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1 Budget Options
Budget Options. February 27, 2001. Report. Budget Options. View Document. 2.39 MB. Stay Connected. Get CBO's Email Updates. Email Address
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2 BUDGET - GovInfo
Fiscal Year 2001 provides data on budget receipts, outlays, sur- pluses or deficits, Federal debt, and Federal employment covering an extended time period—in ...
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3 Fed Government Spending for 2001 - Charts Tables History
Federal 2001 Government Spending​​ The following table shows Federal spending. Federal spending includes grants and transfers to state and local governments.
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4 Major Features of the 2001-02 California Budget
On July 26, 2001, the Governor signed the 2001-02 Budget Act. In this report ... as a sharp drop in revenues from capital gains and stock options in 2001.
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5 The Budget Outlook: Options for Restoring Fiscal Discipline
The official federal budget outlook has deteriorated dramatically since early 2001, due to last year's tax cut, the economic slowdown, ...
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6 Budget Plan 2001 -
Budget 2001 builds on the Government's long-term plan for a stronger ... On-line options for the payment of any applicable duties and.
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7 2001 Legislative Budget Notes
grain warehouses the option of using cash accounting. Property Tax Administration – No General Fund-State Revenue Impact. Chapter 185, Laws of 2001 (SHB ...
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8 Summary of the 2001 Budget - Department of Education
FY 2001 Education Budget Request: Summary and Background Information. ... And expanded public school choice options can help ensure that no student is ...
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9 Budget of the u.s. government - The White House
Appendix, Budget of the United States. Government, Fiscal Year 2022 contains detailed information on the various appropriations and funds that constitute the ...
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10 2001 United States federal budget - Wikipedia
2001 United States federal budget ; February 7, 2000 · Bill Clinton · 106th Congress · $2.02 trillion (requested) · $1.99 trillion (actual) · 18.8% of GDP (actual).
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11 Remarks on the Fiscal Year 2001 Federal Budget and an ...
Remarks on the Fiscal Year 2001 Federal Budget and an Exchange With ... because my understanding is, they're going to give you options.
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12 2001 Indiana Program Budget Book - SBA -
2001 Indiana Program Budget Book. To view all subject areas of the program budget book, follow these links: Program Book Narratives · Program Book Appendix.
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13 Between 1998 and 2001, the federal budget was _____.
The correct option is b. In surplus about as often as it was in deficit. The US economy's federal budget shows a surplus of $70 billion and just after 3 ...
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14 2017-2018 Proposed Budget - Pennsbury School District
Budgeting Options. To Reach Proposed Budget. Revenue Adjustments. $ 801,883. - Increase tax revenue $300k based on February.
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15 Press Releases - IBO - Independent Budget Office
IBO Releases New Budget Options for New York City, May 2021. May 4, 2021. IBO Releases Budget Options for New York City, December 2020 ... December 20, 2001.
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16 fy 2001 internal revenue service budget request
FY 2001 IRS Budget Request ($ in Millions). Appropriation: FY 2000 ... based products and information, and expand electronic filing/payment options. At the.
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17 Defeated Budget Process -
Ability to Incorporate Unused Spending Authority from 2001-02 Budget in ... Option for all Capital Projects (school facilities eligible for EFCFA $ or ...
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18 Budget Travel Guide 2001 Australia -
There are details of rail and bus passes, plus other budget travel options. Distances and travel timings for planning a tour of Australia as well as color ...
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19 Pierce County 2001 Budget In Brief
listed in each department's section of the 2001 Budget ... In that same vein, we are committed to funding alternatives to incarceration where we can; ...
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20 Instructions for 2001 Budget Submissions
The 2001 budget will contain the Governor's proposed amendments to the 2000- ... education: This includes alternative retirement options, such as TIAA-CREF,.
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21 FY 2001 Budget Highlights | NIST
The FY 2001 proposed budget increase would strengthen US/OTP core programs, ... and lays out some options for government, employers, and educators.
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22 April 3, 2001 City General Election | Sedgwick County, Kansas
Precinct results for April 3, 2001 City General Election, UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT #312 LOCAL OPTION BUDGET.
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23 gao-05-734sp.pdf - Government Accountability Office
The federal budget process is the primary means by which the President and. Congress select among competing demands for federal funds.
