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1 New tips touch bumper slightly, will it ruin it? - Maxima Forums
The only way I could get them to not touch the bumper is to have them jout out a little bit beyond the bumper line. So now it looks like a 16 yr ...
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2 Muffler riding too close to bumper? - Exterior Forum - ...
So my car had no rear bumper cover on it when I bought it. I went to the junkyard today & bought one and bolted it on. Do you guys think my muffler is too ...
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3 Too close for comfort? (Muffler to bumper) - Mazdas247
yea bend the hangers a little should be fine at that height, as the muffler only melts if it comes in contact with the bumper, but ...
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4 Muffler too close to bumper.. | Acura RSX, ILX and Honda EP3 Forum
Looking to add a lip for my rear bumper but my custom exhaust is very close to touching my rear bumper, would it be a simple fix to lower the muffler? I am.
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5 My tip is practically touching my bumper : r/cars - Reddit
It might melt the bumper. You can buy aftermarket exhaust hangers (basically rubber blocks with holes) that have extra holes to adjust it. Or- ...
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6 muffler tip is hitting my bumper - Subaru WRX Forum
well its not really that big of a deal because it is almost hitting my bumper, but it isnt melting any of it. I just dont really like the ...
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7 Will my exhaust burn my bumper? - Lexus IS Forum
usually the only time you get melting of the bumper is when the exhaust is blowing hot air directly onto an area of the bumper. The radiant heat ...
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8 Ansa Muffler touching plastic bumber? will it melt?
I would bend the hanger points (get a lever on them and bend them up) so it doesn't touch and/or loosen the center section to rear muffler ...
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9 Tailpipes under bumper - General Discussion
If you look close at a lot of those bumper-exit exhaust pipes, the tips you see are not actually connected to the exhaust pipe, ...
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10 Exhaust tips too close to bumper cutouts? - ZPOST
my bastuck exhaust initially touched the bumper which obviously caused the paint to melt. i fixed the issue by throwing in some washers ...
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11 Exhaust tips... How close, is too close? - Dodge SRT Forum
Just wondering how far the exhaust tips should be from the bumper... My stock exhaust was all messed up, and I just installed the Mopar ...
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12 Exhaust close to bumper!!! What to do?
I have an Apex GT-Spec exhaust. I just got a Veilside rear bumper and installed it. Well now the exhaust tip is like 2 millimeters away from ...
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13 How close can exhaust tip be to the body?
Notice that most new vehicles have the exhaust very close to the plastic bumper cover or rear diffuser. Modern vehicle exhaust is not that ...
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14 Muffler tip clearance to bumper -
V6 S197 General Discussion - Muffler tip clearance to bumper - I installed ... I am sure it could melt the bumper if it was too close or was to touch.
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15 Exhaust Tips Touching Bumper - Ford Focus ST Forum
My Cobb exhaust comes a little closer to the bumper cover than most ... My milltek comes really really close, and it has always bothered me.
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16 MUST a muffler tip clear the bumper?? - Honda-Tech
Also, you should check with your local DMV. In some states it is illegal for the exhaust not to clear the bumper. I don't really care, I just hate seeing cars ...
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17 Can Rear Bumper Catch Fire from my Exhaust?
your exhaust SHOULD NOT touch any part of your bumper cover. I have never seen one catch on fire but they will melt and destroy the cover. The ...
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18 How to heat shield your rear bumper from exhaust ... - YouTube
Aug 10, 2019
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It makes that stupid thumping sound. I have no problem with the vibration, but the exhuast is too close to my bumper. Its not touching, but i ...
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20 Exhaust tip to bumper clearance - CorvetteForum
One of my muffler pipe ends, the last one I did, was tilted up and too close to the bumper. I took a 2" x 2" piece of wood 2 feet long and bent it down a little ...
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21 How to Adjust your Catback Exhausts - YouTube
Jun 30, 2020
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22 Custom Exhaust through bumper! - YouTube
Mar 17, 2019
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23 how do i lower my catback exhaust muffler off the rear bumper?
You should be able to go to any real muffler shop and buy longer rubber hangers for like 2 bucks a pop. That's the easiest way to do it (and cheapest).
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24 Muffler too close too frame? -
Take it to a muffler shop and have them work on it to move it away from the frame, unless it's something you can handle yourself. Anything you try to wrap ...
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25 Why do new cars have fake exhaust tips? - WhichCar
Ergo, having an actual exhaust pipe come in close proximity to a rear bumper is a no-no, especially at the sort of clearances that modern car ...
