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1 Syllabus - Introduction to Spreadsheets
Course Objectives/ Learning Outcomes: 1. Use spreadsheet software to manage financial data. 2. Work with formulas and functions. 3. Develop ...
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2 Spreadsheets Lesson Plan |
This lesson plan uses two video lessons designed around spreadsheets to enlighten and instruct while an activity has the class creating spreadsheets in Excel.
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3 COURSE SYLLABUS - Brunswick Community College
This course introduces basic spreadsheet design and development. Topics ... The Student Learning Outcomes listed in this syllabus are those required.
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4 Spreadsheets and Databases Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes. List the principles of a spreadsheet; "1.1. Explain the Spreadsheet format. 1.2. Work with workbook, worksheets and cells. 1.3.
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5 Step 1: Set up your Excel spreadsheet - Academics
The assessment process begins with articulation of student learning outcomes and continues with the gathering of evidence of students' achievement of these ...
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6 COURSE SYLLABUS Course Title Spreadsheet Techniques ...
Course Objectives. 1. The student will learn to plan, design, construct, modify and print a professionally designed and formatted spreadsheet by:.
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7 1 ITEC1005 Effective Use of Spreadsheets for Data ...
No. Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs). Knowledge. 1. Describe and explain various concepts of using spreadsheets and concepts of data analysis.
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8 Data Analysis in Spreadsheets – HSE University Course ...
Expected Learning Outcomes · Know basic data types in Spreadsheets. Is able to determine data types and convert them. Have skills of conditional formatting.
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9 Learning Objectives What is a spreadsheet and ... - SlidePlayer
Objectives 1.Identify the functions of a spreadsheet 2.Identify how spreadsheets can be used. 3.Explain the difference in columns and rows. 4.Locate specific.
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10 Spreadsheet - Stanford AI Lab
8, LearningOutcomes is a list of all learning outcomes in the CS2013 Body of ... 12, To use this spreadsheet, enter the program content information on the ...
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11 PRDV004: Spreadsheets - Saylor Academy
This course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. We will discuss spreadsheets, their terminology, and their components, and ...
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12 Microsoft Excel Syllabus – Instructional Technology
This training provides all the tools necessary to create and use basic spreadsheets. Participants will receive an overview of the interface and learn the ...
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13 Excel Learning Objectives - Course Hero
Learning Objectives · Indicate the names and functions of the Excel interface components. · Enter and edit data. · Format data and cells. · Construct formulas, ...
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14 Popular Spreadsheet Lesson Plans for Grades 3-5 - TechnoKids
Mathematics and Spreadsheet Learning Objectives ... In general, most Mathematics curriculum includes expectations that are achievable using ...
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15 Module 4: Create your first spreadsheet | en - 1268 - 67077
Create your first spreadsheet Learning Outcomes · Meet the Excel spreadsheet · Do basic math in Excel · Create column titles · Let Excel type for you · Get more(or ...
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16 Microsoft Excel: Foundation of Spreadsheet Creation
In this course, you will learn the importance of producing spreadsheets that are structured and formatted correctly. By utilising these principles you will then ...
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17 AOT 261 - Office Spreadsheet Applications - Acalog ACMS™
Student Learning Outcomes: Create, edit, and format spreadsheets. Develop tables and add graphics to a worksheet. Manage workbooks and prepare them for the ...
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18 5N1977 Spreadsheet Methods - Rynagh McNally IT Notes
The documents were created originally for Monaghan Institute students and now have been made available for all to use. Rynagh. Learning Outcomes. Learning ...
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19 Cultivating spreadsheet usage in a finance subject through ...
learning outcomes. In the course design, attempts were made to include spreadsheets as a cultural. artefact by embedding its use within all ...
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20 BOA 261 Spreadsheet Applications Using Microsoft Excel
The purpose of the course is to teach students the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Excel. 2016 and develop occupational proficiencies. Course Objectives:.
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21 SPREADSHEET Modelling - Celsoft Global-Home
Learning Outcomes · Mastering the art of model design according to best practice design principles and standards. · Ability to create and apply formulas and ...
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22 Central Texas College Instructions for using The HB5 College ...
The HB5 College Prep Learning Outcomes Spreadsheet. After a student completes the TSI Assessment, he/she receives a Diagnostic Score Report ...
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23 Lesson 1 Getting to know a spreadsheet - Teach Computing
They will learn how to navigate a spreadsheet via its rows and columns, and become familiar with the cell referencing system. They will locate and select ranges ...
