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1 Unknown Error (-124) with my 40GB iPod.... - Apple Community
This time a warning came up saying "Unknown error as occured (-124)." I need to figure out what I wrong with this. Also, if the iPod is connected using my USB, ...
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2 iPod 4th Generation Troubleshooting - iFixit
If your iPod does nothing when plugged into a computer, the problem most likely lies in the logic board. We carry both the 20 GB and 40 GB boards, ...
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3 Battery for iPod 4G 4th Gen Photo U2 20GB 40GB - eBay
Item specifics ; Compatible Brand: For Apple ; Type: Battery ; Capacity: 1300mAh ; Compatible Model: For iPod 4th Gen. 30GB / 40GB / 60GB / 20GB ; Color: Black.
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4 iPod cannot be restored. An unknown error occurred. - Reddit
The CF cards work fine when connected to a PC but when they are plugged into the iPod Mini I always get the Folder Error (folder icon with ...
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5 How to Restore an Older iPod - YouTube
Nov 14, 2013
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6 How to revive your old iPod Classic with an SSD - Alphr
This isn't a problem for small drives – but the whole point of the exercise is to upgrade the storage. To do this you have to either do a lot of ...
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7 Ipod Errors and Freezes - how to fix them - gHacks Tech News
Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 10 seconds. You may need to repeat this step. Some users ...
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8 What to Do With Your Old iPod: 6 Great Ideas - MakeUseOf
If you own an old iPod but no longer use iTunes/Apple Music, this is a problem. The solution is Rockbox, an open source firmware that will ...
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9 Customer reviews: Apple iPod 40 GB White M9268LL/A (4th ...
I have ripped (converted) over 400 of my CDs and put all that music on my iPod. I've never had it freeze up on me, but once I had to reformat it after an error ...
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10 More on USB 2.0 synchronization problems with fourth ... - CNET
"I had the problem of trying to use USB 2.0 to synchronize my fourth generation iPod (40 GB) from my G5. It never worked.
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11 iPod Classic User Guide
21 Adding Music, Videos, and Other Content to iPod classic ... Remember these five basic suggestions if you have a problem with iPod classic. Try.
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12 iPod Classic - Rebuild Database? - MediaMonkey forum
I assume it's still on there as about 40GB of the iPod is being used ... The Application error message appears after the MM error message.
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13 IpodConversionToFAT32 < Main < Wiki - Rockbox
You must restore this iPod before you can use it on Windows". Then in the iTunes window you'll have an option to 'Restore' the iPod. Follow the steps (iPod ...
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14 A Visual History of the Apple iPod | PCMag
1 digital music player in the world. Apple introduced three different iPods that year: the iPod photo, in 30GB, 40GB, and 60GB capacities; the fourth-gen iPod ...
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15 40GB Toshiba MK4006GAH 50-Pin IDE Thick HDD Hard ...
40GB Toshiba MK4006GAH 50-Pin IDE Thick HDD Hard Drive for Apple iPod Classic 4th Monochrome / Photo ... Hard Drives original Apple OEM pulls, are in used ...
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16 iPod 4th Gen (A1059) Repair Guide - PowerBook Medic
switched plogged it in got apple then error message put on computer just shows funny charge logo but ... iPod 40GB Hard Drive for 4th Generation / Photo.
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17 Battery For Apple iPod Classic 4th Gen Photo ... -
Arrives by Mon, Dec 12 Buy Battery For Apple iPod Classic 4th Gen Photo 20GB 30GB 40GB 60GB A1099 616-0206 at
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18 What is the difference between the third and fourth generation ...
Covers differences between third and fourth generation iPods, Apple and HP iPods, ... 2005, originally shipped with either a 20 GB or 40 GB hard drive, ...
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19 How to Force Restart a Frozen iPod - Lifewire
If you've used a computer or other tech device and seen it freeze up, you know that restarting it usually fixes the problem. The same is true ...
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20 Fix iPod click wheel problem is not working
With this 40Gb, 4th generation model you flip the hold button to on and back to off. Following that you push and hold the select and menu ...
