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1 Getting wet: cervical fluid vs. arousal fluid vs. vaginal discharge
Arousal fluid is distinct from cervical fluid, and occurs as a result of the excitement phase in the sexual response cycle, to aid sperm in ...
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2 What's the difference between vaginal discharge, arousal fluid ...
Arousal fluid occurs when your body senses sexual desire or attraction. During this process, there is increased blood flow to your genitals, including the ...
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3 What is the Difference Between Cervical Mucus and Arousal ...
Cervical mucus is a type of discharge produced from the cervix, while arousal fluid is a type of discharge produced from Bartholin's gland. So, ...
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4 Cervical Mucus Monitoring | Time to Conceive
The characteristics of arousal fluid are clear, wet, moist, and slippery. Unlike cervical mucus, however, arousal fluid dissipates quickly (usually within 1 ...
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5 Arousal Fluid - Fertility Friend
Arousal fluid feels a lot like fertile cervical fluid but is secreted by your vagina, while cervical fluid is produced by your cervix.
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6 Fluid Detective: Cum or Discharge? - Ask The Sexpert
Fluid from “squirting” is not to be confused with arousal fluid or vaginal lubrication, which is a common physiological response to sexual ...
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7 Determining Cervical Mucus - cyclotest
Don't confuse arousal fluid with regular cervical fluid. The consistency of arousal fluid is similar to stretchy cervical mucus – clear and ...
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8 Is Your Vaginal Discharge Preventing You From Getting ...
Cervical mucus is a type of vaginal discharge that is appears regularly throughout a woman's menstrual cycle. Cervical mucus goes through a ...
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9 Discharge vs. Cervical Fluid vs. Arousal Fluid - YouTube
Discharge vs. Cervical Fluid vs. Arousal Fluid | What's The Difference? Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute.
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10 Women's Intimate Fluids: There Are 4 Different Types!
Cervical mucus refers to the fluid produced by the endocervical glands found in the cervix, which connects the uterus to the vagina. These glands continuously ...
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11 How to Check Cervical Mucus (Discharge) to Detect Ovulation
This is a good time to begin having baby-making sex. If what you find is very wet, stretches between your fingers for an inch or more, and ...
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12 What cervical mucus means - how to check - Modern Fertility
The release of these fluids help prepare your vaginal tract for potential penetrative intercourse. As the University of North Carolina School of ...
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13 Pictures and Videos of Cervical Mucus, Ovulation Discharge ...
If cervical fluid (cervical mucus) feels even a little slick or slippery (like raw egg white) when you rub it between your fingers, then this fluid is ...
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14 What The Texture, Colour And Smell Of Your Vaginal ...
These include arousal fluid, vaginal lubrication, and cervical fluid. Cervical fluid, also known as cervical mucus, is a major component of ...
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15 What Is Vaginal Discharge? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis ...
Clear or white fluid that comes out of the vagina is called vaginal discharge or cervical mucus. It can be thick, pasty, or thin, and it may ...
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16 Cervical Mucus: Chart, Stages, Tracking & Fertility
What are the different types of cervical mucus? · Dry or no cervical fluid. · Sticky like paste. It can be white or yellow. · Creamy like yogurt.
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17 Vaginal Lubrication - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
These glands secrete mucous during sexual arousal to provide vaginal lubrication. ... This contributes to a commonly observed gender difference in the ...
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18 What is vaginal discharge and what is the purpose of it? - ISSM
Arousal fluid is produced when a woman is sexually stimulated, lubricating the vagina for comfortable intercourse. This fluid results from ...
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19 Vaginal lubrication - Wikipedia
Vaginal lubrication is a naturally produced fluid that lubricates a vagina. Vaginal lubrication is always present, but production increases significantly ...
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20 What Does Having Watery Cervical Mucus Mean? - Healthline
During early pregnancy, changes in cervical mucus can be subtle. There is usually an increase in the amount of cervical discharge. However, the ...
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21 Milky White Discharge: Causes & Treatment - Pandia Health
The most benign discharge is cervical mucus, which is a fluid that comes from the cervix = the bottom of the uterus. More specifically, it is produced by the ...
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22 Clear Discharge From the Vagina: Is it Normal?
Arousal fluid is created to lubricate the vagina and prepare it for ... Discharge, or cervical mucus, that is clear with a jelly-like ...
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23 Are white discharge and cervical mucus normal? - Rejeanne
When a woman is sexually aroused, the body will respond by secreting different fluids. This vaginal lubrication makes the vagina more alkaline ...
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24 Vaginal Discharge: Causes, Types, Colors & More
It includes arousal fluid, natural vaginal lubrication, and cervical fluid (also called cervical mucus.) While normal or regular discharge is an indicator ...
