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1 Can a broken air filter housing in a car cause the engine light ...
Yes, it can. Depending on how broken it is, it could alter the volume of air flowing through the intake. This deviation outside the normal range will be ...
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2 The Air Cleaner Housing May Crack on Honda Civic - RepairPal
The air cleaner case is prone to cracking. This can make it difficult to remove the screws securing the cover, making it difficult to replace the air filter ...
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3 Air filter box tube cracked do i need to fix? - Drive Accord
If the crack is before the air filter, then it's probably fine. If it is after the air filter, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
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4 cracked air filter housing - Fuelly Forums
It had to happen on the wrong side, ie, the side of the filter where the clean air is supposed to be. I thought about taping it to stop any ...
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5 Can I drive with a broken air filer clamp? - V&F Auto Inc
Technically, you can still drive with a broken air filter clamp—it's likely that your engine will still run for a short period even if the clamp ...
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6 Cracked air box. Fixing ideas - YotaTech Forums
Cracked air box. Fixing ideas ... could you torch a piece of metal and use it to "weld" the plastic together? ... You can also epoxy it back together, to close up ...
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7 Broken air filter housing - Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion
Hey I'm with you, mine is broken too. If you dont want to spend the money you can do what i did. Stick a few tie wraps together and run each one through the ...
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8 Cracks on intake Air filter housing(box) - Infiniti Q50 Forum
If you don't get it fixed, dust can bypass the filter and may cause engine damage. If it's not broken apart yet or just a crack and warranty has ...
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9 cracked air filter box... - Focus Fanatics Forum
Do something quick. If the cracks are on the unfiltered side- then you're ok, but if there are cracks on the other side, I'd remove the air box ...
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10 Broken Air Filter Box Tab - Tacoma World
that part tends to break for whatever reason, just from being too rough I guess. Mine is broken just like yours for years now. The air filter is ...
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11 Cracked hose that connects to the air filter box…need advice
Just order a replacement and install it yourself whenever you get the chance. If the are inlet hose has a crack then you should also take a ...
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12 Broken air filter box - Camry Forums
Headers, Intake, & Exhaust - Broken air filter box - Hi everyone. I'm new here and just picked up an '05 Camry LE 2.4L and when checking it out, ...
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13 Cracked air filter housing - Forest River Forums
Upon checking the condition of the air filter I discovered the lower part of the housing was cracked all the way across.
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14 !!!!! Cracked my OEM air box by trying to open it. - Honda Civic ...
Cracked my OEM air box by trying to open it. ... i found that mine was cracked, i went in for an oil change (LOF)...when they tried to check the air filter, ...
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15 Nissan Juke Air Filter Housing - 16526-1KC0B
A few signs that you need a new Air Filter Housing include rough idling, decreased fuel efficiency, stalling, and a check engine light. If left unattended, a ...
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16 Cracked air box - able to fix? - Porsche Discussion Forums
Tough call! Is it possible to take a picture of the crack and post it? While you're looking check the seam where the upper and lower sections ...
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17 How to Change your Engine Air Filter -
Trying to cover a housing crack with duct tape isn't sufficient to keep damaging debris from entering the air intake stream.
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18 8 Common Loose Air Filter Housing Symptoms?
What Are Loose Air Filter Housing Symptoms? · 1. Wierd Engine Noises: · 2. Decreased Mileage: · 3. Engine Light Flashes: · 4. Decreased Performance: · 5. Smoke Or ...
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19 Think i found my Maf sensor problem, cracked air box and ...
Some of the old tricks still apply. You can watch the short term fuel trims and spray a little MAF cleaner on the cracked area. If air is leaking in, you will ...
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20 Broken air filter housing - leave it as is or replace?
› ... › Maintenance
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21 Oil filter housing cracked? | Toyota Tundra Forum
I'm looking for people who had problems with oil filter housings. ... It took an air impact on the MotivX housing tool (which survived but ...
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22 Chrysler's Problem With the Pentastar V6 Oil Filter Housing ...
The Chrysler Pentastar V6 oil filter housing and cooler assembly for 3.2L and 3.6L engines can become warped, brittle and crack over time ...
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23 Crack in air box where engine air filter goes - Bimmerforums
You'll have to decide how critical those cracks are (ie - is the box falling apart, or are they little cracks?). The goal of course is to only ...
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24 Could broken air filter seal/gasket impair intake?