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26 Vibrant exhaust touching bumper? - 8th Civic Forum
i think thats the most common issue with vibrant exhaust? i got a vibrant catback for my r18 and the tip was so close to the bumper.. i dont ...
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27 Muffler too close to Rear Bumper problem -
Scion tC 1G Drivetrain & Power - Muffler too close to Rear Bumper problem - Hey guys. I recently installed a new exhaust to my TC but I have the Kaminari ...
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28 Muffler/Exhaust tip repositioning: Meisterschaft GT2 - BMW M3 ...
I have the GT2 as well, the tips do sit very close to the rear bumper and don't stick out. There isn't really any way around it, ...
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29 Exhaust Melting Rear Bumper Cover? - Forums
... or something and the exhaust got too close? Doubt it, but any chance anyone else has seen this? I'll probably get a new bumper cover, ...
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30 Exhaust close to bumper | Accord V6 Forum
I recently installed the HKS Sport exhaust on my 2000 AV6 sedan. It sounds great, but the problem is that the tips sit really close to the bottom of the...
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31 Do Exhaust Tips Change the Sound of Your Car?
When you have too close of a distance between the tips and your bumper, then it is possible that resonance can happen. The sound waves will ...
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32 EXHAUST TIPS-----Shorter vs. Long - Charger Forums
Do they come out past the bumper, flush or recessed into the bumper? Resonance can occur from the tips being too close to the bumper, and ...
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33 625 ILCS 5/ Illinois Vehicle Code.
No person shall modify the exhaust system of a motor vehicle in a manner ... so that the horizontal line from the front to the rear bumper varies over 7 ...
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34 front bumper exhaust loudness...turbo car -
So forcefed the small pipe is for when the cut out is closed and it dumps under the car? And you say it's pretty quiet? Also does your exhaust exit out of your ...
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35 Stock Exhaust to Bumper Alignment Issues - RAM TRX Forum
I have a service appointment for next Friday, but I'm one of those guys that doesn't like taking their vehicles into service departments. Too ...
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36 Can I Cut 3 Inches Off my exhaust pipe? - Linus Tech Tips
No it would not hurt the car in anyway to cut the tail pipe, however it could hurt you. If the pipe does not go past the bumper then exhaust ...
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37 Muffler rotated and exhaust pipe melted the lower back bumper
I would remove that plastic trim that melted, visit an exhaust shop close to your current location, and the repair should be complete within an ...
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38 Custom Exhaust Tips | Gexhaust
The next dimension to look at is the outside diameter. The outside diameter becomes the next exhaust vent for the car. The bumper cutout's width limits the ...
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39 Exhaust Noise Laws By State | SEMA ACTION NETWORK
No person shall operate a motor vehicle with an exhaust system so modified. ... the bumper and its attachments to the body, or shall be attached to the ...
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40 Technical - Muffler position to avoid the 'drone' | The H.A.M.B.
Run the pipes out the back past the bumper as was stated or out the ... good post and valid question, i too will be designing my exhaust ...
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41 How to modify M performance exhaust to fit with stock bumper
I've got an exhaust bypass that kinda sounds too quiet when the valve is closed and this is a good deal but not sure if can be easily cut to ...
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42 Exhaust tips uneven? | 5thGenRams Forums
After installing it I noticed the passenger side exhaust tip sticks out about 1/2" further ... I prefer them closer to the bumper anyway.
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43 Borla exhaust and bumper rubbing issues - Audizine Forums
Muffler right near corner of bumper, seems to expand/contract some too so it may start 1/2 inch away but ends up right on it. Rubber mount.
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44 school bus exhaust system item and method of inspection ...
The exhaust pipe, muffler, inspection with engine running ... attached to the chassis with ... 2 inch beyond the rear bumper. No exhaust pipe may exit ...
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45 Concern about OEM rear diffuser too close to exhaust piping...
don't worry so much... i've seen ppl with rear lip actually TOUCHING the exhaust tip and the worst case scenario, it will melt the contact part ...
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46 Cobb CBE melting bumper | Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Forum
... on my diffuser had started to melt from the outer-right side tip of the exhaust being so extremely close to the fin of the bumper.
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47 Aftermarket mufflers: What you need to know - RevZilla
I landed a very tired, very green two-stroke moped at sixteen years of age. Being sixteen, I cut Booger's muffler off and ran an open pipe ...
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48 tips on both mufflers not centered in bumper openings ...