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21 iPod Unknown Error 1416 - Sharp Tools
Solution: don't use iTunes to restore it. Download and run the 'iPod Updater' and use the 'Restore Factory Settings' option first, then update ...
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22 Voodoo iPod troubleshooting tips - Macworld
The problem is that on very rare occasions the iPod Software Updater refuses to acknowledge the iPod. You've plugged it into your computer ...
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23 The Amazing $350 Disposable iPod — Airtight Interactive
My $350 30Gb iPod Photo was 1 month out of its 1 year warranty when it displayed the ... I have and 40GB iPod, since I bought it not problem at all.
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24 The end of the iPod – last model available 'while supplies last'
Apple pointed out that the iPod's core function – storing truckloads of ... kids entertained while a new 40GB iPod took over the stereo.
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25 iPod at 20: A complete timeline of Apple's iconic music player
July: The fourth-generation iPod (20GB for $299 and 40GB for $399) was released with the same Click Wheel as the iPad mini. iPod mini. The iPod ...
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26 How to fix iPod corruption errors? - CopyTrans
First, reset the iPod and place it in disk mode · Next, check for file system errors on the iPod drive · Finally, check for bad sectors and ...
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27 HP iPod Printable Tattoos - Product Specifications
Product specs for HP iPod Printable Tattoos. ... HP MP 102 Apple iPOD 20 GB Digital Music Player. HP MP 103 Apple iPOD 40 GB Digital Music Player ...
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28 Apple iPod: The First 10 Years of the Ubiquitous Media Player
In February 2005, Apple replaced the 40GB iPod Photo with a thinner, cheaper 30GB model. By June, it decided to merge the iPod Photo and ...
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29 Apple iPod (4th Generation 40GB Model) Review
Did they solve the problem where you can't use lineout while it is docked with your computer? The Dreamer. I wish there was a way to ...
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30 iPod stuck in restart loop? don't panic -…
[Edit by moderator -- the problem discussed here no longer exists with ... First, I did this with a 4G (40gb photo) iPod and assume it will ...
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31 Build Log: Restoring a 3rd Gen iPod
I longed for the golden days of iPods. ... restore process before returning an obscure error that just said the iPod could not be restored.
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32 How to know if a hard drive is bad in an iPod Classic - Quora
Working in professional data recovery I see thousands of drives that have failed. Seagate has far and away the absolute highest failure rate of any brand. You ...
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33 Is my iPod dead? - harddrive broken help - Ask MetaFilter
I had the exact same problem with my 4th gen 40gb iPod. The problem started after rebooting the computer without unmounting the iPod first.
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34 iPod Hard Drive Replacement Kits & Services
Apple's iPod hard drives are comprised of several small internal parts making them quite fragile. Common causes of failure include prolonged ...
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35 ipod service error | AnandTech Forums: Technology, Hardware ...
That said, my 40GB was working fine :confused: ... basically i get the error when I attempt to run the ipod software updater.
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36 Helpful Tips and Advice -
It depends: verify in the About menu which version is your iPod. If you read 2.0.4 or 2.0.5 then you will have no problem installing any size of ...
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37 Battery For Apple iPod Classic 4th Gen Photo 20GB 30GB ...
Battery For Apple iPod Classic 4th Gen Photo 20GB 30GB 40GB 60GB A1099 616-0206 ☛ Item Specification Capacity: 3.7V, 1000mAhCell: Li-ion ( no memory effect ) ...
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38 Why I'll Never Sell My Trusty Old iPod Classic - Yahoo Finance
After Apple discontinued the iPod Classic in September, there were reports the ... I immediately went to work filling up the iPod's 40GB, ...
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39 How do I make a third generation iPod work with Windows 7?
However, after ejecting and using the iPod, plugging it back in results in a USB Device Unrecognised error and the iPod remains on the main ...
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40 iPod Classic 4th Generation - Full Information - iGotOffer
Accessories: earbud headphones, AC adapter, Firewire cable, USB 2.0 cable (optional). The 40 GB configuration has also a dock from the box.
