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1 Who said Mexicans can't rap? : r/hiphopheads - Reddit
Why don't we have more Latino/Hispanic artist? : r/hiphopheads
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2 When Latinx People Use the N-Word - The New York Times
› gina-rodriguez-n-word-latinx
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3 What Is an MC If He Can't Rap to Banda? Making ... - JSTOR
"I love Mexico," he said. "I've done four movies down there." For Schwarzenegger, Mexicans in California do not exist. There is only.
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4 Hip Hop Culture and America's Most Taboo Word
black and Latino rappers utter the n-word onstage, in the stu- ... filtered into Latinos' music. ... dard—blacks can say it, non-blacks can't.
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5 Mexican Rappers Bring Kodak Black To The Trenches Of ...
Kodak Black Taps In With The Mexican Rappers In The Trenches Of California Watch All Urban Central Latest Hip Hop News ...
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6 Play N Skillz - Latinos Stand Up ft. Big Gemini, Rob-G - YouTube
Music video by Play-N-Skillz performing Latinos Stand Up. (C) 2005 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.
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7 The Impact of Mexican-American Rap - rock the bells
Chicano artists and fans have had a steady role in the creation, performance, and growth of rap, both in California and around the world.
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8 Donald Trump's false comments connecting Mexican ...
The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, ...
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9 Fat Joe Defends His Usage Of The N-Word - BET
New York rapper Fat Joe, who is of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent, has been unabashed about saying the N-word over the course of his hip-hop ...
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10 Tyga Apologizes to Mexican Community for 'Ay Caramba' Video
Tyga goes on Power 106 in Los Angeles and apologizes to the Mexican community after receiving backlash for his new 'Ay Caramba' video.
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11 YG's Video for “Go Loko” Has People Arguing About What ...
› music › yg-new-video-mariachi-...
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12 Tyga's New Video Mocks Latinos With Cartoonish Stereotypes
Tyga's new music video "Ay Caramba" mocks Mexicans and pushes harmful stereotypes. However, the media has been silent.
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13 Puerto Rican rapper Residente is challenging the definition of ...
› 2022/09/07 › residente-rapper-puer...
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14 Tyga Deletes Offensive 'Ay Caramba' Video and Apologizes
Weeks after receiving backlash for his "Ay Caramba" video, Tyga apologized to Mexicans for the racist stereotypes in the visual.
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15 'I'm Hispanic but can't speak Spanish' - BBC News
Andrew "Figgy Baby" Figueroa is Mexican-American but he can't speak Spanish. He explains - in a rap - how that frustration has affected his life.
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16 Justifying Latino history in Hip-Hop culture
She goes on to state that both African Americans and Latinos, particularly Puerto Ricans, called these poor communities their homes. One of the worst areas to ...
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17 Can You Say the N-Word if It's a Rap Lyric? - Bloomberg
› opinion › articles › can-...
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18 Not All Black People Can Rap, and Other Confessions
I can't rhyme like Jay-Z just because I'm from Brooklyn.
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19 Here Are All the Times Donald Trump Insulted Mexico
Here's what Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said about Mexico and Mexicans, before and during his presidential campaign.
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20 Lil Pump, Latino Identity in Hip-Hop and 'the Word'
› lil-pump-latino-identit...
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21 Can The Latinx Community Use The N-Word? - Refinery29
› ... › Work & Money
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22 PHOTOS: Sueños Festival Draws Diversity of Latinos to ...
› photos-suenos-festival-dr...
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23 Kap G - The Masquerade
The youngest of six siblings born and raised between Mexico and California, Kap G grew up as George Ramirez in the Atlanta suburb, College Park. His mother grew ...
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24 What is an MC if he can't rap to Banda? Making music in ...'t_rap_to_Banda_Making_music_in_nuevo_LA
› ... › Music
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25 Ta-Nehisi Coates explains why white hip-hop fans can't use ...
› quartzy › ta-nehisi-coates-explains-wh...
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26 Tyga Criticized By Mexican Americans For Offensive "Ay ...
Tyga has apologized to the Mexican American community for his offensive and culturally insensitive "Ay Caramba" music video.
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27 Fat Joe On Haters Saying Latinos Wasn't Rap: Delusional
Fat Joe always appears to make headlines and this time it was no different as the rapper's statement of Latinos and Blacks created hip hop ...