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25 Most Common Questions About Cervical Mucus - Kegg
Is there a difference between cervical mucus and vaginal discharge? ... Yes, there definitely is! Cervical mucus is produced by the cervix in response to hormone ...
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26 Can You Have Too Much Cervical Mucus? - Fertility2Family
The vaginal secretions you get during arousal and after having sex are mainly tricky to distinguish from the leftover semen and cervical mucus.
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27 Yes, Cervical Fluid In Your Underwear Is Totally Normal and ...
If you use hormonal birth control, the hormones in the medication ... fluid (a.k.a. cervical mucus or vaginal discharge); arousal fluid, ...
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28 Vaginal discharge color guide: Causes and when to see a ...
Vaginal discharge is fluid secreted from tiny glands in the vagina and cervix. This fluid leaks from the vagina each day to remove old cells and debris, ...
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29 Vaginal Discharge 101: Everything You Need To Know
What is cervical mucus? Ever notice a stretchy, clear fluid in your underwear in the days leading up to ovulation? That's cervical mucus. You ...
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30 Vaginal Discharge: Understanding the 5 Common Colors ...
You might be wondering if vaginal discharge is different from cervical mucus as the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, while vaginal discharge ...
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31 Cervical mucus: a sign of fertility
Now the glands located a little higher up in the cervix produce sticky, lumpy mucus that gradually becomes more fluid and creamy. The vagina becomes more moist ...
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32 Here's Why You Must Not Ignore Vaginal Discharge - Maasika
The vaginal fluids, i.e – the vaginal discharge, arousal fluid, and cervical mucus are all produced inside the vagina and cervix, ...
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33 Why Do I Have So Much Discharge? Possible Causes - K Health
It can be normal to have cervical mucus that creates small wet spots on underwear or that requires an extra wipe when going to the bathroom. But ...
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34 Cervical Mucus Stages and Tracking Ovulation - Greatist
So what's the deal with all the different vaginal discharge that shows up every month? Let's demystify the mystery of cervical mucus.
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35 Optimize Fertility: Cervical Fluid Testing - Dr. Lisa Watson
If you have a hard time differentiating between cervical fluid and vaginal secretions you can do a water test. Cervical secretions are insoluble – if you ...
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36 Cervical mucus method for natural family planning - Mayo Clinic
Normal vaginal discharge can give you clues about your fertility. ... the cervical mucus method for birth control will get pregnant in the ...
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37 Vaginal Discharge - Women's Health Issues - Merck Manuals
A vaginal discharge can result from normal changes in estrogen levels. When levels are high, estrogen stimulates the cervix to produce secretions (mucus), and a ...
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38 Vaginal discharge vs. lube from being turned on? - Go Ask Alice!
You are right on both accounts — it's normal for a woman to have vaginal discharge and it's normal for a woman's vagina to become more "wet" or ...
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39 Difference Between Discharge And Arousal Fluid
Consistency, The discharge fluid becomes way thinner or thicker and is more textured. The fluid consistency can also be sticky or pasty and stretchy. The ...
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40 What is Cervical Mucus | Midwife360
Cervical mucus makes up most of your vaginal discharge. It is normal and a great indicator of ovulation. Midwife360 in Palm Beach explains.
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41 Cervical Mucus Chart: Know When You're Fertile
Your cervical mucus should resemble clear, raw egg white. It will feel like stretchy slime, be slightly sticky, and odorless. If you wanted to, ...
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42 The differences between fluids of arousal and discharge? : r/sex
I'm pretty sure all the fluids are roughly the same... your cervix produces "cervical mucus" which sounds disgusting, but anyway, depending on ...
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43 Vaginal Discharge and Its Meanings - Saalt
Our vaginas are self-cleaning ecosystems with mechanisms in place to keep them healthy. Discharge is what we call all fluids coming out of ...
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44 Proteins of human vaginal fluid - PubMed
Fibrin and C-reactive protein were not found in the vaginal fluid but were identified in cervical mucus. alpha2-Haptoglobin, alpha2-macroglobulin, ...
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45 Vaginal or Penile White Discharge During and After Sex - iCliniq
Sexual Stimulation - Sexual arousal causes blood flow to the genitals to rise. · Squirting - Yes, you heard it right, squirting and ejaculation ...
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46 Pussy Wetness and Discharge - Our Bodies Ourselves Today
What's going on? · 1. Cervical fluid. Cervical fluid, or cervical mucus, is created and secreted from the membranes of the cervix. · 2. Lubrication. Pussy* ...
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47 The involvement of the human cervix in reproduction and sex
become motile and swim in the fluid between the El mucus strands. The effect of the cervical ... Cervical movements during sexual arousal, coitus and orgasm.
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48 How Do I Know If My Vaginal Discharge Is Normal? - GoodRx
Learn to tell the difference between normal and abnormal vaginal discharge. ... It's a collection of fluid, mucus, cells, and microbes that ...
