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1 What is Cloud Computing and What Does This Stupid ...
Cloud Computing = Web Applications. That's all there is to it. If you're using a web or internet-based application from a major provider like ...
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2 Is the Cloud Stupid? – tecosystems - RedMonk
To be clear, I don't mean that cloud computing or SaaS are inevitable in the sense that they replace all local or on premise infrastructure.
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3 Stallman: Cloud computing is 'stupidity' - CNET
Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and creator of the GNU operating system, says cloud computing is "stupidity" that ...
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4 ​Is the cloud really just someone else's computer ...
A popular meme is that the cloud is just "someone else's computer." Jack Wallen explains why the cloud is so much more complex than the meme ...
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5 Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman
› technology › sep › clou...
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6 7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths
You've heard the arguments: The cloud is not secure, costs too much, and wrecks the environment. ... 7 Dumb Cloud Computing Myths.
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7 I don't understand the hate towards cloud computing and ...
We do SaaS which is a dumbed down version of cloud computing. CEO: well, damn... so we went full ... You might need to jump ship to a non-stupid company.
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8 Cloud Computing: It's the Economics Stupid - Computerworld
The proponents of public cloud computing cost advantages point to the economies of scale large providers realize. At a recent "AWS in the ...
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9 Beware the dumb and dangerous ideas creeping into the cloud
Cloud computing is a booming business, and stupid ideas are back.
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10 Larry Ellison Doesn't Get the Cloud: The Dumbest Idea of 2013
Or, maybe Larry Ellison knows a thing or two about how cloud computing will benefit immeasurably from a cloud-optimized database. 4) Oracle is ...
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11 Forget cloud vs edge. It's the connections, stupid - Diginomica
Thinking in terms of cloud vs edge is a false dichotomy. Connections are at the heart of cloud computing, leading to XaaS and frictionless ...
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12 Stallman Calls Cloud Computing Stupid - Business Insider
Open Source Guru Richard Stallman: Cloud Computing "Worse Than Stupidity" ... It's worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign,".
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13 Dumbing Down the Cloud - Rands in Repose
The innovation in cloud computing happened years ago. It happened when some ... There are two approaches to cloud storage: dumb and smart.
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14 Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud computing [funny ...
Tejas Kulkarni
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15 Ten Reasons Why Cloud Computing is a Bad Idea
You could replace the phrase "cloud computing" with Internet or intranet and it would mean the same thing. The tech press is one of the dumbest, ...
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16 Cloud computing issues - Wikipedia
Cloud computing has become a social phenomenon used by most people every day. As with every important social phenomenon there are issues that limit its ...
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17 'Stupid pill': Fees for moving data around the ... - SiliconANGLE
The charges, called egress fees, have been part of the cost of using services from the big “hyperscaler” cloud providers since the very ...
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18 'You're Stupid If You Don't Get Scared': When Amazon Goes ...
The giant's cloud-computing business offers a look inside its model for expanding. Some partners praise the unit's chief for straddling the ...
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19 Keep It Simple Stupid: SMAC: Testing and Cloud Computing
Apr 27, 2016 - Cloud computing is a new and disruptive paradigm that IT ... Keep It Simple Stupid: Java, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Testing, Linux,.
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20 I hate the term cloud computing and all the stupid hype that comes ...
I hate the term cloud computing and all the stupid hype that comes with it. It's called mainframe computing, the exact same clusterfuck your grandfather ...
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21 What's Holding Us Back Now? 'It's the Data, Stupid' - Datanami
Cloud computing has alleviated hardware as a bottleneck to big data (Tommy Lee Walker/Shutterstock). One vendor that's aiming to get more ...
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22 Desktop as a service: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow - ZDNET
Cloud computing is booming, but these are the challenges that lie ... Back when I sunk my teeth into computing, dumb terminals were all we ...
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23 Dumping gear in the public cloud: It's about ease of use, stupid
For certain niche applications, cloud computing makes perfect sense. "You can spin up your workloads and then spin them down when you don't need ...
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24 Stupid Patent of the Month: Movies From the Cloud
8,856,221, titled 'System and method for storing broadcast content in a cloud-based computing environment,' claims a mundane process for ...