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24 Budget Papers - Wisconsin Legislative Documents
Menu; » Miscellaneous Documents; » Legislative Fiscal Bureau Documents; » Budget; » 2001-03 Biennial Budget; » Budget Papers ...
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25 2017-2018 Final Budget - Pennsbury School District
Budgeting Options. To Reach Final Budget. Revenue Adjustments. $ 4,542,000. - Increase real estate tax (assessed) - $ 400k.
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26 Fiscal Year 2001 Recommended Budget - Santa Clara County
FY 2001 Budget Strategy Statement page 53 ... Fiscal Year 2001 Planned Accomplishments page 139 ... options available to the Board if and when expen-.
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27 2001-2003 Legislatively Adopted Budget
major budget action taken by the 2001 Legislative Assembly and, as such, will not ... eligible schools districts that have passed local option levies.
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28 Administration Seeks Record VA Budget Increase
VA's 2001 budget would provide $48 billion for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, 2000. It will fund benefits and services for millions of eligible ...
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29 Uncertainties in Projecting Federal Budget Surpluses
In January 2001, the non-partisan U.S. Congressional Budget Office ... neutral reference point for assessing policy options going forward.
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30 Submission of the President's Budget in Transition Years
Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump—exercised this option. Accordingly, the budget was submitted in 1993, 2001, 2009, and 2017 by the four incoming Presidents ...
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31 2001 2002 - Budget for Current Operations
the limited nature of its options in the short term. As illustrated in Display 2, about half of the loss was taken through budget cuts,.
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32 2000-2001 Budget - City of Lake Oswego
i r r, OPTIONS During the second half of 1999, a special subcommittee of the Citizens Budget Committee met regularly and developed both ...
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33 Memo - December 5, 2001 - FY 2002-03 State Budget
FY 2002-03 State Budget: Major Decisions Facing Legislature. In early November 2001, the Legislature and Governor John Engler completed action on a.
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34 Blueprint for Affordable Housing - FY 2001 Funding Options
FY 2011 Advertised Budget Plan. ▫ $9.34 million budget allocated as follows: ❑ $5,823,750 for Wedgewood debt service.
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35 The North Carolina State Budget, 2001-2003 Summary of ...
Table 6A Fiscal Year 2001-02 Recommended General Fund Budget. ... education the option of paying teachers for working.
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36 Corporate Budgeting Is Broken—Let's Fix It
See M. C. Jensen, “Paying People to Lie: The Truth About the Budgeting Process, working paper (Harvard Business School, April 2001). Available on-line ...
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37 Budget Overview -
on property tax increases inherent in Initiative 747, the Mayor presented a Revised Budget to the City Council on. November 8, 2001, detailing a plan to ...
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38 T21-0260 - Distribution Tables by Income Level
T21-0260 - Tax Units with a Tax Increase or Tax Cut in Build Back Better Act as Reported by House Budget Committee, by Expanded Cash Income ...
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39 County Executive:2001 Budget Message
I am pleased to forward to you today the Year 2001 Dutchess County Executive Budget. This plan includes a 1.3 percent reduction in the property tax levy, ...
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But the adoption of the FY 2001-03 biennial budget is sure to have a ... the offender with treatment options using re-incarceration as a ...
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41 The Budget for Fiscal Year 2002 -
CBO's budget update (August 27, 2001) included a baseline ... On April 9, 2001, the Administration released its full set of budget ... Budget Options.
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42 Budget Reconciliation: The Basics
Reconciliation starts with the congressional budget resolution. ... tax cuts without offsetting the revenue loss in 2001, 2003, and 2006.
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43 FY2001 Budget I. Summary - The Clinton White House
THE CLINTON-GORE ADMINISTRATION'S FY2001 BUDGET: MAINTAINING FISCAL ... Americans and expand access to millions more by building on current options.
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44 18b Notice of Motion Trustee Scott re Budget Options/ Alternatives
18b Notice of Motion Trustee Scott re Budget Options/ AlternativesCC r---Zj OTTAWA- CAJUETON DISTRICT SCHOOL SOARC TO: Chair and Members DATE: 14 Mav 2001 ...
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45 Executive Summary 2001 - Office of Management and Budget
The FY 2001 Budget submitted to the General Assembly continues ... funds to conduct a Siting and Construction Options Study. This.
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46 Minnesota Governor's Proposed Capital Budget
Biennal Operating Budget Documents. ... 1989 - Legislative Capital Budgeting: Options for Change. ... 2001 Proposed Capital Budget (2001/2006).