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41 Music Transfer to iPod fails with an "error -46" -help?
For some reason or another, my 4G 20Gb iPod refuses to go past about ... and I've never had a problem transferring them to my 40GB 3G iPod.
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42 iPod (Click Wheel) Testing Procedures - Apple Repair Manuals
If the iPod detects a hard drive error during startup, it will launch a diagnostic hard ... iPod (40 GB Click Wheel): 37 GB.
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43 HOW-TO iPod with (Ubuntu) Linux [Archive]
Onto the problem: I cannot seem to get either of my iPods (my 3G 40GB or my 512MB Shuffle) to automatically mount when I pop them in.
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44 Samsung HS040HB iPod hard drive - DiscTech
Samsung Spinpoint N2B HS040HB 40GB 4.2K 1.8in IDE ZIF iPod / CE Hard Drive ... Failure rates are often lower on these devices since they have been far more ...
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45 2010 Chrysler 300 iPod COMM ERROR!!! - 300C Forums
Okay, i got this new 2010 Chrysler 300C with iPod connection in the ... not the iPod since i had tried with 3 different iPods (40GB Classic, ...
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46 Apple Discontinues The Iconic iPod After 2 Decades
Apple has announced that iPod Touch is the only version of the digital music player available for ... 40gb with official Apple clip case.
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47 Best iPod: we celebrate the 11 best versions of Apple's thin ...
Now, in 2022, Apple has finally killed the iPod dead. ... drive when the standard iPod by that point started at 10GB and went up to 40GB, ...
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48 Alpine Ipod/Stereo Error 1 message - Fixya
Alpine Ipod/Stereo Error 1 message My Alpine cda-9847R stereo keeps displaying 'Error 01' when plugging the ... Same issue, 4th den 40 gb ipod, 1st gen.
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49 iPhone Keeps Saying Storage Almost Full, But It's Not - iMyFone
Tip 1 Clear up Junk Files, App Caches (iOS 15 Supported). One of the reasons your iPhone storage full but it's not is the failure to clear up ...
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50 Apple's iPod page error (MacBook?!) | Canadian Mac Forums at ...
› threads › apples-ipod-page-err...
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51 IPOD Classic CF MOD Fail, How to Fix? - Whirlpool Forums
... and the other the 40gb model and I have attempted to use one of those cf-i. ... When i do boot up the ipod it gives me a folder error, ...
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52 iPod Generations Chart - Crutchfield
Sort out which generation iPod you have with these handy charts. ... iPod 3G, Fourth, iPod photo, Image display, Expanded memory, 30GB 40GB
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53 iPod - Wikiwand
Musicmatch support dropped with later release of iTunes 4.1 for Windows. 4th (Photo) (with color display). 4th generation iPod. 20, 40 GB ...
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54 Apple iPod Classic Third Generation 30GB / A1040 MP3 Battery
Apple iPod Classic Third Generation 30GB / A1040 MP3 Battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Get new life from you iPod with a fresh battery.
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55 iPod not being recognized? - XBimmers | BMW X1 Forum
I am leaning towards the iPod being the problem as well. ... a week (which is actually typical even with a 30-40 gb) and it once again stopped connecting.
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56 Convert your 4th Gen iPod to use Flash Memory - Squarespace
Of course you can simply buy another drive but you're back to the same power-hungry, failure-prone, fragile rotating media. Instead, upgrade your iPod to ...
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57 Cannot decode error message - iOS - Techkings
... know if that 3 days is normal or not...was backing up between 35-40gb ... You should force restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a ...
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58 Ipod not working with MDI | VW Vortex - Volkswagen Forum
I am not sure what happed but my ipod is no longer recognized by the ... I use my 40Gb 4th Gen circa 2004 model with very little problem, ...
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59 History of the Ipod - Ipod Wiki - Google Sites
10-40 GB of memory and charged by firewire, usb only used fore syncing with iTunes.First complete redesign with all-touch interface, dock connector, ...