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24 Flow Experiences in Learning to Use a Spreadsheet Application
Furthermore, the flow positively impacts learning outcomes. Surprisingly, learning outcomes is not directly affected by perceived usefulness. Published in: 2012 ...
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25 Using Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet | Learners Coach
Module Learning Outcomes · Enter data in worksheets and navigating worksheets; Use formulas and functions to get data summaries using formula ...
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26 Course Learning Outcome Evaluation (CLOE) Walkthrough
Then recalculate the pivot tables and view the results. There are step-by-step instructions for using the template on the first tab of the spreadsheet. In ...
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27 Advanced Spreadsheet Application - Canadore College
Students will learn how to create and manipulate advanced spreadsheets and be able to manipulate data, work with templates and styles, connect to external data ...
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28 Spreadsheet Modelling - sbppse
Aim: The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to using spreadsheet for solving managerial problems. Course Outcomes:.
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29 Use a Spreadsheet for Time Management: Teaching Materials
Use a Spreadsheet for Time Management. Analyze how you spend your time and learn time management using Google Sheets. Share to. Example outcome.
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30 CAP 155 - Spreadsheet Applications - Acalog ACMS™
Course Description: Spreadsheet Applications provides students and professionals with advanced spreadsheet tools to help solve complex problems.
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31 How to Create a Lesson Plan with
For our Class Planner workbook, we're using Related rows to connect our three sheets – Lessons, Learning Objectives, and Classes – so that they can share ...
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32 EJ853109 - Automated Formative Feedback and Summative ...
Spreadsheet assignments are a good way to learn and demonstrate understanding of concepts requiring calculation and interaction of different elements. However, ...
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33 Spreadsheet Success – Online Course (25 November & 2, 9 ...
Course Objectives. Excel isn't just for the office, it's useful in your personal life too! You'll gain an understanding of one of the most used software in ...
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34 Worksheet for assessing learning outcomes - YouTube
Diane Bittle
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35 Direct Measurement of Course Learning Outcomes CLOs by ...
Dec 28, 2021
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36 1.1 Objectives and a Little Spreadsheet History - Coursera
You'll learn the different types of data used in spreadsheets, spreadsheet notations for mathematical operations, common built-in formulas and functions, ...
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37 The Difference of Digital Simulation Learning Outcomes In A ...
In this lesson was given the subject of spreadsheet application. Data collection was the test of learning result of Digital Simulation in essay form.
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38 Spreadsheet Skills and Business Analysis - BYU Catalog
Basic spreadsheet skills focusing on features in MS Excel such as basic functions, ... Course Outcomes: Solving business problems with spreadsheet modeling.
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39 Basic Excel Spreadsheet - John Academy
Learning Outcomes · Understand the fundamentals of Excel spreadsheets · Learn the process of entering data into spreadsheets · Enrich your knowledge of formula ...
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40 Developmental Milestones by EYLF Outcome Spreadsheet
This milestones development outcomes spreadsheet is great for understanding the Kindergarten Learning Framework (EYLF). It helpfully breaks down the ...
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41 IFMG110 Business Spreadsheet Computing
If dual listed, indicate additional learning objectives for the higher level course. Explain the use of spreadsheets professionally in different personal, ...
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42 Advanced Spreadsheet Tools for Business Analysis
Learning Outcomes: · Make meaningful representations of data in the form of charts and pivot tables. · Draw analysis on data using spreadsheets and use ...
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43 CA-105 Data Analysis Using Spreadsheet - COM-FSM
Semester Credits ; Student Learning Outcome (specific). ISLO. PSLO ; 4.1. Use Logical functions. 7, 4. 3 ; 4.2. Use structured references to create formulas in ...
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44 Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - Sierra College
Allow you to make better decisions about programs based on outcomes results. SLO forms, Help, and Training. View our SLOs and Results. Types of SLOs. Course ...
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45 Chart This (Spreadsheet) - Manitoba Education
graph data from any current unit of study. LEARNING OUTCOMES. Through this learning experience (LE), students will achieve specific learning outcomes (SLOs).
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46 BSTEC 224 - Spreadsheet (Excel) - Acalog ACMS™
5.0 · Credits Basic and intermediate spreadsheet functions using Microsoft Excel. · Prerequisite BSTEC 130 or equivalent. · Course-level Learning Objectives (CLOs)
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47 Electronic Spreadsheet (Advance) - Wakelet
Learning outcomes of electronic spreadsheet are- 1. Analyse data using scenarios and goal seek, 2. Link data and spreadsheets, 3.
