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1 Under the weather definition and meaning - Collins Dictionary
If you say that you are under the weather, you mean that you feel slightly ill. I was still feeling a bit under the weather. Synonyms: ill, unwell, poorly ...
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2 Meaning of under the weather in English - Cambridge Dictionary
If someone is or feels under the weather, he or she does not feel well: I'm feeling a little under the weather - I think I'm getting a cold.
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3 Under the weather - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms
When you're under the weather, you feel sick. It can also be a good excuse: "I'm sorry I can't visit your grandmother with you, but I'm a bit under ...
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4 Under the weather Definition & Meaning -
Ailing, ill; also, suffering from a hangover. For example, She said she was under the weather and couldn't make it to the meeting. This expression presumably ...
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5 Feeling 'Under the Weather'? - VOA Learning English
Some word experts say that “under the weather” also can mean feeling drunk or having a hangover. You have too much alcohol to drink one night ...
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6 What does under the weather mean? | Learn English - Preply
It means unwell or feeling sick. Example: Anna was feeling a bit under the weather so she decided not to hangout with her friends last night ...
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7 Why Do People Say “Under the Weather”? - Wonderopolis
If you've ever heard someone say they're under the weather, rest assured this expression has nothing to do with hail, sleet, or snow. Instead, people say "under ...
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8 Sick vs Ill & Under the Weather (Idiom) - To Fluency
To feel under the weather means to feel sick. In most cases, it's used to say that you feel a little sick. To fight something off means that ...
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9 Under the Weather: Definition, Meaning and Usage
Overall, the term under the weather means that someone is feeling slightly sick or ill. One can use this phrase to describe that they feel the ...
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10 I'm feeling under the weather - and other related phrases
Have you ever heard someone tell you they feel under the weather? It's a phrase that means “to feel unwell.” You wouldn't use this phrase if ...
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11 Feeling Under the Weather: Meaning and Origin -
While it can be used to describe a variety of ailments, feeling under the weather simply means not feeling well. Its usage is not bound to any ...
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12 UNDER THE WEATHER (phrase) definition and synonyms
Definition of UNDER THE WEATHER (phrase): not feeling well.
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13 What Does Under the Weather Mean? - Writing Explained
Definition: Not feeling well. This expression is used to describe a person who is feeling a little sick. It is typically used for something like a cold or the ...
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14 Under the weather Idiom Definition - Grammarist
Under the weather is an idiom which describes feeling ill, being a little unwell, hung over from drinking alcohol. Under the weather has its roots in ...
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15 Under the Weather (Idiom), Meaning & Origin
The term under the weather is an English phrase that means someone is feeling sick or sad. Example: I got hired as a car mechanic and I start first thing ...
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16 Feeling Under the Weather - Meaning, Usage and Origin
The meaning of “feeling under the weather” refers to illness, sickness, or not feeling in a sound state of mind. This phrase is adaptable and ...
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17 The Cloudy Origins of the Phrase 'Under the Weather'
The modern meaning of 'under the weather' involves feeling physically sick. But ...
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18 Under the weather | The English Farm
If you're not feeling well, physically or emotionally, then you can say that you feel under the weather. We use this expression when we want ...
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19 "Under the Weather" | Origin and Meaning - Grammar Monster
What Is the Origin of the Saying "Under the Weather"? ... Meaning unwell or feeling worse than usual, the term under the weather is a nautical term from the days ...
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20 Where Did The Term "Under The Weather" Come From?
Linguist Richard Lederer tells us that “under the weather,” meaning, feeling ill, comes from the language of sailors. On the high seas when the wind would start ...
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21 Feeling under the weather - Urban Dictionary
It means to feel sick. In most cases, it's used to say that you feel a little sick. ... But… you usually feel low on energy and feel tired when this happens. To ...
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22 Origin of "Under the weather"? - English Stack Exchange
... Here's a similar one I found: "Under the weather. To feel ill. Originally it meant to feel seasick or to be adversely affected by bad ...
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23 Feel under the weather - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
(informal) slightly ill, sick or depressed; not as well/cheerful as usual: She was off work for two weeks and she still seems a bit under the weather. See also: ...
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24 Is It Normal to Feel Under the Weather - MedicineNet
It is normal to feel under the weather perhaps one time in two months, and you may not have to see a doctor every time.