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25 Cloud computing is the best invention ever | IT PRO
The reason I was bothering to log into an ancient machine is that I'm stupid when it comes to backing files up, and had no idea if there were ...
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26 The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer - Coding Horror
But wait … what if you could put your own computer "in the cloud"? ... and contracts back cloud computing services (They must be dumb).
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27 Who's driving the real cloud revolution? It's the consumers ...
It's the consumers, stupid. ... Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of ...
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28 To Protect Data, Organizations Must Stop Being 'Cloud Dumb'
Increased use of public cloud services will provide government agencies with greater flexibility and scalability options, with a dark twist: ...
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29 Edge computing vs. cloud computing: What's the difference?
› iotagenda › tip › Comparing...
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30 What the Heck is the Cloud? - KnowledgeWave
in fear that they may appear stupid or behind the times. ... Cloud computing uses the internet to access information and applications on ...
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31 What is edge computing? - IBM Developer
An edge computing environment distributes and manages workloads beyond the data center or cloud, in or near the locations where an ...
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32 Why your data is safer in the cloud than on premises
Cloud vendors can help you keep your organization's data safer than you ... to provide the same security benefits as large cloud services providers can.
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33 Stupid question of the day #2: What is Serverless and what is ...
Cloud computing technologies abstraction *. How all this happened? Long time ago, when we started to use hardware virtualization; this brought a lot of ...
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34 It's the Risk, Stupid · 6fusion
No, I'm not really calling you stupid, but it's a great hook for helping us remember ... What are some of the most identified risks for cloud computing?
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35 Is SD-WAN as stupid a term as the cloud? | Network World
After all, I've seen vendors selling equipment doing link bonding, load balancing and cloud services branding themselves as SD-WAN.
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36 Cloud Computing: It's not the technology…stupid - CloudCow
Cloud Computing: It's not the technology…stupid ... Grazed from CIO. Author: Tony Pagliarulo. As we began the New Year, industry prognosticators and research ...
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37 Letting Expert's Genius Shine in the Cloud Computing Age
Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. ~ Albert Einstein.
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38 Nicholas Carr - Big Think
... on the cloud computing movement," according the Christian Science Monitor. ... His much-discussed essay "Is Google Making Us Stupid?," which appeared as ...
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39 The End of Dumb Software - WIRED
The innovation and cost compression occurring in cloud computing, storage, databases, data warehousing and business intelligence now enables entrepreneurs ...
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40 Cloud Computing Hits a Tipping Point - Bernard Golden
When someone writes an app today, absent compelling need for Oracle or similar infrastructure, they would be stupid not to write it to the current open source ...
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41 Stupid Redux : Old Man GNU Yells at Cloud - ElasticVapor
Joining Ballmer and Ellison, Free software activist Richard Stallman has added his two cents on the cloud computing debate.
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42 Re ... - OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software » Message
Re: Sorry for the stupid question... it's been a while. Dan Sneddon dsneddon at Sun Oct 18 14:26:03 UTC 2020.
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43 IT's All About the Services, Stupid | Seeking Alpha
It is time to carefully evaluate how today's rapidly evolving cloud computing services and best practices can be applied to corporate IT ...
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44 Daily TIPs: Stupid Cloud Computing, Lying E-mail ... - Xconomy
Cloud Computing: Stupid or Genius? Richard Stallman, a computing expert and founder of the Free Software Foundation, thinks that cloud computing---running.
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45 'Stupid pill': Fees for moving data around the cloud ... - Flipboard
When it comes to the fees the big cloud platform providers charge for customers to retrieve their data, Vince Kellen is pretty blunt. “It's a stupid …
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46 It's the Agility, Stupid! | SUSE Communities
Cloud computing initiatives provide the perfect opportunity to transform information technology into business technology. IT leaders can use ...
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47 10 Stupid Mistakes Businesses Do In the Cloud - The Techeries
Same goes for cloud computing as well. On the brighter side, cloud technology provides us with the ample number of benefits including ...
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48 It's the network stupid - Telstra Exchange
Telstra's Chief Technology Officer Dr Hugh Bradlow talks about the importance of a great network behind any cloud computing operation.
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49 Stupid Patent Of The Month: Movies From The Cloud | Techdirt
System and method for storing broadcast content in a cloud-based computing environment,' claims a mundane process for delivering media ...