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49 Does vaginal discharge influence fertility?
Cervical mucus is a type of vaginal discharge that appears throughout a woman's menstrual cycle and is not the same thing as arousal fluid (produced when a ...
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50 Vaginal Discharge and Cervical Mucus - Menstrual Cups
ecting excess discharge and Every person with a vagina will have vaginal discharge, mucus, and secretions on a normal basis.
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51 Clear Vaginal Discharge: Know the Causes - Buoy Health
The vagina naturally produces mucus that can often discharge. Discharge also includes skin cells and normal secretions. Typically, this discharge is clear or ...
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52 Vaginal discharge | healthdirect
Vaginal discharge changes throughout your menstrual cycle. Everyone will experience different amounts of discharge. In the first week after your period, a ...
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53 Gross TMI question - Community | BabyCenter
Arousal fluid and cervical mucus can feel similar, although arousal fluid is secreted by your vagina and cervical mucus is produced by your ...
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54 No Discharge or Lubrication During Sex | FPA Women's Health
At certain points in the menstrual cycle you will have more vaginal discharge than others. During ovulation, the discharge looks more like ...
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55 Vaginal Discharge - what is normal and what is not
Sexual arousal fluid is also normal vaginal discharge. During sexual arousal the vagina produces a clear or cloudy fluid that makes penetration easier and more ...
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56 How to tell the difference between vaginal wetness ... - Quora
So answer to your question is cervical fluid, vaginal discharge, and arousal fluid all are not the same thing. The baseline of vaginal “wetness” is what ...
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57 What causes vaginal discharge? Here are 5 possible reasons ...
Arousal during sexual intercourse is the sensation of being sexually turned on, which results in vaginal discharge. It thickens and increases ...
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58 Difference Between Vaginal Discharge Versus Pre Seminal ...
What is the difference between vaginal discharge or mucus and pre ... This fluid is secreted during sexual arousal through the penis.
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59 What Causes Penile or Vaginal Discharge After Sex?
The cervix and vagina feature glands capable of producing mucus. This mucus is the discharge. If you are wondering why you are having so much ...
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60 What does my discharge mean? All your FAQs - Moxie
Vaginal discharge is a clear, white or off-white mucus-like fluid produced by the uterus, cervix and vagina. It can also sometimes be referred ...
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61 Vaginal Lubrication: Facts and Tips - Clearblue
However, when you're aroused, you may notice extra fluid, this is also known as being “wet,” but this is not the same as cervical mucus.
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62 Types of Vaginal Discharge: Causes & Care
The discharge varies according to the cervical fluid of the body. At the start of the menstrual cycle, the discharge is very sticky or very dry, ...
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63 Clarifying Two Extremes of the Cervical Fluid Continuum
It's easy to distinguish between cervical fluid and vaginal moisture. Cervical fluid on your finger will stay moist for minutes or longer, ...
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64 What are the physical signs of female arousal? - Healthily
What's the difference between arousal fluid, vaginal discharge and cervical mucus? ... Cervical mucus is a natural fluid produced during your menstrual cycle by ...
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65 Sexual Bodily Fluids | LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor UK
Vaginal secretions (discharge) vary from woman to woman. It's never the same and can vary from day to day or cycle to cycle. Some women notice a ...
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66 Using Cervical Mucus as a Fertility Tool | FERTI·LILY
Don't check your cervical mucus during or after sex. Arousal fluids could make it look like you are ovulating when you're not.
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67 What is the Cervical Mucus Method? | Cycle, Stages & Chart
The hormones that control your menstrual cycle also make your cervix produce mucus — the gooey stuff on your cervix that comes out of your vagina as discharge.
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68 Whats The Difference Between Vaginal Discharge, Arousal ...
Whats The Difference Between Vaginal Discharge, Arousal Fluid, And Cervical Mucus? ... Together with the secretions from the seminal vesicles, these type the most ...
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69 Your Cervical Mucus Can Help You Track Ovulation | Progyny
If the cervical mucus is very wet, stretches between your fingers for an inch or more, and resembles raw egg white, your cervical mucus is very fertile.
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70 9 Kinds of Vaginal Discharge: Colors, Consistencies and More
This kind of discharge is usually a sign you're turned on. "If you're aroused, discharge tends to be more slippery and clear." Cullins says. The ...
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71 How do I observe and chart Cervical Mucus?
Arousal fluid looks and feels similar to eggwhite cervical mucus, you will want to wait until the arousal fluid subsides before marking your ...
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72 My vaginal discharge has increased after sex with my ...
In most of the cases, the discharge does not have any colour and odour. The colour may vary from clear to milky white. The amount of discharge ...