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25 "Under the weather" meaning - Idioms - Poem Analysis
If someone says they're feeling “under the weather” they mean that they feel worse than they usually do. They're sick, but not so much so that they need to ...
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26 Synonyms of under the weather - Merriam-Webster
temporarily suffering from a disorder of the body I feel a little under the weather and I'm just going to stay home. ... being under the influence of alcohol When ...
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27 under the weather - Longman Dictionary
under the weather meaning, definition, what is under the weather: slightly ill: Learn more.
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28 What Does Under the Weather Mean? | Useful Example ...
When some one's sick, just not feeling so well or in low spirits, he/she can say “I am/feel under the weather”. In English, people only tend to ...
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29 I'm Feeling Under the Weather (English Idiom) - YouTube
Short English Lessons with Alex Rodrigo
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30 Feeling under the weather - phrase meaning and origin
: To be under the weather is to be unwell. This comes again from a maritime source. In the old days, when a sailor was unwell, he was sent down ...
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31 (Feeling) Under The Weather - Idiom - EnglishLogica
› videos › feeling-under-the-we...
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32 Synonyms of under the weather -
WORDS RELATED TO UNDER THE WEATHER ; ailing · not feeling well. below par ; below par · second-rate in quality. below average ; green around the gills · sick. blah ...
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33 Under the Weather and Other Illness Idioms - Magoosh
Here are some examples of its use: ... Under the weather means worn out or just a little sick and is another way to say “I'm not feeling well.” You might go to ...
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34 What Does "Feeling Under The Weather" Mean? When To Use It
When someone tells you that they're "feeling under the weather" they're telling you that they feel tired, worn out, or a little sick. Today some people also say ...
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35 Idiom: Under the weather (meaning & examples)
— I'm a little under the weather but I'm still trying to do my daily steps and activity. I don't want to break my Apple watch streak. — If my daughter is still ...
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36 Under the Weather | Phrase Definition, Origin & Examples
The phrase 'Under the Weather' is used when you're not feeling good. Example of Use: “I don't feel like hanging out today. I'm feeling a bit under the ...
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37 Where did the phrase 'I'm feeling under the weather” come from?
I can only answer one of your questions: "under the weather" means ill or feeling "poorly". My guess of its origin is that many people tend to react physically ...
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38 under the weather meaning, origin, example ... - The Idioms
The origin of this phrase can be traced to maritime sources. In old days, when a sailor was not feeling, he would be sent below deck to recover, so that he ...
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39 Is "under the weather" a metaphor? -
The use of the phrase "under the weather" has its origins from sailing culture or sailors who, when feeling sick would be sent below deck and therefore kept ...
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40 English idioms, Idioms, Feeling under the weather - Pinterest
Here's a fun illustration of the English idiom 'under the weather'. Meaning: If someone says 'I feel under the weather', they mean 'I feel ill'. #idioms # ...
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41 15 English Weather Idioms | Kaplan Blog
5. UNDER THE WEATHER ... To describe feeling unwell or minor illnesses that are not life threatening. It can sometimes be used when you feel ...
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42 To Feel Under The Weather Idiom Meaning ? • English Notes
T feel under the weather means feel slightly ill or not in good health. The phrase develops for sailors when they fill ill they go to the ...
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43 What Is an Idiom? 24 Idiom Examples - 2022 - MasterClass
The word “idiom” comes from the Greek word “idioma,” meaning peculiar phrasing. For example, “under the weather” is an idiom universally ...
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44 I've been feeling a little under the weather this week
under the weather informal slightly unwell or depressed. – origin OE weder, of Gmc origin. ... From Wordreference for reference. Thank you!
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45 20 English idioms that everyone should know ‹ GO Blog
How do you use it? In England we love to talk about the weather and will do so often, but don't be fooled by this common phrase. If someone says ...
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46 Feeling under the weather? Doctors say it's likely one of these ...
MINNEAPOLIS — Do you feel like everyone you know is sick right now? You're not alone. "Colds and flu-like illnesses are very widespread.
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47 [Solved] To feel 'under the weather' means -
"The correct answer is feel unwell. Key Points Under the weather means - slightly unwell or in low spirits. Ex. He was sufficiently under the weather ...
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48 Idioms - Super Teacher Worksheets
Of course, this phrase has nothing to do with the weather outside. The idiom under the weather is an idiom that means feeling sick. Complete each idiom.