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50 Cloud Computing: Richard Stallman calls us STUPID! (With ...
Cloud Computing: Richard Stallman calls us STUPID! (With respect, we don't agree RMS!) ... He did not mean LIRNEasia specifically, but when the ...
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51 "Technology is Stupid": How to Choose Tech for Remote ...
Providing cloud computing and services is a massive source of income for almost all of the major data-driven companies, including Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, ...
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52 LiquidSky Wants to Resurrect a Revolutionary Video Game Idea
So stupid, in fact, that we nicknamed this prehistoric, ... Cloud computing was a thing long before it was called cloud computing.
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53 Cloud Computing - MIS Solutions
considering cloud computing for your company including: ... come across as arrogant and make you feel stupid for asking simple questions?
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54 Audio CD - Networking & Cloud Computing ... -
› Networking-Cloud-Computi...
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55 How stupid is it for an IT Executive to commit to a ... - Quora
Cloud computing is definitely a revolution in the world of internet technology. It has made new things possible and has helped many save both time and ...
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56 Automating the Stupid out of Cloud - Security Boulevard
The world of ephemeral computing using the cloud, containers, and Kubernetes continues to evolve in ways that are both innovative and ...
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57 Cloud Computing Archives - Freakonomics
... keep you from hitting the snooze bar, the environmental upside of cloud computing, and a scientific explanation of the phenomenon known as Beer Goggles.
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58 Twin Clouds: Secure Cloud Computing with Low Latency
Cloud computing promises a cost effective enabling technology to ... Iliev, A., Smith, S.: Small, stupid, and scalable: secure computing with Faerieplay.
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59 DRRRMRR & stupid protogen - Yellow Tool - SoundCloud
Stream DRRRMRR & stupid protogen - Yellow Tool by SILKENWOOD on desktop ... Soundcloud: @stupid_protog ... Cloud Computing (personal alt).
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60 Should you store your data in the cloud? | Malwarebytes Labs
However, cloud services ultimately put your data in the hands of other people. ... Users of the cloud are idiots, it's in invasion of
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61 Stupid Azure Tricks - Coding Out Loud
“Everyone” knows about using cloud services for running web applications and databases. For example, Windows Azure offers a bevy of ...
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62 “It's the data, stupid!” - Blog
We'll be working on big data and cloud computing, and we'll help to master digital twins, intelligent factories and executive dashboards.
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63 Oracle Writes the Most Stupid Article on Cloud Ever
“The common perception that public clouds are the best low-cost option is false. Contrary to this view, on-demand services from public cloud ...
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64 What's fundamental to a successful cloud migration? - LinkedIn
The network, stupid. ... The reply was of course “The economy, stupid.” ... but as you can see from our different cloud services models, ...
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65 Cloud Migration Services: Can I Get Rid Of All My Servers?
Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud backups — nearly all cloud solutions are driving technology that redefines how businesses work and operate. No question, ...
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66 The Big Story - Protocol
January 14, 2021. It's the data, stupid ... What was the biggest reason for the success of cloud computing over the past decade? The short answer is the ...
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67 Business Cloud Computing Solutions
Dylan has been such a help to our company. He never makes you feel bad about asking for help (I am NOT tech savvy and have surely asked some stupid questions!).
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68 Oracle's Cloud Security Strategy: Keep It Simple, Stupid
Oracle today made available two new cloud security posture ... costs less than its competitors — most notably Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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69 Cloud Computing Unclear to Depressing Number of People
What proportion of people, for example, believe that the cloud is “a computer network to store, access and share data from ...
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70 Technology Is Stupid: How to choose tech for remote working
Technology is Stupid and because of that we have to write a very long text ... Providing cloud computing and services is a massive source of ...
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71 Keep your technology simple, stupid - Computer Guys
Have you heard of the KISS principle? It is an acronym for the design principle, “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. It states that most systems work ...
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72 The Cloud Has Disrupted Enterprise IT (and ain't going to fix it)
There's no getting away from the fact that cloud computing is having a profound effect on enterprise IT. ... It's the cloud, stupid.
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73 Is the Cloud Making Internet Services More Fragile? - Slashdot
In the past three weeks, two major outages at Amazon's cloud computing ... into cloud vs non cloud, and local vs remote is just stupid.