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28 Weed, Snoop Dogg And A Sony Deal: Mexican Rapper ...
› sites › javierhasse › 2022/05/11
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29 How Trap Met Corrido: The Fusion Genre Taking Over Mexico
At first blush, the idea of trap mixed with corrido (Mexico's accordion-laced regional folk ballads that date back to the 19th century and ...
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30 'Scottish people can't rap': the local and global in Scottish hip ...
It is a mainstream, global culture that also allows for stories to be told from the margins. In Scotland, it is simultaneously a mainstream musical genre (US ...
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31 Stop Using the N-Word If You're Not Black - Teen Vogue
Gina Rodriguez said the N-word and all hell broke loose — but for Black people, this moment is about something much bigger than that.
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32 Kendrick Lamar's Onstage Outrage: Why Rap Should Retire ...
Kendrick Lamar chastised a white fan for using the N-word during a May 20 performance in Alabama. Maybe rappers should give it up entirely.
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33 San Antonio Blogger Has Had Enough "Free South Park ...
A little over seven years ago, we wrote about the South Park Mexican trial. The rapper, born Carlos Coy, had it all: money, his own record label, ...
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34 OhGeesy Wants to Be More Than a Regional Rap Star
We spoke with OhGeesy about life after Shoreline Mafia, his debut album 'GEEZYWORLD,' and why he feels like he's the "2Pac of Mexicans"
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35 Gangsta rap - Wikipedia
Gangsta rap or gangster rap, initially called reality rap, emerged in the mid- to late 1980s as a controversial hip-hop subgenre whose lyrics assert the ...
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36 Charlamagne Tha God on Twitter: "@I_amdimepiece ...
I can't believe the hosts of the breakfast club (esp ... Mexicans and Puerto Rican's aren't allowed to say Nigga? I never got that memo.
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37 Narco Rap Is Hip-Hop's Most Dangerous Game
Almost 10 years into Mexico's war with drug cartels, a sub-genre of hip-hop has made its way through the most embattled border towns — and ...
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38 We Need To Talk About Billie Eilish [OPINION]
“I find it very ironic that Billie, an artist clearly inspired by rap culture, can so easily criticize rap music for 'lying' when she ...
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39 Molotov Cocktail - Los Angeles Times
Pop music: The Mexican rap group, which plays Anaheim on Sunday, is a hot mix incendiary to both fans and detractors.
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40 Brown Crowd - The Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive
› lil_rob › crazylfe › b_crowd.rob.txt
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41 In Rap, The Mexican South Has Got Something To Say
With an excellent debut mixtape, Atlanta rapper Kap G shows why his Mexican-American experience applies to everyone.
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42 Mexican rap group hates war - Chicago Tribune
Molotov, the controversial Mexico City rap-metal king, has launched a lyrical attack against the United States going to war against Iraq.
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43 Mexicans Get a Bad Rap | News - Dallas Observer
Dear Mexican: Why does every Mexican rap/hip-hop song always contain the lines "No paramos," "Nunca paramos," or some other logically equivalent statement ...
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44 Latinos Have Played A Critical Role In Hip-Hop History
› 2022/08 › latinos-have-...
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45 The New Generation of LA Rap Is Changing Everything - VICE
A group of rappers and producers are reimagining not just the sound of Los Angeles, but its slang, its fashion sense, and the cultural ...
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46 Z-FLO – The Mexican People Song Lyrics - Genius
The Mexican People Song Lyrics: Hola Jorge! Andale, andale, arriba, arriba— I don't even know if I said that right / Sorry, I don't speak Mexican / Ay yo ...
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47 Top mexican rap artists -
› tag › mexican+rap › artists
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48 The N-Word Is Flourishing Among Generation Hip-Hop Latinos
Initially, you'd find mostly Caribbean Latinos dropping n-bombs into rap lyrics—”Pigs,” off Cypress Hill's classic self-titled 1991 debut, ...
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49 Stop Saying N***a If You're Not Black | HuffPost Voices
If you're not black you shouldn't be saying "Nigga". It doesn't matter how many black dudes or girls you've slept with or that your best ...
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50 Fat Joe Dragged For Saying Latinos + Blacks Created Hip Hop
› news › title.fat-joe-dragged-twit...
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51 Why do Latinos NOT seem to be in the mainstream of Hip-Hop ...