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49 'It's Raining Cats and Dogs' And Other Weather Idioms
2. "Feel under the weather." If you're feeling under the weather, you are feeling sick. Example: ...
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50 UNDER the WEATHER – Meaning & Sentence Examples
Note: In British English it is common to say “a bit under the weather” or “a little under the weather” (typical use of understatement). Slide 5:
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51 i'm feeling under the weather - French translation - Linguee
[...] mean that you will feel under the weather at times.
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52 15 English idioms related to weather | CourseFinders
Meaning: to feel sick or unhealthy. Example: Are you coming to the party on Friday? Unfortunately not, I feel a bit under the weather so I ...
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53 Don't actually 'break a leg': common English idioms explained
To Feel A Bit Under the Weather. Many of my students thought that the image this phrase conjures up suggested that it meant to be unlucky, to feel ...
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54 7 Everyday English Idioms and Where They Come From
Meaning: To feel ill. Example: My son was sick yesterday, and now I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Origin: This idiom is believed to be nautical in ...
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55 Learn English Idioms for Sickness - English lessons via Skype
Scroll down to watch Under the Weather idiom meaning. ... have (what your illness is) but you do not feel yourself (feel generally unwell).
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56 Best 15 synonyms for under-the-weather - Thesaurus
Synonyms for Under-the-weather ... Somewhat sick; disposed to illness; attended with disease. ... (Printing, dated) With some letters or sorts of type deficient or ...
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57 under the weather - Translation into Russian - examples English
Translations in context of "under the weather" in English-Russian from Reverso Context: He was a little ... For those who are feeling under the weather.
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58 40 English Weather Idioms That Make Speaking ... - FluentU
If you're feeling “under the weather,” it means that you don't feel well. The term originally came from the phrase “under the weather bow.” (In ...
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59 An Idiom is a phrase that does not mean what it literally ...
Under the weather - When you aren't feeling well, you are "under the weather." Under your breath - If you say something "under your breath" it means that you ...
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60 10 Weather Idioms You Need to Be Using | KSE Academy®
I feel sick, have a painful headache and feel a bit under the weather, but I know that if I push myself and get out of bed I will feel better. a storm in a ...
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61 English Vocabulary: Feeling Unwell | By English Like a Native
English Like a Native
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62 5 Useful English Idioms You Should Know
You may have heard your English teacher use this idiom to explain that he/she wasn't in class last week because of an illness, as “feeling under the weather” ...
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63 15 Common Idioms: English Phrases for Everyday Use | DK UK
Meaning: I feel extremely hungry. Beat around the bush. In a sentence: ...
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64 100 Common English Idioms with Examples and Meanings
English Idioms are expressions or sayings that mean something ... Meaning: Calm, especially under pressure ... Feeling under the weather
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65 Under the weather -
A high temperature or fever, for most people usually means you have an infection such as a cold. But it can also be due to more serious infections, ...
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66 weather - Oxford Learner's Dictionaries
Definition of weather_1 noun in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. ... if you are or feel under the weather, you feel slightly sick and not as well as ...
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67 Common Cold? 3 Signs It May Be More - MedExpress
A nagging cough and runny nose might mean you just have a plain old ... If you're still feeling under the weather, don't sick it out—stop in ...
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68 Under the weather in a sentence
Synonym: ailing, indisposed, peaked, poorly, seedy, sickly, unwell. Similar words: underneath, undertake, undertaking, small wonder that, ...
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69 Why Do Weather Changes Make Us Feel Under The Weather?
› healthplus › article
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70 19 tell-tale signs your baby is feeling under the weather
Having an unwell baby and not knowing what to do about it can be ... and above 13 means the baby is ill and needs to see a doctor.
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71 8 More Wondrous Winter Idioms - Grammarly
Weather can be nice and sunny or cloudy and miserable. In the case of this idiom, the idea is the latter. If you're under a raincloud, chances ...
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72 Five idioms every English student should know
I'm feeling under the weather (Meaning: I'm sick) ... I don't know why this means what it does, but sometimes you just have to accept that ...
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73 Why do people get sick with changing seasons?
People mostly feel a little under the weather whenever the seasons change. ... There are around 100 known strains of rhinovirus, meaning that a vaccine ...
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74 Symptoms of secondary breast cancer
It might not mean that you have secondary breast cancer if you have the symptoms described ... feeling tired; low energy levels; feeling under the weather ...
