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1 173+ Roller Derby Names To Hip Whip Your Team To Stardom
Best Roller Derby Names. Pain Eyre. Smack Ops. Skate Winslet. Crush Limbaugh. Alice in Wounderland. Sandra Day O'Clobber. Crush Limbaugh. Hermione Danger.
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2 The Best Roller Derby Names for Players & Teams
Creative Roller Derby Team Names · Angels of Anger · Arizona Rollergirls · Babe City Jammers · Bay City Brawlers · Beltway Beauties · Beverly ...
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3 100+ Best Cool Roller Derby Names - Kidadl
These punny roller derby names are clever choices for your skater team. 85 . Grimm Derby Scarytales, is a fantastically punny name inspired by 'Grimm's Fairy ...
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4 39 Killer Literary Roller Derby Names - Book Riot
39 Killer Literary Roller Derby Names · Grimm Scarytales · Little Grr Maid · Agatha Crushdie · Luscious Malfoy · Hermione Danger · Pain Eyre · Tess of ...
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5 Roller Derby Names List - A roster of roller derby athlete names
Here's a method to choosing a derby name: · Write a list of words, you like that inspire you. · Write a list of action words that express your own ...
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By Park And Wreck · 1. What Makes You Tick? Every skate name has meaning to it's owner; be it an inside joke, a play on their own name, paying ...
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7 The Funniest Roller Derby Player Names - Ranker
The ladies of Roller Derby are some of the toughest people on the planet. Not just the toughest girls, the toughest people. Period.
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8 1000 Glorious Roller Derby Skate Names - Pinterest
More like this · #derbylove #iloveyouman #yourock · A · The Fresh Meat File - All you need to know to get started in roller derby · The Whip · Never say never · A ...
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9 400+ Best Roller Derby Team Name Ideas - Next Gala
Roller Derby Names · Peanut Rollers · Split Lip Sallies · Hot Sauce Hotties · Smash Mouth Girlz · Heels in Wheels · Skates N' Derby · Chief of Skate · Smack Ops ...
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10 NOM deRBY - The Roller Derby Name Generator
Save First Name. Save Last Name. Randomize. Click and drag either name to save it and reroll the other. 2017 Brett Nielson & June Epstein.
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11 Roller Derby Names - Name Nerds! List of the Week
Here is a random sampling of some Roller Derby aliases used by skaters around the world. ... A Boy Named Tsunami ... Becky with the Good Hair. Bectacular.
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MIA PSYCHO'S ROLLER DERBY NAME GENERATOR · Which generation do you belong to? · What do you currently do in life? · What is your deepest desire? · What,would you ...
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13 500+ Cool And Funny Roller Derby Team Names Ideas
Crippling Conch Shells. Pippi Longstompings. Hannibal's Cannibals. Deathrow Roller; Jammin' & Rammin'; Dirty Birdies; Queen City Rollergirls ...
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14 Most Popular Roller Derby Names | theathlima
Roller Derby Team Name Ideas · The Rockland Boulders · Richter City Roller Derby · The Rocky Mountain Rollerboys · The Atomic Splitters · Roller Derby World · The ...
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15 HIS rollerderby names | Ask MetaFilter
I've tentatively come up with "Henry Roll-ins" (punk icon, has "roll" in the name) but I'm convinced there's got to be something better out ...
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16 Free To A Good Home - Derby Names! : r/rollerderby - Reddit
I was thinking words or names like Mayhem and Birdy (Electric Mayhem like the muppet band sounded cool, but there's already a variant registered ...
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17 The Power Of Roller Derby Skate Names - The Cauldron
Bart's prank names include “Oliver Klozoff,” “I.P. Freely,” and “Homer Sexual”; similar skate names are “Asonya Face,” “Poly Amorous,” and “Jackie Lation.” ...
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18 The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Roller Derby Name
1. Make it memorable. The most classic derby names are short, sweet, and have a pun that the general audience can follow. Often, names are plays ...
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19 What's in a (Roller Derby) Name? - Dolly Rockit Rollers
A common theme among most Derby names are puns that play on aggression, it is a heavy-hitting contact sport after all. You could be quite subtle ...
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20 Why I Changed My Roller Derby Name - Rolla Skate Club
Sure, it rhymes with booty shake, which could be a dance move, but every good derby name should be a double entendre. I like to get busy on the ...