The air filter gasket (sealing surface to ensure air must pass through air filter) will not cause a code unless the engine is explicitly ...
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25 94 f150 5.0 cracked air box run rough
I think those stock rectangular filters probably have just as much surface area as the cone filters and I doubt you are would gain enough flow to make the cost ...
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26 Cracked Oil Filter Housing - AudiWorld Forums
Q5/SQ5 MKII Discussion - Cracked Oil Filter Housing - Any tech's on here know if it possible to over-tighten the oil filter, thus cracking the oil filter ...
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27 Factors that Result in Cracks in Your BMW's Oil Filter ...
Any type of damage to the oil filter housing unit will most likely result in cracking or warping of the unit, which will allow oil to leak from the system. In ...
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28 03-07 F250 F350 6.0L Air Filter Cleaner Box Intake ... - eBay
Be the first to write a review. 03-07 F250 F350 6.0L Air Filter Cleaner Box Intake Lid Cover Cracked 0763. Item Information.
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29 How To Fix A Broken Vacuum Line Fitting on the Air Box or ...
Any debris from drilling or sanding will land on the filter and you can vacuum it out later. If you have a used car, peak inside and make sure ...
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30 Airfilter box cracked and bike is giving smoke
Hi I'm from India. I have rc390. Recently I checked and found airfilter box has crack and my bike is giving smoke.
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31 Air filter box - cracked screw tab -
Good morning all- Yesterday afternoon I replaced the pleated air filter in my Sierra 1500. Everything went fine except for the last ...
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32 Air Filter Housing | O'Reilly Auto Parts
Most air filter housings are made of plastic, so over time they can break down and may need to be replaced. A cracked housing can affect the airflow and allow ...
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33 Busted up cabin air filter box..... -
Or you can slap some aluminum tape on that crack and your 15 year truck cabin air duct system will be good for many, many more years. If it ...
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34 Air in Pump Basket, Leaky Pressure Valve, Cracked Filter ...
While your cracked filter housing could possibly allow air into the system when the pump is off, it is unlikely that it would be the culprit ...
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35 Missing/broken air filter housing tab. - Infiniti Q60 Forums
Just curious to see if anybody else has seen this with these air filter boxes and covers on the Q60 3.0t... I replaced my air filters today ...
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36 Some air filter box issues | Toyota Sienna Forum
I found a vacuum leak coming from the air filter box. There is one hose that has a plastic bit broken off (labeled A in photos) and another ...
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37 R53 Cracked Fuel Filter Housing - North American Motoring
Stock Problems/Issues - R53 Cracked Fuel Filter Housing - I starting smelling gas fumes in my garage in the morning, so I pulled my rear seat to check out ...
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38 Broken Air Filter Box Latch | IH8MUD Forum
Didn't think too much of it and figured that the vacuum of the intake would hold it closed. It wasn't until after one particularly dusty trip ...
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39 cracked air cleaner it a big deal? -
You can try an epoxy available at any auto part store or walmart or meijer and seal it with that. you don't want that dirty air getting into the ...
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40 How To Replace Air Filter Housing Box 2004-06 Nissan Maxima
› Video Library
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41 Why is there oil inside/below the air filter housing? - iFixit
Assuming the most common configuration, remove your air filter housing and you will find a short steel tube extending from the bottom of the ...
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42 could a cracked air filter box cause P0101? - SaabCentral
if water or any kind of moisture could get in the air filter as the box is cracked, could that trigger the code?
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43 Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mower Engine Air Filter Housing ...
The most common reason for replacing the air filter housing is when it is damaged or cracked. All of the information for this air filter housing replacement ...
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44 cracked air filter box - Honda Odyssey Forum
› ... › Problems and Concerns
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45 Oil Filter Housing: Replacement Cost - Jerry
Common signs that you may need to replace your oil filter housing include: Oil Change light is on. An engine oil leak is detected. Low oil pressure. A crack is ...
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46 Whole House Water Filter Leaking? Here's How to Fix It!
Due to external or internal overpressure, filter housings can crack and lead to a trickle or heavy leakage. Therefore, you should carefully ...
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47 Cracked/ split Air Cleaner Intake Hose - Honda Pilot
... I saw that my Air Cleaner Intake Hose is cracked at the hose clamp. ... but I think it will allow dirty air to bypass filter box and ...
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48 Vacuum leaks: problems, symptoms, repairs -
Intake snorkel: A rubber or plastic duct or boot (snorkel) that connects the engine intake and the air filter box can rip or crack. It's a very ...