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74 3 Ways to Keep IT Simple Stupid (KISS) - XFER Blog
› newsletter-content › 3-ways-to-...
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75 What is Cloud Computing and What Does This Stupid Buzzword ...
The other day a reader wrote in asking if cloud computing could help save his hard drive space, which made me realize that it's time to talk about exactly ...
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76 In the Cloud, Don't KISS. – Blog - Idexcel
Signing up for Cloud Services like you are applying for a credit card. ... not to KISS (Keep It Stupid & Silly) when you sign for the cloud.
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77 What is the disadvantage of Cloud Computing? - SitePoint
As said, this term Cloud Computing is marketing/stupid term. Many thinks it's Cloud Storage where I think of it as Cloud Processing.
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78 Stallman vs. Clouds | Linux Journal
Of cloud computing, RMS says, "It's worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign". Also, "Somebody is saying this is inevitable – and ...
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79 10 Reasons why cloud storage sucks! - Design Theory
Overpriced, wasteful, non interesting, holding you back cloud storage. Buying a computer without a hard drive and without optical drive is stupid. So what if ...
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80 A Path Toward Intelligent Services using Dumb Infrastructure ...
The “Convergence of Clouds, Grids and their Management” ... analyze current trends in Cloud Computing and identify long-term research themes ...
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81 RainClouds - The Case Against Cloud Computing Security
More specifically, the secure cloud. The concept of cloud computing is rather simple. You don't need to build physical hardware for every little ...
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82 How To Pick The Cloud Storage That's Right For You In 2022
8 Major Factors For Picking The Right Cloud Storage ... and maintaining various cloud computing systems with the productivity of work.
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83 Effect of Cloud Computing on Enterprises: A Review
Cloud Computing, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Elasticity, Cost,. Security. 1. INTRODUCTION ... party Dumb infrastructure solutions in trouble surrounding.
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84 Can You Trust the Cloud with Your Personal Data? - Techlicious
cloud computing Do you use Facebook, Mint, Pandora, Shutterfly or an email service like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail? Then you're already storing ...
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85 #CloudGuruChallenge: Multi-Cloud Madness | A Cloud Guru
Each of these shadow IT groups have adopted cloud computing as a ... It's Not Stupid If It Works — Use DNS records as your database layer.
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86 Cherry Servers Bare Metal Cloud Services - Raw & Simple

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87 Cloud Computing |
Advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs on cloud computing, ... Just Raised $14 Million for an Idea Investors Once Called 'Insane' and 'Stupid'.
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88 Issue of the Week: Green Computing: It's About the Data Stupid
Issue of the Week: Green Computing: It's About the Data Stupid · Save energy and money by storing less data, experts now say. · By DE Editors ...
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89 It's The Security, Stupid! - TechCrunch
With our rapid adoption of cloud and mobile technologies, we are returning to the “dumb terminal” paradigm in which a mainframe computer ...
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90 Americans Think Cloud Computing Comes From Actual Clouds
What has this survey proven so far? Americans are pretty stupid when it comes to the cloud. Thankfully, even some divine intelligence can shine ...
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91 He said what? 5 things Larry Ellison actually said about cloud
"The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we've ... "Maybe I'm an idiot, but I have no idea what anyone is talking about.
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92 Will Cloud Computing Create a New Roaring '20s? My Long ...
And could cloud computing spark the next economic and ... So it's a pretty smart terminal, but it's dumb by data centers standards.
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93 Keynote: Stupid Ideas For Many Computers - Thagomizer
Keynote: Stupid Ideas For Many Computers. Ruby Conf 2015 ... amusing, and useless things you can do with Ruby and access to cloud computing.
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94 EFF's Stupid Patent of the Month: Streaming cloud-based ...
8,856,221 is called the "System and method for storing broadcast content in a cloud-based computing environment." In short, the invention ...
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95 clouds Archives - Page 5 of 13 - Club Cloud Computing
The topic of the panel was: “Is Cloud Computing a source of solutions or a ... OK, I admit it, it was a stupid move: leaving my gloves and bicycle keys on ...
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96 Stupid User Tricks, Vol. 1 | Channel Insider
› news-and-trends › st...
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