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60 Restore without iTunes - wikiPodLinux
Then click "Write to iPod" and that firmware will be written to your iPod in a matter of seconds. Partition Tables. 3G. 40GB. Device Boot Start ...
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61 Ipod Mini and Uconnect | Dodge Challenger Forum
Anyone else have this problem? Is the owner's manual a misprint? I know I can play it through the aux port, but it would be a lot nicer to ...
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62 How to Disassemble a 4th Generation Apple iPod
In this PowerBook Medic video tutorial, learn how to disassemble a 4th Generation Apple iPod. The 4th Gen iPod originally came in 20GB and 40GB ...
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63 Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod ...
I believe it as a 14xx error. I double checked everything, tried again and it failed. I connected it to my Windows box and let iTunes restore it ...
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64 Sony battles iPod in Japan - Taipei Times
\nThe iPod is proving a colossal hit on the Japanese electronics and ... \nIt was at that event Ando showed it the wrong side up, an error ...
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65 Forbe's Sony's Network Walkman falls short of Apple's iPod
Apple's 40-GB iPod goes for the same price. ... MacDailyNews Take: iTunes on Mac OS X has never given us error messages or frozen while ...
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66 Sandisk CompactFlash PCMCIA Adapter not working on I8600
Philips CD-R/RW/DVD+R/RW D-Dock APR+D-Dock Stand SyncMaster 152S HP 990cxi, HP 7960, Epson 1650 iPod 40GB. 0 Kudos.
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67 Have an old classic 40gb ipod...needed to it won't ...
Have an old classic 40gb ipod...needed to it won't move off of an icon (step to plug in to power - Answered by a verified Mac Support ...
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68 16 error 2048 | Mac-Forums
› threads › 16-error-2048
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69 Ipod 3g 40gb problem pomocy -
Translate this page
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70 Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won't Boot | TechCrunch
Apple recommends a few other steps if this doesn't remedy your problem, including plugging the iPod into a different port or computer, ...
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71 Apple TV - Wikipedia
In July 2008, Apple released the software 2.1 update which added external recognition of iPhones and iPod Touches as alternative remote control devices to ...
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72 Mygig rbz software update. Download a software update that ...
2009+ = iPod/iPhone integration cable is available, see below. ... MyGig OEM 40GB setup expanded to fit 64GB SSD Updated with latest Gracenotes Database, ...
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73 How to fix an iPod that won't turn on - iSmash
Has your iPod been set aside for a while untouched? This could be the main issue. Your battery may just need a charge or if this does not work- ...
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74 Your system has run out of application memory – error on Macs
A number of Mac users are seeing an error message: “Your system has run out of application memory.” The error is caused by an app using ...
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Are you having trouble locking iCloud on your iPhone, iPad and iPod? ... Storage: 40 GB available space ... Comprehensive error recovery an.
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76 iPhoneのデータ移行「クイックスタート」の手順と注意点
筆者のiPhone 13(40GB使用)からの移行では4時間程度、編集部のiPhone 12mini(80GB使用)からの移行では8時間程度を要した。
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77 iPod and iTunes Hacks: Tips and Tools for Ripping, Mixing ...
NET to Access the iPod's Database might be the region code). ... trying to log into the iPod using its appID returns a “Login Failed” error.
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78 Digital Wars: Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Battle for ...
... 8,000 songs you'd need to fill the largest 40GB iPod released that July; ... error, though, was failing to realize the loyalty that iPod owners felt.
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79 Out of storage error on your iPhone or iPad? Here's the fix!
May 25, 2020 —
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80 [Solved] iPod touch/Nano/Shuffle/Classic Won't Sync with iTunes
Why iPod Not Syncing Normally · Bad Wi-Fi connection. · USB cable or USB port problem. · Computer authorization and iCloud music conflicts.
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81 Resetting and Restoring your iPod -
You probably won't be too surprised to discover that, on the off chance your iPod gets confused or refuses to turn on, you can fix it by ...
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82 The iPod turns 15: a visual history of Apple's mobile music icon
iPod Shuffle (first generation) [2005]. The original iPod Shuffle was the first iPod to use flash memory, and ...
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