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49 Oil filter housing cracked? - Diesel Bombers
So that's the sum of the problems at this point: 1. Rising RPM's with steady accelerator pressure 2. Air getting in the fuel filter housing. I need new tires, ...
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50 cracked air filter housing | Audi A2 Owners' Club
cracked air filter housing. humps; 15 Jan 2012. There are no comments to display. Media information. Album: misc. Added by: humps. Date added: 15 Jan 2012.
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51 Plastic Oil filter housing replacement - Toyota 4Runner Forum
If I am missing the "cracked housing" thread, point me to it ... TRD Air Filter. ... Metal indicator tab on plastic oil filter housing; ...
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52 B48 Oil filter housing cracked at 65000 miles
-Oil in engine coolant NOT the intercooler air to water coolant. -Smelling oil/coolant mix. Attached:.
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53 Oops - broken air filter housing clamp (pic) - Land Rover Forums
Discovery II - Oops - broken air filter housing clamp (pic) - I went to check the air filter on my new-to-me Disco and the clamp on the ...
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54 Any ideas on how to fix air filter housing tabs?
Could you guys recommend some of the ways to fix broken tabs on the cabin air filter housing. Mine are completely broken off.
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55 Radiator or hose leak is leaking, the air filter box is n...
Hi there. For the radiator, the rubber hose may be cracked or loose. Check the hose for any cracks and if the clamp is tight and it leaks, ...
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56 Hot Tub Filter Leak Repair - Leslie's Pool Supplies
Common hot tub filter leaks can include cracked filter housings, ... cracks or loose filter parts can cause the pump to pull air into the system.
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57 Broken clips on air filter housing | MINI Cooper Forum
... I bought used in October with 25000 miles. When I had my oil changed I was told that the clips on the air filter housing were broken...
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58 Air filter box. Broken! |
As a lot of you know, vw placed one of the engine cover mounts right under the air filter. Mine unfortunately broke, leaving a hole for dirt ...
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59 Air Filter and Housing Inspection: Damaged Housing or Filter ...
AIR FILTER BY-PASS · Inspect the filter housing and air filter sealing surface for evidence of dust trails that would indicate an improper seal.
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60 I cracked something changing air filter | Saturn Sky Forum
If that doesn't do it, as DeepBlueGXP said, consider a cold air intake. You always have to disconnect that before opening the air box to check ...
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61 Cracked aluminum oil filter housing | Mercedes-Benz Forum
Oil filter housing is part of front engine timing cover. Yes, it is replaceable after removing oil pan and cylinder heads. Auto part Air ...
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62 Fuel filter housing - plastic top cracked - Dodge Diesel
24 Valve Engine and Drivetrain - Fuel filter housing - plastic top cracked - While changing my fuel filter - the plastic top was very difficult to remove ...
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63 How to Fix Air in a Pool Pump - Swim University
Sometimes, if the basket is cracked, it won't be seated correctly in the housing. Replace the broken filter basket, then make sure you clean ...
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65 How To Diagnose A Failing Fuel Filter Housing
As the truck ages, the seals can get dry and brittle, and then leak. The filter head can also crack, allowing air to enter.
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66 Why is there a gas leak by the small engine air filter & vent tube?
Gas leaks around the air filter usually indicate problems with valves inside your engine and how it is processing gas. · WARNING: Fuel and its vapors are ...
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67 cracked air hose coming from air filter box - The Nissan Club
Most likely that is leaking. You need a new air duct piece. Junkyard is probably your best bet.
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68 Broken pipe on air filter box ... question | FIAT 500 (2007+)
› ... › 500 › 500 (2007+)
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69 Broken tabs on Air Housing Assembly '12 LE
I would think zip-ties would probably work to hold it together - or baling wire, but it would be a pain to take off to replace the air filter, ...
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70 2004 Honda Accord EX 2.4- Air box housing cracked
Depending on the nature of the crack, it may be easy to repair. Here's what I've done w/ similar problems: 1) Stop drill a small hole in crack ...
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71 Cabin Filter Housing Repair - BMW M3 Forum (E90 E92)
I cut off the broken plastic tab right at the 90* bend, to leave the maximum amount of the vertical section of the tab (minus the thickness of ...
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72 Cracked Filter Housing..Common? - The Diesel Stop
Cracked Filter Housing. ... the lower portion of the left rear filter housing gets shiny and fuel is ... DIY air intake and exhaust brake.