For all the Mexican rappers I hear, they all sound the same or use the same production and song structure in their music which doesn't create much diversity ...
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52 Fat Joe Responds To Criticism For Claiming Latinos Helped ...
› fat-joe-hip-hop-latino...
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53 'Can we talk about Latino rappers using N-word?' Fans defend ...
' Fans defend Tyga after he takes down 'Ay Caramba' MV. Tyga explained he grew up in Mexican culture while being in LA and how it got difficult ...
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54 White people should never rap the n-word: A linguist breaks it ...
› news › white-people-should-never-...
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55 Met monitoring song lyrics of rap artist it tried to censor on ...
› uk-news › nov › met-m...
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56 Tyga Apologizes for 'Ay Caramba' Video, Then Real ...
› 2022/08/08 › tygaaycar...
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57 Everything You Need to Know About Yeat - Complex
› music › romanian-mexican
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58 Ask a Mexican on Mexican Rap and a Tricky Proposal | News
Why does every Mexican rap/hip-hop song always contain the lyrics, "No paramos," "Nunca paramos," or some other logically equivalent statement (e.g. ...
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59 Pusha T takes coke rap to a new level — is that growth?
Ever since Pusha T emerged on the rap scene in the early 2000s as one half of the sibling duo Clipse, he's been known as a “coke rapper.
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60 Latin Artist on the Rise: Meet Gera MX - Billboard
Mexican rapper Gera MX made history on the Billboard charts with "Botella Tras Botella" featuring Christian Nodal. Meet this week's Latin ...
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61 Did Ché Guevara write 'extensively' about the superiority of ...
› apr › marco-rubio › did-c...
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62 Hip-hop has been standing up for Black lives for decades
› Entertainment › story
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63 Why hasn't Mexico City embraced hip-hop?
Hip Hop culture permeates the Globe. As to why aren't Mexicans hip to Goodie Mob, Li'l Wayne and any other of the Plethora of U.S. rappers.
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64 Christian Rap's Latino Minority Quickly Becoming a Major Force
Whether you've noticed it or not, one of your favorite Christian rappers might be Latino. Now, more than ever, Hispanic influence has taken ...
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65 Why We Can't Give South Asian Artists Who Say The N-Word ...
On his self-titled new album NAV, the South Asian Toronto rapper-producer says the N-word. Is this a symptom of bigger problem for Desi ...
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66 Boosie Says He Doesn't Care If His White Fans Sing The N ...
Vlad asked Boosie if he is okay with white people saying the N-word during his concerts, and Boosie said he doesn't care, essentially because ...
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67 Rapper's lyrical fight for Mexican women's rights - Al Jazeera
An indigenous Zapotec, Mare's hip-hop songs speak to many women as they continue to endure rampant violence in Mexico.
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68 Atlanta-area prosecutor cites rap lyrics as evidence, which hip ...
Atlanta-area District Attorney Fani Willis is unabashed in using rap lyrics to help prosecute her cases, repeatedly defending the practice ...
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69 Fan-Favorite Mexican Pizza Makes Historic Return ... - Taco Bell
› news › mexican-pizza-make...
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70 Tyga Apologizes To The Mexican Community For His “Ay ...
Rapper Tyga has issued an apology to the Mexican community for offensive "Ay Caramba" music video.
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71 Why white people aren't allowed to sing along to rap music
› 2018/07/30 › why-wh...
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72 Fat Joe Needs To 'Lean Back' From Saying 'N***a'
Rapper Fat Joe has a long history of saying "n***a" and it's beyond time for him to stop.
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73 “Don't run for office”: Donald Trump refers to Kanye as ...
6 hours ago —
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74 Top 5 Mexican Rappers to Look Out for this Summer 2022!
› top-5-mexican-rappers-to-l...
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75 How Pitbull Went from Miami Street Rapper to Global Brand ...
› Culture › Pitbull
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76 Civil Rights Digest - Page 29 - Google Books Result't+rap&source=bl&ots=Q_VZnLoo8Y&sig=ACfU3U17drIzWS1zI9mX2O5KVGhErXi7SA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQiQAhAD
If we look at the history of the Southwest , the status of the Mexican American ... Rap Browns and Stokeley Carmichaels , who say that they are Mexicanos .