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75 Weather Idioms lesson | OER Commons
Then, the teacher reveals the meaning of each idiom and provides an example of each (For instance: “I'm under the weather means I feel sick.
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76 Can high humidity make you sick? | HealthPartners Blog
A high level of humidity means there is a lot of water vapor in the air. ... According to the National Weather Service heat index, 95 degrees can feel like ...
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77 Malaise: Symptoms, causes, and diagnosis
Malaise is a general feeling of being unwell. It is a symptom, not a condition. People tend to experience and describe malaise in different ...
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78 Idioms and Phrases for Hot Weather |
It's scorching today: Scorch is a verb that means to burn something with fire. It makes sense that days where the sun feels extremely hot, ...
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79 Feeling Feverish But No Fever: Causes, Treatments, and More
What Does It Mean if You Are Feeling Feverish but Have No Fever? · Running a fever is most commonly an indication that your body's trying to ...
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80 Feeling unwell? This is why you're so run-down atm - Stylist
Here, a doctor explains why everyone is feeling under the weather at the ... Does that mean Covid-induced anxiety is causing us to feel more ...
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81 Can Rainy Days Really Get You Down? - WebMD
It's pretty common to see a change in mood -- such as feeling sadness or ... If your mood tends to downshift with rainy weather, what can you do about it?
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82 God Bless You! Idioms for Those With the Cold and Flu Illness
One would assume the phrase "under the weather" would refer to people usually getting stricken with cold or flu during the winter months. But ...
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83 7 Weather Idioms | Learn English
As right as rain - Feeling fine and healthy. Take a rain check - Ask to rearrange a meeting. Come rain or shine - no matter what the weather/ ...
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84 Always feeling under the weather? What this might mean
Although feeling under the weather could be mistaken with generally feeling fatigued, it generally doesn't go away and after proper rest, ...
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85 What is the heat index? - National Weather Service
The body actually feels cooler in arid conditions. There is direct relationship between the air temperature and relative humidity and the heat index, meaning as ...
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86 Feeling Under The Weather? - Crossword Clue Answers
The crossword clue Feeling under the weather? with 3 letters was last seen on the October 14, 2022. We think the likely answer to this clue is IRE.
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87 100 Strange French Idioms to Sound like a Local | With Audio
Meaning: This idiom actually has nothing to do with geography, you can use it to say ... English counterpart: to be/feel under the weather.
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88 Can the changing temperatures make you sick?
Most people would agree, sudden weather changes can make you feel under the weather. It can't actually make you sick, you need to be exposed ...
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89 Australian slang: 33 phrases to help you talk like an Aussie
The phrase generally means that you want to be treated fairly. ... as being a little slow -- more than feeling "under the weather," they're ...
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90 Self-care when you're feeling under the weather
But, when the colder weather starts rolling around, so do those ... This means you can wake up feeling refreshed, and won't have to rush ...
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91 Cold Weather Safety for Older Adults
If you are like most people, you feel cold every now and then ... my heat down to 62°F. I didn't know that would put my health in danger.
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92 'Yo-Yo weather' can make you feel sick - Fox Weather
John Whyte, Chief Medical Officer for WebMD, when he sat down with FOX Weather recently. "It's kind of like yo-yo dieting, and both are bad for ...
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93 Hypothermia|Winter Weather - CDC
You can also use skin-to-skin contact under loose, dry layers of blankets, clothing, towels, or sheets. Warm drinks can help increase body temperature, but do ...
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94 Is it a cold or COVID-19? An expert explains
In February this year, as the UK was still under tight COVID-19 ... days if you're feeling under the weather, without spreading it around, ...
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95 Temperature vs. Feels-like Temperature: What's the difference?
The simple answer is the "feel-like temperature," the "Heat Index" or "Wind Chill" are apparent temperatures. In other words, it's what the ...
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96 The psychology behind the subtle pressure to work when sick
If you thought a 'wickie' was something to do with cricket or a famous website, ... complaining even though they're not all that unwell.
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97 English Idioms and Phrases: A List with Meanings & Examples
Do you need help using formal expressions in academic writing? ... under the weather, feel sick, Sorry, I can't come to work today. I'm feeling a bit under ...
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98 Hypothermia - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
Hypothermia is often caused by exposure to cold weather or ... when they are cold or to move to a warm location if they do feel cold.
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