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73 Late night fix for an air cleaner housing bracket
"How To" Tutorial Library - Late night fix for an air cleaner housing bracket - This forum has been wonderful for solving a lot of my problems with my 2006 ...
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74 5th Gen 08+ Cracket Oil Filter Housing Cover - Dodge Forum
After having a pretty severe oil leak for the past few weeks, we finally found out that our 2014 Dodge Caravan has a cracked oil filter housing cover.
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75 Cracked oil filter housing cap. - Forums
Re: Cracked oil filter housing cap. If this is the aluminum filter housing with the "gorilla" tightened filter cap and you tore off the entire ...
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76 Oil Filter Housing Cracked - Done with Jeep
Oil Filter Housing Cracked - Done with Jeep ... Next time I changed the oil on it I found the entire air filter assembly just dangling and ...
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77 Probelm with Oil Filter Housing - Volvo Forums
2 days ago I was in a garage for an examination to my Volvo S40, 2.4 non turbo, 5 cylinders. I was told that my Oil Filter Housing is cracked and must be ...
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78 Broken Air filter | Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Forum
If any bit of plastic is unaccounted for, you wanna remove and inspect the primary air chamber for any pieces. Open up the side panel, ...
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79 3.6 Oil Filter cracked??? - DODGE RAM FORUM
Stopped at the dealership as I had the last random leak a week or so after having them change the oil. Turns out my my oil filter housing ...
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80 Whole House Filter Leaking From Top? (Quick Fix)
Rather than trying to fix the crack it is best to just buy a replacement for the piece of equipment. It is more than likely an inexpensive replacement part, and ...
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81 The causes of premature filter failure
In the case of spin-on oil filters, the filter housing can crack and ... in the air filter or a damaged or clogged mass air flow sensor, ...
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82 Air Intake Systems Product Guide - Donaldson
all-plastic air cleaner housing (minus latches on larger sizes) ... a little different out of the box, but Donaldson competitive fit replacement air filters.
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83 Can I fix a cracked airbox? - RMZ 450 - ThumperTalk
It cracked straight down the middle. ... Yeah, "filter wall" is $20, rear filter box is $20. ... Or spend the money on a new air box.
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84 Leaking Pool Pump! - In The Swim Blog
Pump Housing. If you have inspected and ruled out the problem areas listed above, you're likely dealing with a crack in the pump itself.
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85 My frigidaire filter housing froze and crack and water and - Fixya
also the damper assembly that regulates cold air from freezer to fresh food side. Posted on Aug 28, 2008. 0.
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86 Will cracked air intake resonator affect drivability?
While doing that I noticed that the air intake resonator was loose going into the air housing. I snugged it up and it seemed to run better.
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87 Air filter cover broken twice now at quick oil change places
As I started to change my air filter, I noticed that one side of the cover was broken. The sad part is that I only take it to the same ...
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88 Air-box cracked, do I need a new one? - Page 1 - PistonHeads
Holes in the back of the airbox are normal. The air filter is very heavily oiled, but yours looks past its sell by date to me - IMHO unless you' ...
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89 How To Fix A Leaking Water Filter. In Detail, With Images
You go to change the filter cartridge in the filter housing and when you've ... a small amount of water may dribble out along with a little burst of air.
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90 Oil Filter Housing Cap with 10pcs Oil Drain Plug ...
If the oil filter housing is impacted or otherwise cracked, or if the mounting surface is warped, engine oil will leak and the oil filter housing will need to ...
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91 Issues with air box after air filter install | Ford Focus ST Forum
I have an issue though. When I installed the air filter, I realized that one of the screw holes in the lower air box was cracked. On top of that ...
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92 Cracked Oil Filter Housing - 2014 Dodge Durango
Oil dripping onto the exhaust causing the smell to come through the air vents went to the garage. The dealer said this is common with Dodge's and tried to ...
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93 Air Cleaner cover - broken pipe/tube - CRV Owners Club
2002 CR-V EX I've noticed the vent hose from the engine valve cover to the air cleaner box is not connected properly.
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94 Cracked Oil Filter Housing - Lexus Forum Discussion
Anyone know where we can get the proper tool to remove the filter housing? Normal oil filter wrench didn't work too good the last time around. Tags air, ...
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95 What causes an oil filter housing to crack? -
IF the filter housing is slightly cracked, it'll usually be at the rolled seam between the canister and the base, usually caused by distortion ...
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