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47 Risk-sensitive choice in humans as a function of an earnings ...
During positive earnings-budget conditions, exclusive preference for the fixed option met the earnings requirement. During negative earnings-budget ...
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48 Observations on the President's Fiscal Year 2001 Federal ...
... on the President's Fiscal Year 2001 Federal Science and Technology Budget" by the ... service to offer you a variety of options for reusing NAP content.
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49 What Is a Budget Surplus? What's the Impact, and Pros & Cons?
When spending exceeds revenues, the government must borrow money in order to fund spending. The last time the U.S. ran a budget surplus was in 2001. In 2021, ...
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50 Additional Alternatives to the House Republican Budget
Also, the budget allows the upper-income 2001/2003 tax cuts to expire, eliminates corporate tax preferences, and enacts a form of the ...
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51 MGMA voices concerns about 2001 budget plan | 2000-05-01
The battle over the 2001 federal budget is in full swing, and several new policies ... attempts to create a Medicare PPO option and network that would give ...
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52 Budget Archives |
FY2001 Governor's Budget Recommendation · FY2000 Governor's Budget Recommendation · FY1999 Governor's Budget Recommendation.
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53 Outline Examples of Budget Options Available to Protect People ...
November 30, 2001. Senate Democratic Leader Tom Rossin and House Democratic Leader Lois Frankel unveiled a menu of options to address the state's $1.3 ...
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54 2001 PLAN AND BUDGET SUMMARY | City of Milwaukee
had to look locally for other revenue alternatives. Due to these challenges, the 2001 budget contains a. $30.5 million increase in the tax levy with a $0.80 ...
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55 Facing America's Long-Term Budget Challenges
2020 CBO “Budget Options” book unless otherwise noted. ... Calculations based on a CBO June 2012 report, and CBO baseline updates over 2001-11 period.
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56 Speech, Gramlich--Reducing Budget Deficits--June 24, 2004
The national debt as a share of gross domestic product (GDP), which reached almost 50 percent in 1993 and declined to 33 percent by 2001, is now ...
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57 CNN Fact Check: The last president to balance the budget
- There also were budget surpluses in 1999, 2000 and in 2001. 2001 was the last year the Clinton administration proposed the budget. - ...
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58 CSJ-Mayor's June 2001 Budget Memo - City of San Jose
Subject: Mayor's June Budget Message For Budget Year 2001-2002. INTRODUCTION. In accordance with Section 1204 of the San José City Charter, I present my FY ...
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59 Major Research Equipment - National Science Foundation
The FY 2002 Budget Request for Major Research Equipment (MRE) is $96.30 million, a decrease of $25.03 million, or 20.6 percent, below the FY 2001 Current ...
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60 RES 01-93-R Adopt Resolution for 2002 Budget 12/03/2001
2001. 2001. PASSED by the City Council of the City of Batavia, Illinois, ... 2002 Budget Options Revised 11-28-01.xls Year one impact 11282001 2:23 PM.
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61 Division of Budget and Analysis - NC DHHS
The Division of Budget and Analysis develops, modifies and executes the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services' ... Raleigh, NC 27699-2001.
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CTA 2001 BUDGET CONTINUES FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS & CAPITAL INVESTMENT ... to expand service options for mobility-impaired customers by increasing the budget for ...
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63 Fiscal Futures, Institutional Budget Reforms, and Their Effects
options are not presented as prescriptions or means of circumventing political ... and since 2001 as part of the domestic budget process.
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64 New Online Tool Puts Budget Pen in Hands of Voters as 2012 ...
Nonpartisan budget simulation game educates and engages voters in budget ... would they extend some or all of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts?
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65 Return to 2001 spending levels - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
In January 2001, we were at the end of the Bill Clinton presidency. The budget had a $160 billion surplus, and the government had been split ...
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66 Department of Human Services - Budget No. 325 - House Bill ...
funding pool appropriated to the Office of Management and Budget for special market equity adjustments for classified employees. Management. 1 The 2001-03 ...
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67 Dáil Éireann debate - Wednesday, 5 Dec 2001 - Oireachtas
In budget 2001 I indicated that I intended to introduce a new, ... or in a position to hoard options on land, have deliberately dried up the ...
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68 A better budget for Manitoba's future
The Manitoba Alternative (Alternative Provincial Budget 2001-02), co-produced by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Manitoba and Cho!ces: A ...