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21 What is Roller Derby? — SO Derby
Roller derby is that crazy sport where roller skaters hit people over railings, right? Is there a ball? We are a flat track roller derby league, which is ...
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22 100+ Best Roller Derby Names: How to Pick a Good Name
Best Roller Derby Name Ideas · Pain Eyre. · Civil Warrior. · Smack Ops. · Skate Winslet. · Crush Limbaugh. · Alice in Wounderland. · Sandra Day O'Clobber. · Crush ...
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23 A Graphical Taxonomy of Roller Derby Skate Names ...
And it's not just the obvious characters that get the derby treatment: among the brilliant, geeky others are “Crashing Wookiee, Broken Zebra,” “May The Force,” ...
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24 Best Roller Derby Name of the Year -
If you want to be creative and come up with your own derby name, here are some resources and tips. First, you want to pick a name that is easy ...
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25 What's Your Roller Derby Name? - Zoo
I always encourage my team to be gracious to the other team. I practice good sportsmanship when I'm not on the track.
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26 Roller Derby Name Generator - Name Generator Fun
If you're into skating, you need a great name. Much like wrestlers, roller derby players love creating shocking, memorable, and funny pseudonyms for ...
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27 Roller Derby Name ideas - Facebook
Roller Derby Name ideas ; Hayley Grindrod. Sep 25 ; Danielle Reilly. Jul 11, 2020 ; Jessica R Potts. Sep 21 ; Dana Cox. Sep 10 ; Maurine Filip. Nov 27, 2019.
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28 Denver's eleven best roller derby nicknames | Show and Tell
To Infinity and Yvonne, Denver Roller Dolls A derby name that includes a Toy Story reference? Yes, please. To Infinity and Yvonne started skating in 2010, as ...
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29 Roller Derby Name - Etsy
Check out our roller derby name selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.
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30 The Fresh Meat File - All you need to know to get started in ...
How committed am I to roller derby? What is my skate budget right now? Do I want the best skates I can get now, or would I prefer decent skates for now and ...
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31 Nomenclature | Roller Derby - The Simple Things
It's all in the name where Roller Derby is concerned. Here we have collected together some of our favourite team and player names.
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32 Roller Derby Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names
Your roller derby team's name may have a significant impact. Your attitude will come over in your name, enhancing your enjoyment of roller derby. So it is very ...
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33 Freshmeat info - Roller Derby 101
Aspects about your personality can work well here, so emotions e.g. moody, scary. Or that persona could relate to a quality you want to have: Sexiness, Strength ...
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34 FeaturedSkaterCat - MedCity Roller Derby
My name is Cat, and I wanted to incorporate that into my derby name. My hubby and I brainstormed some names then did a Facebook poll because I couldn't ...
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35 Roller Derby Name needed - BoardGameGeek
Hello, I'm starting roller derby soon and need a good roller derby name, any suggestions? ... Kill Jill. Damsel of distress. Any good one out ...
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36 Neural network-generated roller derby names - AI Weirdness
Or, this neural network is terrible at puns. There's a contact roller skate sport called roller derby where participants tend to use ...
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37 Inside the Boom: Picking My Fracking-Themed Roller Derby ...
Others were good puns, but not really good names to print on a jersey. Frack check her. Hit-u-men. Crude awakening. Some were too obvious. Slick ...
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38 Why I Play Roller Derby – Hannah
I've also gotten the recommendation of “Hannah Von Slamma”. I guess you could say I'm having a derby name identity crisis, but I should probably ...
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39 Great Roller Derby Names -
More Jim Rose than Jim Rome, the roller derby is way fun. You should go. Go for the sideshow, stay for the action, and the names. So, with a nod ...
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40 Roller Derby Names: Give 'em Up - Fuse #8
› 2009/10/17 › roller-...
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41 What are good roller derby names? - Celebrities Buzz
Your roller derby name should: Convey your personality, passion and identity as a skater. Have a derby feel.
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42 Roller Derby Players Drop Cutesy Names (Bye, Georgia O ...
Slashley Simpson, Georgia O'Grief and Princess Fillet-ya are some of the punnier, kitschier names in the sport of roller derby.
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43 Derby name - Wikipedia
A derby name, roller derby name or skater name is a nickname used by a skater while playing or officiating roller derby. "Isabelle Ringer" of the San Diego ...