They are both very close to the outside edges of the opening and the slightest bump makes them rattle against the bumper. I do have the ...
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49 Muffler delete getting rear bumper really hot -
Muffler delete getting rear bumper really hot Engine, Exhaust, ... Touched the bumper and it was too. ... close to disaster.
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50 Side Exit Exhaust Explained And The Pros And Cons - HotCars
Rear exit exhaust pipes are traditionally positioned close to the rear bumpers. In such cars with low rear bumpers, the rear exhaust pipes ...
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51 What would happen if exhaust pipe is covered? - Quora
If you cover exhaust , forget about covering if you just reduce the ... expell out flue gases after combustion of fuel so you can not close the exhaust pipe.
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52 JUNBL Exhaust muffler tip hit bumper - Hyundai Forums
Who installed the exhaust? If you did it yourself I suggest you take the auto to a muffler shop and have been heat the pipes so as to lower it ...
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53 exhaust rubbing on rear bumper - Forum
ANYWAYS! i can hear my exhaust rubbing on the bumper and it sounds ... safe for the next few days? im not doing too much commuting lately so ...
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54 Exhaust tips in solid contact with bumper - SRT Hellcat Forum
( Quad tips) I'm not certain what the factory tips are on the outlet of the actual exhaust but the Borla ATAK is 3" I believe so there is that ...
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55 Limited Bumper and Roush Active Exhaust Install
on top of that. the Roush muffler was 7" too long for the over the axle ... close up of the exhaust brackets that were flipped around from the OEM location.
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56 any solutions for exhaust melting bumper? - Nissan Forum
So... my new exhaust melts my bumper because its really close to touching it.. whats the best solution for it? i can't find a carbon fiber ...
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57 Tourist Trophy Exhaust on Rubber Bumper Cars
I had the TT installed on my car last year. Make sure that the tail pipe isn't mounted too close to the rubber bumper otherwise it will melt.
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58 How far should my exhaust tip stick out? - Edmunds Forums
When I run my leg against the bumper, it hits it if you walk too close to the bumper and could be a safety hazard. You could practically step on ...
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59 Too hot to handle - FerrariChat
Do you have those as well? I would think that the core problem is now exhaust tip proximity to the bumper. If they're closer, you may need to ...
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60 F-250 Exhaust System Explained & How to Upgrade
For off-road trucks getting the exhaust as far away from the rear bumper as possible is ideal. On steep inclines, if the exhaust is too close to the bumper ...
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61 How After-Market Exhaust Systems Can Disrupt Your Car's ...
They're attached to the end of your exhaust system and they're really easy ... It's never had the air dam under the front bumper since I've owned the truck ...
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62 Does it matter where a muffler is located in an exhaust?
There isn't much room between the rear suspension and rear bumper, so I could use one of the smallest bullet mufflers I can find, ...
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63 Where to place mufflers on truck, closer or further from engine?
Typically if you place your muffler closer to the engine with piping that is the same from front to back you will get a louder and higher ...
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64 Performance Exhaust Tips too low, one lower than the other
You can adjust the tips to an extent with the exhaust clamps. Unbolt it and you'll have some wiggle room up and down. Get the tip into the position that you ...
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65 How to protect my bumper against exhaust heat ? - RX7Club ...
I have a problem, my exhaust Apexi' N1 stands close to my C-West bumper and it gets so hot that my bumper's paint is burning.
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66 Yellowing on rear bumper near exhaust cutouts?
So I reinstalled my PCD with the Ktuner reflash (base code + a few other settings) and I've been impressed thus far.
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67 Square Exhaust Muffler Tips for my 2016 Civic Touring
The fit is snug so I only used one screw clamp for each pipe, really wrenched it on. They came very close to touching the bumper plastic, ...
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68 Adjust Exhaust Tip Forward From Under Bumper
So, I have a feeling that the exhaust on the driver side is off from that. ... Silly question, how are the tips attached?
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69 Pics needed of correctly placed dual exhaust trumpets 71-72
I have a 2.5 dual exhaust in place already but dosen't line up with the cut outs. ... The trumpet angle is very close to the bumper angle, ...
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70 Anyone know how to install exhaust tips on the G05 40i?
It was entirely too much work and 1 hour of the time was spent trying to recover a ... The exhaust tips can be removed with the rear bumper attached.
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71 Exhaust Tip - How Far Should It Stick Out? - ClassicZcars
c) Extend past the rear bumper. I am redoing my exhaust system at current - the Flowmaster I had installed two years ago was so boomy that I ...