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77 Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States't+rap&source=bl&ots=dgCd_uxpMm&sig=ACfU3U2Ml_WG7yGegukps96P5XMnMnI6BQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQirAhAD
You can't have it both ways . ... Mexico opens its stock market and already said that that's his job ... The Germans , the Japanese , and others rap .
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78 Niña Dioz, the Mexican rapper who remains true to herself
Given her talent, others wanted her to sing pop, a genre that was on the rise in Mexico. But she wanted to rap.
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79 Fresno surenos - Millesime Auto
› fresno-surenos
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80 What do The Grand Ole Opry, Walley's Hot Springs and the ...
› 2022/11/27 › what-...
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81 Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine't+rap&source=bl&ots=fiP9rxLV4N&sig=ACfU3U0AFioiilrZrUVX45H3x0PWqF5G6g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQijAhAD
The ficker the monotonous clash of bells , by the into Mexico . ... I can't feel like a respect- " Nobody but my kid brother . ... Peggy -say ?
→ Check Latest Keyword Rankings ←
82 The Saturday Evening Post't+rap&source=bl&ots=zyFerFzNfM&sig=ACfU3U2vhjviBCoDVAOMw31uE4Bjne8R2w&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQilAhAD
he rode up to the ranch house to say “ You can't see him , " said the other ... cow horse and hard feelin's here - about that dance sci rap , turned about .
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83 The Journal of Electrical Workers and Operators't+rap&source=bl&ots=58fGr7Ds8D&sig=ACfU3U2Ic6_Re-6mKyrq5q-tX9_9fwfK6A&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQikAhAD
How would you like to share the fate of your brother , the Mexican peon ... make conditions around New York for as has been said before Local 20 has about ...
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84 Harper's - Volume 95 - Page 146 - Google Books Result't+rap&source=bl&ots=4SwJQiBGTA&sig=ACfU3U0Hykrf_4s4LJa37Op3Ket0AaBEAQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQiqAhAD
... life - insurance , about which I don't care a most decidedly not . rap ! ... and to re - feed would and that great - grandchild can't well be re - live ...
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85 The Overland Monthly - Volume 59 - Page 224 - Google Books Result't+rap&source=bl&ots=l2oxVQw3fx&sig=ACfU3U3t3wP7n8fp5zuvngv0VH4Crn2Kdg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwimr9v2stD7AhWhMlkFHb0vDeUQ6AF6BQioAhAD
ant thoughts , which , needless to say , Matanuco Canyon , B. C. Mex . , March ... Believe again in Mexico , that my eventful me , as soon as I can get the ...
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86 Canadian rapper Shad on spirituality, profanity and the right ...
› shad-tao-black-averageness
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87 15 Rappers Who Kill It In Other Languages | News - MTV
› news › rappers-who-kill-it-in-ot...
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88 Meth, murder, and malandros in Guadalajara | The Outline
On April 19 last year, the body of the 42-year-old Mexican rapper Mr. Yosie Locote was dumped in an empty lot in the western city of ...
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89 This Rap Song Helped Sentence a 17-Year-Old to Prison for Life
Tommy Munsdwell Canady was in middle school when he wrote his first rap lyrics. He started out freestyling for friends and family, ...
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90 Rapper Dan Sur gets gold chains surgically implanted into scalp
This 23-year-old Mexican goldilocks claims he's the “first rapper … in human history” to rock an assortment of gold chains as “hair” ...
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91 How GloRilla Went From Rising Memphis Rapper to Grammy ...
› Culture › Entertainment
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Lead by Cuban-born Mellow Man Ace (Sergio Reyes), Kid Frost (Arturo Molina) and Que Pasa (Jorge Fonseca), rap in both Spanglish and Spanish ...
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93 Mexican Slang Master List - No Hay Bronca -
100+ words and phrases for speaking and understanding real Mexican Spanish. toluca-parade. It's been more than five years since I published ...
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94 Black panther Mexican checks racism in Mexico - The Coli
› ... › The Locker Room
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95 La Raza by Kid Frost - calpalabras12 -
› 2012/04/14 › la-...
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96 Messi leads Argentina to 2-0 win over Mexico at World Cup
› sports › article › Messi-leads-...
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97 Famous rappers who are bloods - Fox paws
› famous-rappers-who-are-bloods
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98 Do guys say aww - Cabinet s'way | RH sécurité
› do-guys-say-aww
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99 600 gang members
› 600-gang-members
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