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44 So... you're picking a derby name! - Stitched Up Stickers
Of course, the best derby names have awesome puns. Think of something you LOVE in life, maybe even as much as roller derby at this point (okay, probably not ...
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45 Pick Your Persona: A Guide to Choosing a Derby Name
You wanna be a badass. A rebel. A hard-hitting, teeth-clacking, force to be reckoned with. For many, derby is a chance to live outside of their ...
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46 smashtag: A Geek's Guide to Roller Derby Names - Medium
› smashtag-a-geeks-guide-to-roller...
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47 What's up with all those roller derby names? - FAQs
Derby names are creative and fun and can either be tough or just plain funny. There are a few leagues whose skaters are starting to skate under their legal ...
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48 Derby Roll Call - Derby name registration

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49 #roller derby names on Tumblr
Summertime Madness; Violet Ultraviolence; Blades of Cool (makes more sense for rollerblading not roller skating though). If anyone has any cool ideas I'd ...
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50 Roller derby makes names part of the game - ESPN
Names have been a part of roller derby since the renaissance of the sport in the early 2000s. Each prospective skater checks her chosen ...
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51 What's in a (derby) name? - TheYYSCENE
Monikers like Puma Thurman Fruit of the Doom and Gin E. Weasley illustrate that puns are a popular choice in the world of roller derby names.
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52 2019 League Registration Form
requires all updates to skater's medical form to be done throughout the season and is ... I do understand that only my child's derby name will be used in.
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53 New Skater FAQ - Boulder County Roller Derby
In BCRD, skaters earn their derby names by passing the WFTDA Minimum Skills Assessment. A derby name is a chance to have an alter ego, be a rockstar, or just ...
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54 What Can Roller Derby Girls Teach Us About IP Law? (Answer
but they can't actually *skate under* a name that any given League refuses to approve. And I have it on pretty good authority that many Leagues ...
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55 What is Roller Derby?
League members are allowed to pick a unique skater name after a few months of intense training. Some say that you need to earn your derby name. Some others say ...
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56 Create a roller derby name on the 'Whip It' website—Mine is ...
Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It isn't due in theaters until Oct. 9, but I'm already psyched for the roller derby flick.
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57 Do You Know Your Roller Derby Name? - Quiz -
Every roller girl needs a fierce name. The writing on your back will intimidate rivals and fire up bleacher creatures! START. parts: 29.
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58 Meet the SiDeSHoW - Quad County Roller Derby
My derby name is loosely based on my mixology skills and sippin' on Gin n' Juice. My alias is Double Trouble and I have been accused of being a bad influence.
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59 Alter Egos in Roller Derby - ISU Writing Program
Real Heroes Don't Always Wear Skates: Alter Egos in Roller Derby ... the literate activity of choosing a name, due to others being involved in the.
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60 Kate Crüsader - Bay Area Derby
Her weapons of choice during a roller derby scrimmage or game are a ... I have always wanted to be a superhero and my nephews think my name is pretty cool.
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61 Roller Derby Name Generator
What makes this random Roller Derby Name Generator better than others? ... Simple! We give you options to help you find your the perfect name easily and we have ...
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62 roller derby names ideas | TikTok Search
Discover short videos related to roller derby names ideas on TikTok. · rollerderbyarras · rollersderby · baby_name_ideas59 · nameiddeas · memphisrollerderby.
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63 I Joined a Rollerderby Team at 46 -
This meant choosing an official roller derby name. While perusing the national register of roller derby names I discovered that, no matter how clever you ...
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64 no really - i need a roller derby name - Beginner Triathlete
Dee Railleur seems pretty strong. The other thing you need to consider is what will your personality be? That makes a big difference in your ...
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65 fairy roller derby names - Faerie Fashions - LiveJournal
› ...
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66 100+ Derby Names Not Taken [ Vintage, Funny, Latina ...
If you are a roller derby fan then you must know the importance of choosing a good derby name. In the Derby world, a good name is your ...
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67 50 Cool Roller Derby Team Name Ideas - Sports Aspire
Naming a team, any team, is not an easy task. Firstly, you need to think of a name that is unique, funny, and catchy – one that will get embedded in the minds ...
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68 Zom B Bio - Deadly Rival Roller Derby
I am horrible at choosing names and needed a derby name as soon as possible. I enjoy zombie movies so I went with that. Equipment: My skates are the Luigino Q-4 ...