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use the documents for consideration of the FY 2001 budget. ... Several policy options relating to various taxes have been proposed by ...
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70 Appropriations and Budget Resources -
› help › appropriations-and-...
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71 Committee on Academic Planning and Budget - May 15, 2001 ...
The meeting of the Academic Budget & Planning Committee was called to order by Chair Glantz on May 15, 2001 at about 2:30 p.m. in Room S318.
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72 ˆˆINFORMED BUDGETEER: Holiday Edition ˆˆ
THE END OF THE APPROPRIATION ROAD FOR FY 2001 ... This year's budget resolution limited advance appropriations to no ... Tax Options:.
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Doing More To Address the Greatest Threat To Water Quality. The President's budget includes new and additional funding options to protect our lakes, rivers and ...
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74 Transcript of President Bush's Message to Congress on His ...
THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET; Transcript of President Bush's Message to Congress on His ... February 28, 2001, Section A, Page 12Buy Reprints.
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promote fiscal reform, the Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) is convening three ... Options For Budget Reform in New York State. 2000. 2001.
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76 2001 capital improvement budget - Snohomish County
This six-year capital plan includes 2001 budget elements as the first year of ... covenants that may limit County options, this program adopts the following ...
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77 Historical Budget Documents - Atlanta, GA
Historical Budget Documents ; Year 2004. Download PDF ; Year 2003. Download PDF ; Year 2002. Download PDF ; Year 2001. Download PDF.
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78 CBO Releases the 2010 Long-Term Budget Outlook
the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts will expire at the end of this year as scheduled; ... Congressional Budget Office, Social Security Policy Options ...
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79 2001-03-adopted-budget.pdf - City of Palo Alto
of preparing the 2001-03 Proposed Budget. ... Plan including exploration of financing options like ... expense projections and funding alternatives for.
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80 State of Utah Budget Summary
This section focuses on major issues in the FY 2001 budget and. FY 2000 supplemental appropriations. ... both victims and offenders and options for treat-.
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81 Singapore's Budget for 2001 : tax reductions and measures to ...
Focuses on three changes announced in the Budget for 2001: the reduction of the tax burden on companies, the new employee stock option ...
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82 BUDGET 2001 Investing for the Long Term - GOV.UK
an expansion of Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs), going further than the option set out in the Pre-Budget.
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83 11.29.2001 - Regents pass 2002-03 budget proposal
29 November 2001 | The UC Board of Regents has approved a basic budget proposal ... contested options for reducing the budget if major cuts are requested, ...
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84 Where did the mammoth US budget deficits come from?
Context is important here. So let's start with 2001. That year, the Congressional Budget Office looked out over the decade to come and saw ahead ...
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85 Department of Aging - Ohio Legislative Service Commission
federal programs that emphasize community-based and self-care options. ... the department's budget by 8.5 percent over FY 2001 actual expenditures and by ...
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86 4/13/00 Albright on FY2001 budget request - foreign operations
FY2001 Budget Request for Foreign Operations ... This would destroy the options of this Subcommittee, Mr. Chairman, and take a meataxe to America's capacity ...
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87 Memorandum - California ISO
Two alternatives are presented ... Management recommends the more stringent budget ... 2001 budget and other aspects of the rate filing.).
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88 Out-of-Kilter Budget - Los Angeles Times
March 1, 2001 12 AM PT ... Even if there's logic there, the details of Bush's first budget should get close examination.
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89 STATE OF NEBRASKA FY2001-02 / FY2002-03 BIENNIAL ...
State of Nebraska Biennial Budget (2001 Session) ... Medicaid alcohol/substance abuse option ($445,187 in FY02-03).
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90 Budget Support versus Project Aid: a Theoretical Appraisal∗
IMF M Research Department. November 16, 2001. Abstract. We compare the effectiveness of conditional budget support and project aid in.
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91 The IFS Green Budget: January 2001 | Institute for Fiscal Studies
This Green Budget looks at the options available to the Chancellor in his March Budget.
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92 Letter to Members of Congress on Defense Budget -
We believe it is inappropriate to increase the defense budget when the ... Senator Grassley, February 13, 2001, on the Senate floor.
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93 The history of Illinois' fiscal crisis
And Illinois hasn't balanced its budget since 2001, according to information ... And when borrowing was no longer an option, the General Assembly passed the ...
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