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48 Unit 39: Spreadsheet Software - FW Solutions
Learning outcomes. Assessment criteria. 1. Use a spreadsheet to enter, edit and organise numerical and other data. 1.1 Identify what numerical and other.
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49 The Effect of Using Interactive Spreadsheet as a ...
and ultimately improving learning outcomes. Several other studies address the importance of incorporating technology in mathematics teaching to improve the ...
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Saving teachers time in lesson delivery boosts student outcomes in STEM learning by enabling greater direct student support during instruction. Pedagogical ...
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51 How To Use Open Office Spreadsheet Pdf - UTSA Online
Use accounting database and spreadsheet software to input, organize, track, and retrieve data. 5. ... LEARNING OUTCOMES THEORY PRACTICAL 1.
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52 CIS-206 Spreadsheet Business Applications
Course-specific student learning outcomes: Students will achieve the following course objectives: To introduce the student to the most popular electronic ...
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53 Metacognition to Increase the Results of The Study in A ...
A Spreadsheet Lesson for Student Accounting ... performance (Learning Outcomes) learners in learning the spreadsheet?. The research.
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54 5.1 Introduction to Microsoft Excel Lesson Plan
over basics because this is an introductory course. Ask about their expectations… ... Explain the purpose of options available for printing a spreadsheet.
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55 BUSI 5103 - Acalog ACMS™
This course uses raw data in spreadsheets along with probability theory and statistical analysis tools to produce actionable information to drive management ...
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56 Revitalising plenary finance lectures by students working on ...
In aiming to improve learning outcomes for plenary lectures, we present new ... Keywords: student activity, worked examples, plenary lecture, spreadsheet as.
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57 Three Types of Learning Simulations: Spreadsheet, Branching ...
Spreadsheet simulations are commonly used to teach business acumen and are particularly effective in making complex financial concepts tangible— ...
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58 Intermediate Spreadsheet (MS EXCEL) - IDM
Learning Outcomes · Demonstrate knowledge of planning using MS excel applications · Demonstrate knowledge of using MS excel in accordance to desired theme ...
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59 Advance Spreadsheet Tools
Spreadsheets. Tools. ADVANCED SPREADSHEETS TOOLS. 2. •. O. 0. The Learning Outcomes of this course are as follows: 0. Learning Objectives.
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60 Solved MGT 425 Spreadsheet Decision Modeling 8.1 Learning
8.1 Learning Outcomes: Find some structured ways of dealing with complex managerial decision problems. Explain simple decision models and management science ...
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61 Assessment of Spreadsheet-based Modules in a ... - NASA/ADS
We also found that the use of Excel within the module did not affect the learning outcomes. The one downside of this study was that after completing the ...
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62 Metacognition to Increase the Results of The Study in A ... - eudl
The research question, are: 1) Whether metacognisi can improve performance (Learning Outcomes) learners in learning the spreadsheet?; the ...
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63 Missouri Higher Education Core Transfer Curriculum (CORE 42)
MOTRS with outcomes are included on the spreadsheet "List of MOTRs with Student Learning Outcomes and Notes," in the Resources section below. Institutions ...
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64 Beginning Spreadsheets using Excel
Course Content · Outcome #1: Use critical thinking skills to design and create personal and/or business spreadsheets following current ...
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65 Determine Evidence - Learning Outcomes Assessment
Once you have clear learning outcomes in place, the next phase is to ... see a spreadsheet with instructions on creating a curriculum map.
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66 OPRE 4350 – Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics
Student Learning Outcomes. Students are expected to develop quantitative and analytical skills on problem formulation, identifica-.
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67 A spreadsheet's secret weapon - Digital Technologies Hub
Learning map and outcomes ... Despite their ready availability, many students have little sophisticated understanding of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are used in ...
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68 Spreadsheets: Create Surveys and Analyze Data for Grades 6-8
Students determine appropriate format for organizing data. · Students arrange spreadsheet rows and columns to match data set. · Students draw conclusions from ...
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69 CFA Readings & Learning Outcomes Excel Spreadsheet?
CFA Readings & Learning Outcomes Excel Spreadsheet? I'm somewhat baffled by the CFA Institute publishing study session details in a giant PDF ...
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70 AUTO6019 - Computer Applications 2
The student will learn to design and manipulate data within the spreadsheet to create charts using the functions built into the Excel software package and then ...
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71 POFI 1349-Spreadsheets (39238) SCANS Competencies ...
STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: The Student will be able to: 1. Students will develop end user proficiency skills for the office environment.
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72 San Diego Miramar College Course Student Learning ...
382 ADJU382. MIRAADJU382. POST Certified Regional Academy Module 2. CCC000593227 x. San Diego Miramar College Course Student Learning Outcomes Spreadsheet.
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73 List of Best Excel Courses
The class builds on the Excel Crash Course (above) and gets students even more confident about working in spreadsheets. Key learning objectives:.
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74 MATH C8Z12 - Spreadsheet Data Analytics - Courses at DKIT
Module Learning Outcome Description. MLO1, Describe and critique the field of data analytics and its function in modern business.
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75 Spreadsheet Modelling for the Public Sector - Operis
What to Expect · Who is this course suitable for? · What are the learning outcomes? · Upcoming courses · Not sure which course is right for you?
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76 Level 3 - Unit 30 - Spreadsheet Software - OCR
spreadsheet software tools and techniques to produce, present and check complex and non-routine spreadsheets. Learning Outcomes. Assessment Criteria.
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77 8 lecture hours Unit II - UPES
COURSE OUTCOMES ( COs ). POs. CO 1. To have clear conceptual knowledge of statistical and mathematical analysis to deal with spreadsheet data using.
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LEARNING OUTCOMES. In Lesson 4 you created a grade sheet for a class of 4th graders based on a template you had put together at the beginning of the same ...
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79 125.250 Spreadsheet Modelling and Data Analysis
LEARNING OUTCOMES & ASSESSMENT. 125.250 Spreadsheet ... An introduction to financial modelling using spreadsheets and statistical analysis of finance data.
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80 Uploading Grades from an Excel Spreadsheet to Blackboard ...
They have done nothing less than reinvent their teaching practices, all to ensure good learning outcomes for their students.
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81 Spreadsheets - ICDL Asia
Main learning outcomes ... Successful candidates will be able to use a spreadsheet application to create and work with spreadsheets. After passing this module, ...
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82 Cultivating spreadsheet usage in a finance subject through ...
This article also examines whether these innovations contribute to student motivation and the achievement of learning outcomes. In the course ...
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83 Course Listing - Office of the Provost - Purdue University
Courses taken outside the noted terms do not meet the outcome. An Excel spreadsheet of all approved courses (courses taken at Purdue campuses and other Indiana ...
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84 Assessment Forms - ECE FLORIDA
Course Number, Committee & Outcomes Forms, Histogram Spreadsheet. EEL 3000, Committee & Outcomes Forms · Histogram Spreadsheet.
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85 IntroToSpreadsheets | Art World Learning's School
Course Curriculum · Course Description | Learning Objectives & Outcomes Start · 12 min | Video | Spreadsheets For Creatives (Budget Example!) (11:32) Start
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86 How to Write Program Objectives/Outcomes
desired learning outcomes of instruction; i.e., the specific skills, ... Create a spreadsheet that lists the broad goals or the learning outcomes in the.
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87 Why Teach with Spreadsheets? - SERC - Carleton
A number of studies have suggested that using the spreadsheet platform can also enhance critical thinking skills. Show learning research on ...
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88 Microcomputer/Data Base and Spreadsheet Functions
Related Degrees & Certificates · Program Learning Outcomes · Recommended high school preparation · Program Overview · Program Requirements.
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89 CISM 1503 - Spreadsheet Analysis - Excel
Learning Outcomes. Students completing this course will: •. Perform calculations to solve complex problems by using advanced formulas & functions.
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90 SET instrument spreadsheet - George Mason University
Learning Outcomes. 9) I gained an understanding of the main concepts in this course. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10) I learned through the variety of learning ...
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91 Data Analytics using Spreadsheet - SENTRAL College Penang
Learning OutcomeCourse Objectives. By the end of this SENTRAL College's Data Analytics training course, participants will be able to:-.
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92 EBA 3610 Decision Modelling Using Spreadsheet
Interpret and analyze the results; Basic knowledge of Optimization with Linear, as well as Mixed-Integer Optimization Programming Models. Learning outcomes - ...
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93 Data Organization in Spreadsheets for the Health Sciences
Instructor notes. Lesson motivation and learning objectives. The purpose of this lesson is not to teach how to do data analysis in spreadsheets, ...
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94 Syllabus: CSA 110 Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel
Course Objectives: 1. Prepare the students for using technology applications in the workplace. 2. Develop basic computer spreadsheet skills and knowledge of ...
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