlock slider on the lock screen, your iPhone may have a problem with its touch screen or may be hanging because of a ...
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64 Swipe to Unlock Screen | Figma Community
This is 'Swipe to Unlock Screen'. This design was prototyped to illustrate the effect of screen unlocking when swiped. You can use the template in your ...
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65 How to Replace Press Home to Unlock With 'Slide to Unlock ...
Using iBackupBot. A YouTuber named Billy Ellis discovered a way to restore the Slide to Unlock on iOS 10 without jailbreak. slide-to-unlock- ...
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66 Notes for Swipe to Unlock: the 3rd edition, 4th revision
... · ...
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67 Microsoft Invents a Device Authentication System that ...
Microsoft Invents a Device Authentication System that Combines a 'Slide to Unlock' Feature with a Finger Print Scanner ... Earlier this month, the ...
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68 How to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask - CNBC
Apple made it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask. Now when users swipe up, they immediately see an opportunity to input their ...
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69 How to Fix Slide to Unlock Not Working on iPhone/iPad
Your iPad won't swipe because the slide to unlock is not working? Do not worry. This post will show you the top 8 ways on how to fix slide ...
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70 Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 mini - Unlock Screen | Verizon
These steps are only available on iOS 15.2 or later. Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen then enter the ...
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71 Fil-Am iPhone designer: 'You can make new technology not ...
The “slide to unlock” sound is said to be his contribution to the iPhone design. “I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
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72 Pin on Animation - GFG - Pinterest
Nov 15, 2019 - Slide To Unlock designed by George Prentzas. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals.
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73 iPhone "Slide to Unlock" Panties are Geekily Raunch - Gearfuse
This is the geeky stuff wet dreams are made of. The "Slide to Unlock" iPhone panties are the extremely sexy answer for the clueless nerd.
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74 Neonode Beat Apple to "Slide to Unlock" Patent by 3 Years
Feb 21, 2012 —
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75 Apple awarded patents for Slide to Unlock, keyboard letter pop
Three years ago, Apple filed for patents on two features that iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users see every day -- the Slide to Unlock feature ...
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76 Samsung Galaxy Nexus violates Apple's slide-to-unlock utility ...
There have been three court hearings where the slide-to-unlock invention was discussed. One in December where Apple's raised a ...
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77 In UK, HTC Defeats Apple's "Obvious" Slide Unlock Patent
'He said Apple's slide-to-unlock feature was an "obvious" development in the light of a similar function on an earlier Swedish handset.' Two ...
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78 iPhone's 'slide to unlock' creator Greg Christie to leave Apple
Christie helped develop many of the functions of the iPhone, and his name is listed on the patent for the "slide to unlock" function.
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79 Swift 3 iOS 10 - Apply the "Slide to Unlock" animation to a label
Try out Shimmer from Facebook. They use it for loading but its usable on labels. Looks very similar to the iOS “Slide to Unlock”.
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80 Can I get directly to the home screen after unlocking my phone ...
Hi all, When I unlock my iPhone 13 mini running ios 15.1 using face ... You use face ID, then swipe up from the bottom, you go directly to ...
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81 Apple Patent Describes New Type of Face-Recognition Tech
Swipe to unlock could be a thing of the past for next-gen iOS devices. Like current Galaxy Nexus users, iOS users could soon be using facial ...
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82 Jonathan Ive To Oversee Software At Apple As 'Slide-To ...
He is listed on 100 Apple patents and is also cited as the inventor of the 'slide to unlock' feature which is one of the five key innovations at ...
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83 How I made an iPhone 4 in CSS - Vasyl Zubach
working "Slide to unlock" slider;; close to real "slide to unlock" animation;. Technologies. CSS. Main interesting CSS3 properties that helps me ...
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84 Apple loses swipe patent – DW – 08/26/2015
... Apple's patent for the swipe movement to unlock iPhones and iPads. The court said the patent in question was not a new invention.
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85 The Perfect Apple Fan Doormat: The Slide to Unlock Mat
There's a few variations of this thing snazzy doormat floating around, the two of the nicest ones are black or brown and made of natural fibers ...
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86 Apple Finally Wins 'Slide To Unlock' Patent Battle: Samsung ...
Apple Finally Wins 'Slide To Unlock' Patent Battle: Samsung Must Pay $120 Million For Infringement · Samsung Loses To Apple Over Patent War.
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87 How to Change the Press Home to Unlock Feature in iOS 10
Gone is the familiar “Slide to Unlock” feature. We are now greeted with a message that says “Press Home to Unlock.” Apple made the change to ...
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88 Apple Wins $120 Million From Samsung In Slide To Unlock ...
The original case was based around Apple's iconic 'Slide To Unlock' feature. Apple claimed that Samsung infringed on its patent by copying the ...
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89 Ed Park: "Slide to Unlock" - The Mookse and the Gripes
› reviews › 2013/06/10
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90 Slide-to-Unlock Inventor Greg Christie Leaves Apple After 18 ...
Apple has announced that senior software designer Greg Christie - the man responsible for the "slide to unlock" feature - will be leaving ...
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91 Patent Law: Cases, Problems, and Materials
Thus, if there is evidence of industry praise of the claimed invention in the ... as presentations calling Apple's slide to unlock invention a “creative way ...
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92 iPhone "slide to unlock" Text in WebKit/CSS3 - CSS-Tricks
I gots to thinkin', if we made a made a horizontal gradient that faded in a gray-white-gray pattern, then animated it from left to right, we ...
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93 Apple Wins 'Slide to Unlock' Patent - Softpedia News
Originally implemented in Apple's mobile operating system when it was called iPhone OS (now iOS), the Slide-to-unlock function was demoed on ...
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