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72 M5 muffler fits aftermarket M5 bumper? | BimmerFest BMW Forum
I needed the tail pipes, no muffler shops here was. ... to weld a new tail pipe to my original muffler, they all say the muffler is too close to the bumper.
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73 Exhaust Fumes, is my pipe too short !? - TR6 Forum
I recall reading that the pipe needs to extend beyond the bumper to avoid fumes being drawn into the car, as you can see on the attached ...
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74 Muffler help with Mtech Bumper - Bimmerforums
So I just installed my Mtech bumper and need a solution for the ... 2 or 3 mufflers) was the muffler always seemed to rust out right near at ...
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75 7 Fake Exhaust Pipes That Make Expensive Cars Look Cheap
Oval pipes are something of an RS tradition, but look closely at any of the ... but as you can see here, the 'pipes' are just trim pieces in the bumper.
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76 Need an idea for exhaust tips rubbing - 300C Forums
I had the same problem, so I relaxed the clamps holding the mufflers on, removed the upper bolt (very last bolt near the tips and put a half ...
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77 Tail pipe tip - PriusChat
... indicated there was about 1/2 inch clearance. Tip was too short thus allowing the hot exhaust output to flow up too close to the bumper.
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78 Muffler delete pictures | Fiesta ST Forum
The straight pipe used was routed too close to the opening in the bumper for the exhaust. Hot exhaust on the plastic bumper = melted.
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79 quad exhaust pipe on xline? - XBimmers | BMW X3 Forum
Does right of the rear bumper panel need to be cut to fit the exhaust tip? ... sensors that runs near where the cut-out is, so check inside the bumper and ...
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80 Anyone ever make a quiet bumper dump exhaust? | Honda D Series ...
So after finally getting the correct 12 degrees of timing on my y7+baby cam, ... The car will get used on the highway, and near daily around town.
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81 Tailpipe hitting bumper cutout - MX-5 Miata Forum
It may be that you need to loosen the exhaust pipe and muffler bolts, pull the muffler down and away from the bumper cutout, ...
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82 Exhaust melting bumper? |
Is it possible that the muffler has touched the bumper... ... Muffler is too close to that Side. Square up muffler and problem solved.
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83 new spare tire too close to exhaust? - YotaTech Forums
A quarter inch you should be fine. When I had my muffler replaced on my 94 truck, the tire was about a sixteenth away from the exaust pipe. I ...
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84 Moving exhaust pipes to bumper reflector housings
What i heard for the guy who did my muffler delete was to have at least 1" away from any plastic. The red reflector is 4 1/2"s in diameter, so ...
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85 Why Some GM Exhaust Tips Become Blackened With Use
Even from new, many GM exhaust systems become coated in black soot ... catalysts to clean up the exhaust as much as possible, so quickly ...
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86 Exhaust system - Wikipedia
An exhaust system is used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine or stove. The entire system conveys burnt gases ...
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87 Customer reviews: DC Sport Polished Stainless ...
DC Sport Polished Stainless Steel Universal Bolt On Exhaust Slant Cut Tip 2.875" ... The exhaust pipes on the 08 Pilot are pretty close together, so getting ...
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88 exhaust burning rear bumper -
Lancer Engine Tech - exhaust burning rear bumper - Hi, I've noticed in the last week or 2 that ... It was just too close to the body, more space is required.
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89 Black sut on tip of exhaust and rear bumper? -
nice car. are you sure the black on the bumper is soot? and not discoloration/burn from heat from the muffler being too close?
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90 Dear Santa, Please Rid Us of Fake Exhaust Tips - AutoEvolution
There are so many cars out there whose rear bumpers feature two ... exhaust tips underneath the bumper, yet if you take a closer look, ...
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91 Side Exit Exhaust - Heat Question - Toyota 4Runner Forum
In the picture above, is the exhaust too close to the bottom of the rear ... be no issue with the bumper being affected by exhaust heat.
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92 14 Mazda3 sedan: why no exhaust tips?
The elbows out the muffler are straight until they come close to the bumper, so it should be easy to weld a tip and longer section. The only ...
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93 Do Exhaust Tips Improve Sound? - It Still Runs
Whether exhaust tips alone can change the sound of a car depends largely on ... so that it's only really loud when one is standing next to the rear bumper.
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94 Rear Bumper Burned from Exhaust Heat - S2KI
I found that exhaust hangers can bend during shipment. Try bending them a bit to make the exhaust dangle more. Or try loosening the bolts to re- ...
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