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69 Help my friend choose her Roller Derby name! - Community
Re: Help my friend choose her Roller Derby name! · Derby name! KFCupcake · November 2011. What about Fireball, because of her red hair? · saturdaysuiteheart.
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70 Meet our 2017 Draftees! | Atlanta Roller Derby
I had a long list of possible derby names and, over time, this one just stuck. Plus, I couldn't figure out how to spell or fit Tuffleupagus on a ...
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71 Category Archives: Skater of the Month 2016
1. Derby name & number: Ice BreakHer #60 2. Real name: Maureen (Mo) Lynch 3. Significance of derby name/#: I study penguins in Antarctica so I wanted something ...
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72 UT employee hits the track for roller derby - UToledo News
Every new derby girl chooses an alias or derby name to go by on the track. Many skaters blend female names with aggressive qualities and some ...
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73 April 2018: Skater of the Month - Dallas Derby Devils
What prompted you to get involved in roller derby? ... I have so many great memories, one that stands out is the next to last game of my ...
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74 Carmen Monoxide, now that was a good roller derby name
The legendary Rolletta Lynn receives daily acclaim for being one of the all-time best names and skaters in roller derby!
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75 What's in a Derby Name? Choosing Your Persona
Often, new roller derby players have a name in mind before they've tried their skates on. Others have months to find the right one.
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76 Skating To An Arena Near You: Men's Roller Derby - NPR
About 30 men's teams have sprung up in the past few years, and some of those men will go to great lengths to play. To a roller derby skater, ...
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77 FAQ - Little Brisbane Roller Girls
How old do you have to be to play junior roller derby? To play junior roller derby ... Modern derby skaters customarily adopt an alias, or 'derby name'.
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78 What roller derby name fits you? - Quiz - Quotev
"what roller derby name fits you?' a fun and kick ASS quiz. you should try it and see what roller derby name you get! ;).
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79 choosing a roller derby name | my strange journey into roller ...
For skaters, refs, announcers and visible NSOs, choosing a name is an enjoyable part of the process. It often reflects some nature of your ...
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80 Derby name - Wikiwand
Derby names can be seen as an opportunity to adopt an alternative on-track persona. · Although some skaters in pre-2000 banked track roller derby did have ...
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81 roller derby names | anticlockwiseblog -
Skater Becky was still undecided: “I've had some name ideas. I love waffles and my skating involves lots of stomping. So I thought I could be 'Waffle Stomp'. I' ...
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82 When NFTs came to roller derby, roller derby put up a fight - Vox
"Blockchain" would make a good derby name. ... are: They're elite athletes who have played for the best roller derby teams in the world.
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83 Why I Am Moving on from My Derby Name | Call the Jam
In the early days of the roller derby revival there was something that felt radical about choosing a name and identity that evoked violence, ...
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It should convey your personality, and also have an essence of 'derby-ness' to it; a certain toughness, wittiness and intelligence, often with a ...
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85 On a new roll, roller derby revs up for the season
And I have a lot of really good friends in derby and we all call each other by our derby names. Hanging out with them after practice, ...
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86 Gotham Girls Roller Derby Changes Name to Gotham Roller ...
The league is comprised of strong, diverse, and independent members ... With our name change effective immediately, we have also made the ...
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87 roller derby puns ::
Dear Pun Gents, I need a derby name: red hair, Irish descent – lived in Brazil growing up. Own a jeep, play volleyball and work as a lab technologist in ...
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88 Best Roller Derby Team Names Ideas Generator » Funny & Cool
Roller Derby Team Names – Hello names seekers welcome to the Roller Derby Names Ideas List I am Logan admin of this site. Here in this Roller Derby Names ...
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89 Roller Derby Girl - Hudson Valley Horrors
Have you played in any other sports besides roller derby? ... I created my derby name by going through my playlist and listening to the band woe is me.
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90 30 Amazing Names From The International Roller Derby ...
30 Amazing Names From The International Roller Derby Database · 1. Vladimir Naboobkov · 2. Yeti Page · 3. Wuthering Frights · 4. Syphilis Diller · 5.
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91 Help me with a roller derby name! [Archive]
› index.php
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92 Tag: derby name - Din Favoritt
› tag › derby-name
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93 roller derby name help | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums
Someone I know has joined a roller derby team. She needs a name. Here are some examples Dame nation Harley Quinn Mother Clucker Helena ...
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