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73 Body Fluids That Transmit HIV | HIV Transmission - CDC
blood,; semen (cum),; pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum),; rectal fluids,; vaginal fluids, and; breast milk. These fluids must come in contact with a mucous ...
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74 Different Discharges: What Do They Say About Your Body?
Vaginal discharge can be summarised into cervical fluid and arousal fluid. Cervical fluid can be categorised into zero, egg white and wet ...
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75 5 facts about vaginal discharge every woman should know
Vaginal discharge contains “mucus from the cervix and fluid from the vagina itself,” says Dweck, along with bacteria and sloughed off cells ...
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76 How to Check Your Cervical Mucus for Signs of Ovulation
However, do be aware that it can be difficult to distinguish between fertile cervical mucus and arousal fluid or semen, and therefore it is better not to ...
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77 Can Clear Watery Discharge Be a Sign of Pregnancy?
Sexual arousal: When you are sexually aroused, you may have increased vaginal discharge. This is because blood flushes to the vagina and ...
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78 Can The Birth Control Pill Cause Vaginal Discharge? - Hers
The hormones in the combined pill also work to thicken your cervical mucus, creating a physical barrier that blocks sperm.
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79 Difference Between Sperm and Cervical Mucus
The woman should first see the color and consistency of the discharge. Semen is usually whitish in color, and the consistency is very thick but not stretchable.
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80 Why are you "Wet Down There" when not in a Sexual Situation?
Now you need to understand that the cervical fluid is not because of sexual arousal. Cervical fluid is composed of carbs, proteins, ...
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81 Electrolytes in vaginal fluid during the menstrual cycle
This suggests that the differences in hormonal balance between the two phases of the menstrual cycle do not influence the ionic levels of vaginal fluid. The.
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82 All About Vaginal Discharge - Proactive For Her
Difference between arousal secretions and vaginal discharge ... The primary purpose of any type of vaginal discharge is to moisturize and clean the vagina.
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83 Wet Watery Discharge After Ovulation
Seminal fluid lasts longer in the vagina than arousal fluid; however, ... In summary, here are the differences in cervical mucus during ovulation vs.
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84 Discharge: Why It's Natural And What It Does | Bodyform
There are two main categories of discharge: cervical fluid and arousal fluid. Cervical fluid is what's usually referred to as discharge – it ...
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85 Is It Normal to Have Discharge After Sex? - MedicineNet
Vaginal discharge produced before, during, and after sex can be a result of arousal. Increased blood flow to the genitals can cause glands in ...
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86 Normal Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal discharge is normal and all women have some degree of discharge. ... Knowing the difference between normal discharge and infections can be difficult ...
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87 Different types of vaginal discharge and what they mean
Around ovulation—slippery, clear, stretchy, wet discharge. Cervical mucus is most abundant at the time of ovulation. Your vagina will feel much wetter as the ...
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88 Causes of Bloody Vaginal Discharge - WebMD
A common one is light, irregular bleeding, which might seem like bloody discharge. There's another reason why women in the early stages of ...
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89 What your discharge is telling you - Tia
It mixes with arousal fluid (lubrication) and water to make what we know as discharge. The mucus is made up of healthy vaginal bacteria, cells that have been ...
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90 The differences between fluids of arousal and discharge? - Rar Eddit
One woman I spoke to on here prior told me that the white cream is called "cervical mucus." Not sure how it differs from the clear lubricant fluids.
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91 Vaginal Discharge - Should You Be Worried?
At times, droplets of blood can be mingled in with discharge between ... During pregnancy, a thick mucus plug (operculum) forms inside the cervical canal.
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92 Cervical Mucus: Stages and How to Check for Ovulation
Type 3: A thicker discharge, this type of cervical mucus has a creamy appearance that feels “sticky or tacky between your fingers,” Alagia says.
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93 Wondering About WAP? Let's Take a Look at Lubrication - Biird
When you become sexually aroused from fantasizing about someone, ... and the right blend of cervical mucus and vaginal fluid help with sperm ...
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94 Female Genital Anatomy » Sexual Medicine » BUMC
The vaginal wall consists of an inner glandular mucous type stratified squamous cell ... In the intermenstruum, basal vaginal fluid can consist of multiple ...
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95 What's up with vaginal discharge? - Your Period Called
Dead vaginal and cervical cells · Bacteria · Mucus from cervical glands · Lubrication fluid from phases of arousal (i.e. “Getting wet” when excited) ...
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96 Quandary of Female Vaginal Discharge: Pure or Impure?
“Regarding vaginal discharge, yes there is a physiologic or normal discharge that most women have. It can vary from person to person in quantity ...
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97 How do I evaluate my cervical mucus? - Ovy
Cervical mucus is also not the same thing as “arousal fluid”. ... The different phases and corresponding changes in the sensation of your ...
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